Scam letter(s) from Oksana Pechenkina to Joern-Erik (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello Jorn-Erik!
This is Oksana! Today you give me your e-mail address on dating site. I wish to give you reciprocity and to give the e-mail address! My e-mail address is!
I hope, that we can start our communication leaning against honesty and respect. Tell to me fairly, you would like to have dialogue with me? If not, why? I very cheerful and vigorous girl! I don't like to be sad and I try to be always in good mood. I hope, that my letters will not be for you boring!
I do not have beloved, but I hope, that in the future I can to find the worthy person who will love me. You probably wish to ask me why I search the man on the Internet? I cannot find the person in Russia and I will try to find the happiness in a foreign country. How you think, it is possible, that two persons from the different countries in the future be live together? If you really think, that it is possible, I suggest to begin our dialogue and to trust that in the future us wait the success . You agree with me? To me 33 years and I would like to find the love, yet did not become the old woman... Smile How many years to you? You can not hesitate, speak fairly. I never pay attention to age of the man. I think, that the man should be more senior women and this normal phenomenon!
You too search love on the Internet? Why you cannot find the soul mate in the country? I think, that it is more easier. May be I am mistaken? You like Russian women?
Also it is interesting for me to know, why you have given me the e-mail? I really was pleasant to you?
Excuse me, that I set many questions. Simply I am very raised by that you have given me the e-mail address and I admit fairly, that it is very pleasant for me to realise it. But me it will be more pleasant, when I will see your first letter. I the first time communicate on the Internet with the man. You communicated before with girls on the Internet? I the beginner in dialogue through the Internet!
I also wish to tell to you, that I usual simple girl who has grown in village not far from the city of Kazan! Now I live in the big city of name Kazan ( located in Russia )! It very big city and I live practically in the centre. Actually I like to live in a countryside more, but my life has developed so, that now I live in a city. I work as the psychologist. I solve problems of married couples! Many people who have problems in dialogue with people, come to consult with me . But basically I solve problems of family conflicts.
This is my work! What is your work?
Well, you probably will get tired to read my letter and consequently I will not write more. I will finish the letter for today. I hope to see your answer. To me it will be very pleasant, if I have interested for you and you wish to continue with me dialogue.
Sorry my English! (I learn English at school and my English is not so good!)
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Jorn!
Excuse me, that could not write you the letter earlier. I hope, what you have not forgotten me?
My apartment is in the old house and consequently here sometimes there is no communication with the Internet. I hope, that you do not become angry about me. I will try to write to a thicket further. Ok? When you do not receive from me the letter is means, that I do not have communication with the Internet. I hope, that you understand it. How your mood today?
At me good mood, as in Kazan fine weather. I the person at whom the mood depends on weather! If in the street sun shines - my mood good and me would be desirable to smile and rejoice lives. But when in the street cloudy and it is raining I should sit at home and to watch ****** serials on TV...
Except weather I am pleased receive your letter.
Listen, I am really surprised - you politely answer my letter! I did not communicate with such people very much for a long time. In your country all men polite and brought up as you? In Russia men very often are not able to behave with women! Very little men who know rules etiquette and accordingly they badly look with women! I read your first letter and I wish to tell, that you have drawn my attention and it becomes very interesting to me to find out about you more information! Many thanks that you told a little about itself. It was really pleasant to me to receive your letter! I never communicated with the foreign person. I think, that this our beginning of good and long communications. You agree with me? Thank you for your photos! It was pleasant to receive your photos! Today I too will send you photos and I hope, that they will like you. It would be pleasant to receive from you photos every day, but I understand, that the person cannot have such quantity of photos. I too haven't many photos, but I will try to send to you all. I will send to you every day a few photos. Ok? I also wished to tell to you about the parents a little. I have lost the parents when I was 17 years old! It was a hard **** on heart. Since then there have passed 16 years, but the pain yet has not ceased. I will have to you a one request. I would not want, that you asked about my parents and reminded me of it. Ok? It is the unique request which I will ask to execute. Since then I remained with sister and I do not have relatives more. The uncle and the aunt have died 3 years ago and I remained only with sister. I simply wished to inform you on it. You my friend and you should know my past. I hope, that we will forget this theme of conversation for ever and more about it we will never communicate, as really not easy to me to recollect it! But I try to search always for the positive moments of a life and I said to you in the first letter that I do not like to long! The life is fine and it is necessary to enjoy to it while there is a possibility and not necessary to regret about the past. I have got used to live the present and to think of the future. Tell fairly, you often recollect the past? You have any bad memoirs? How you try to forget bad memoirs? You simply try not to pay attention to the bad moments of a life or you have other way to forget all unpleasant moments? Tell to me about it. Sorry, you know, that I the psychologist and that to me very interesting to communicate with people. If you will be bothered with my questions you can tell to me about it. Ok? Now I will send you the some photos and then I will stop to write the letter.
I hope to see your answer as soon as possible. It is very pleasant, that we can communicate from each other, not looking that we live on far distance!
Your friend Oksana!
Letter 3
Hello my far Jorn!
I am always madly glad to receive from you the letter. I am very grateful to you, that you always write me letters and don't forget about me. To me it is pleasant, that you understand me and don't become angry because of a delay of my letters. It is very easy to communicate with you! It is very good, when two persons can communicate with the great pleasure not reflecting what to discuss! I wish to tell to you, that in delight from acquaintance to you. We communicate with you some time and for this time we have already found out about each other a lot of interesting, but we on the former cannot know all about each other.
Sometimes at all there is no whole life to found out the person completely. But I precisely know, that you the kind person and with you are very pleasant to communicate!
I will not hide, I have to you warm feelings and I would like to check up them actually.
Probably soon I will be have a vacation and I will have a free time. I would like to spend the vacation that they were remembered to me for long time. I have idea: Maybe I could arrive to you? This simple offer. I very much would like to look your country and to find out you much better. If you is not against my arrival I will be happy to visit you. What do you think about it? Now summer and probably we could go together on a beach in your country. If in your town haven't beach, we can go to pool together. You approve my offer? By the way, I wish to tell you, that my friends already know about our acquaintance! I have told to my friends, that I have a man with which I communicate on the Internet. I think, that the Internet is very good way of acquaintance. If there was no Internet we couldn't get acquainted with you. You agree, what the Internet is very good invention of mankind?
My friends tell to you "Hello!" Well, now I will finish the letter. I send you some photos. I hope, that you will be glad them to see.
Many kisses, your Oksana!
P.S. I wish for you good day! Always smile and never long!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jorn!
I was glad to receive your letter!
I wish to tell to you, that this morning I went to travel agency. I very much liked agency "Golden Tour"! In this travel agency very good attendants!
They are polite and kind to the clients. I wish to use this travel agency with a view of my travel to you in the country.
I have told, that I fly to you in the country.
Tourist agents pray for you to contact them. You should give them the address that it was easier to me to receive the visa. When there will be a process of preparation of reception of the visa tourist agents will specify an arrival place (your address) that I did not have problems with the visa. Also they ask to entitle them of the airport since the price of tickets depends on it.
Web-site This travel agency:
On this site you can find contact e-mail and telephone number tourist agency!
Contact my tourist agent, tell, that you concerning Oksana Pechenkina. My name is written down at them in a database. Dear Jorn, you asked my data. I would not want, that my data you gave to strangers (in embassy or somewhere else). I will arrive to your country as the tourist and I can order the visa for three months. I will not be your visitor. I will be the tourist, but I will live together with you, to sleep together with you and is together with you (probably go to a shower together with me). I will arrive to you as the tourist and I will not have problems with your state. Do not worry, I already have thought over all. Simply contact travel agency. I hope, that we was soon valid we can together. As you will talk to the tourist agent at once inform me on it.
I will wait for your answer.
Many kisses, your Oksana!
Letter 5
Good afternoon Mr. Joern-Erik.
Mr. Joern-Erik, we accept payment only in dollars or in Russian roubles, therefore it will be better if you send money in dollars. It is not difficult for you?
942 Euro = 1306 dollars. Mr. Joern-Erik, we can accept your payment through the bank account.
I will give you the given accounts of our manager: Name of bank: "B.I.N.BANK"
Address of bank: 5-A Grodnenskaya str., 121471,
Moskow, Russia.
Account number: 40817840714000006727
Card number: 4737071505950280
Name on account: Kristina Putnikova.
Phone number of bank: + 7 495 755-50-75 (Moskow)
Bic: AEIB US 33
Acc. 00743625 American Express Bank Ltd, New York, USA When our manager will receive money we will necessarily inform you on it.
"Golden Tour" Agency
Letter 6
Hello my love Jorn. I was glad, that have received news from you!
Excuse, that could not write to you yesterday. I did not have a communication with the Internet and I could make nothing! But not looking at it, I all time thought of you.
My honey, I today again have come into agency, to specify all details, and have found out something important.
There is I require cash at myself to have the right to take off.
My visa will be is tourist, and I am obliged to give at the airport at pass of customs the proof, that I am solvent, and I will not immigrate in Norway for illegal work and residing.
They have told to me, that it is obligatory point of passage of customs. Otherwise I cannot take off.
I should have with myself on 40 Euro on every day, my visa is calculated for 3 months, and to me have told, that I should have at myself 3600 Euro cash. This money is not spent anywhere, they remain at me, but if I do not have this money to show, me will not pass through customs and I cannot take off to you!
My darling, you can send to me 3600 Euro that I have shown it at customs and when I will arrive to you at once I will give this money to you back!
When I will arrive to you, and you will meet me at the airport, I will give them at once to you, after all I need to show only that I have money at customs passage. I very much love you, and I hope, that we will be together on August, 29th!
I hope, that you can help with the given situation.
I am now shocked from such unforeseen news.
It has really forced me to have frustration!
I will wait for your answer with the big impatience.
With love, yours Oksana!
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