Scam letter(s) from Molly to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
My loved!!! What's up? I have not received the letter from you. I have written to you, but the answer was not. Why? You are sick? I LOVE YOU and I wish to be c you!!!!!! I with the big love shall wait for your letter. Yours Molli...
Letter 2
Hello ! You have written the letter to me, it is very pleasant. Thanks, that you have found, that minute has answered me. Sincerely conversation I Could not hope for it. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. It - something new and unusual to me. But I shall try, write good letters to you. I assume, that you will be capable to understand mine Words also that I shall tell to you. I think, that will be correct if I start to speak you about mine all over again because it was I Who started to write. I am not confident, that you will love my letters, that they will be interesting to you but if it will not be so You will write to me about it. Well? Probably you will be surprised, that I do not live in your country. But I hope, that it does not shake You. Same I similarly to many other ladies in other countries in the world. I am a usual woman who has hands, legs, main a Heart which is the most important. I think, that my heart is very sensitive. I hope, that you will understand it from my letters. I shall be very happy, if the distance between us does not do afraid you, and you will answer me. Please not be too strict to My mistakes in words, the English language - not my native language. But I Assume, that I know it well. Well, my name - Molli, as you To know. You can name {to cause} me as you like. I shall not be disappointed. To me of 30 years. My birthday - on 28-th of February. I was Given birth in 1979. My height - 168 see. My weight - 47 kg. I live in city Denisova. Denisova city of Russia. Denisova - very much beutive city. I assume, that you would like city if you saw it. I dreamed to Become an actress in my childhood. Probably it - dream of many girls. But my dream did not become true. It is serious The validity of a life. I have finished medical university. My formation will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. I Studied within 18 years. All 18 years I have studied the English language also. I have finished university in Age 26. How to me gave with a medal for excellent results during my studying. Do not think, that I brag (Smile). Than I worked as the assistant to the surgeon in small clinic within 5 years. It was very much intresting and in the same Time responsable. I was happy to give health of people, to help them. Many things depend on me during actions. I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent. You think, what it - good dream? Probably that I shall work in Clinic it is similar to the surgeon. Now I have the small house with a small garden about it. I live one for this reason I am not capable to Work in a garden it is constant. But however my garden is very beautiful and pleasant. I like In the summer to raise flowers because They the most beautiful which have been created by the nature. I live one, I have no neither children, nor the friend. Sometimes I Feel like very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you. To me already 30, also I take a life philosophically. I have the house, work, friends, but I cannot tell, that I am happy. I have was not present Many who I can my best half. I have written to you all over again, it means, that I can divide my ideas and feelings with you. I hope, that you will not be Laughter. And we shall write many letters to each other. I am very pleased and grateful, that you have answered my letter, because I Decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet only once. And it was a miracle for me when you have written to me the letter. If it Was not, so I shall never try to do friends through e-mail once again. I never get acquainted before in such a way. I cannot Understand completely as it works because I have no computer. I - only beginer in work of the Internet. But I hope, that I shall be Be capable to write to you constantly. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue, as I. I would like to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer them, you could not to make it, I shall not be offended. What do you do? What your trade? Make you Similarly to this? Who - nambers your family? I ask to tell it in more detail. With whom you live? You can tell to me About all of you, that you want. I shall be pleased to know all about your life. It - only female curiosity. The hope will not offend it You. But I should tell, That I cannot receive the big files. I shall have trouble. As I use a computer on work. I hope, that your letters will not be Will be more than 0,5 mbytes. If not I shall understand and I shall not be angry. I hope, that you will write to me soon. I thank you Beforehand. With the best regards. With the best regards. Molli...
Letter 3
Hello Gavin! How - you today? I hope, that all - is good. I also am happy today because I have the letter from you. I very happy. Now I work, and I write the letter to you. Gavin, I did not write to you about my family. But I think that you should know about it, and now I am going to do it. I have been given birth also dews to Denisova. Now I live here. I do not do remember my father because he did not live with us. I was grown only by my mother. We were the best friends on the ground, we were very much the friend close to the friend. But my mum had a cancer of a stomach, and she has died in 2002. Year was horrable for me. I, though I was the unique person on the whole planet. It was awful and incredible. I could not understand it for long time. I was empty. It is difficult to imafine for ideas in my head and my feelings. Even now I remember my mum very much frequently. You know, that I had very happy childhood. My mum and I went in park together. We play together various games. We spoke much. Only than, several years I started to understand last, that she felt qulity because I had no father with me. But I have received news from other people, that it was no mistake of my mother. My father (I cannot name his "daddy") never loved my mum. Me has left her lonely when he has learned, that my mum was the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for her to bring up me, to feec me to buy me of a dress for this reason I do not carry bosh the brother, the sister. We lived only her tiny earnings. But we never complained of our life - we have solved all problems together. But if we were happy, that we tried to tell about our success to our neighbours. My mum always spoke me, that I should marry the person which I shall love. She adviced I to besure in the person before movement to marry him. I think the same. I shall remember the moment during long time. I shall never forget mine eyes of mother when my leg has been broken also I couldn " t, go. Then we were far from our house up to, collects berries. Only my mum and I. But she has taken me on her hands and bore mine to our house. You can imagine it? To me there were 12 years when my mum was carry of me duringan hour. I have understood, that it was difficult to her, but she did not want to leave me alone in a wood to go in the house, to ask whom - that the help. She was afraid, that something awful happen with me in a wood. I hope which you understand, Gavin, that memory of my mum road for me. After death of my mum I feel very much lonly because I have no neither sisters, nor brothers. To be more exact, I have no any relatives in general. But I have girlfriends. They Christina and Masha. They are remarkable girls. We can name us sisters because we are friends more than 15 years, and we help each other. I - confident absolotely, that if I ask Christina, or Masha to help me they will never refuse. Our attitudes are very strong, Time has checked up them. One year ago Christina married, and her husband has taken her to his native city. We write letters each other very much frequently, but it is a pity, that we cannot see the most part the friend from the friend. But Christina has arrived to us in the spring. I taljed very much (the whole week), but it was too little, we could not tell each other all events. Now Masha and I wait Christina the following arrival . And you, Gavin, do you hawer such friends? Also for entertainment I work in my small garden. I raise vegetables and flowers. But as a hobby it certainly flowers. Roses, orchids, tulips, an aster and it is a lot of others. But main the place in a garden has my favourite flowers, has raised also an orchid. The hope you can sometime see it. It is a pity, I can write more. I hope, that you will answer my letter. I also hope, that you are interested in our communication. I shall tell to you more about my life in my ambassador of letters. I think, that you are tolerant (smile). Sincerely yours Molli.
Letter 4

Hello my Gavin! How are you doing? I think, that you are my friend. Also make you think The same? Today I have the big desire to write to you. The hope you does not do Object ? I assume, that I can tell to you about my bad experience in attitudes. If you are not interested in it, you can stop to read the letter. I think, that I can tell to you a history because you have Becoming very much it is very close to me recently. I hope, that you have idea be relative Problem with alcohol in Russia and I assume, that you understand why I Do not want to search for the husband in Russia. Let's begin since very The first day of acquaintance. I worked in clinic as the surgeon The assistant. I went home after my work, but it began to go a rain and I Could not go, because I have left my umbrella of a house. It was summer, but However I did not want to get wet and take a cold. I was Costing under a roof of the building, expecting while the rain would not be Stop. But the rain was not going to stop, and I wanted to go home in Rain. But the young man entered into my management with a umbrella. He saw, that I could not go with a umbrella and have suggested me to take him One. I have asked him: " Also what concerning you? " He has told, that he will spend Some time in clinic also can be a rain, would stop soon. I have asked As I would be capable to return his umbrella. he has told his address I and his name . His name is Vladimir. It was near to clinic. I have written down his address and the umbrella the following promised to give to him Day in the evening. On my house I thanked yuong the person and have asked The god to stop a rain. But there was a rain the whole night. I ****** Independently that I have taken a umbrella and that he soaked through up to bones Because of me. I did not close eyes at night. Next day in The clinic was so long for me. I was lookingforward to the termination of my work To give a umbrella to Vladimir. I wanted to study, as he was. As soon as my working day has been finished, I chanded my work clother and Left my work. Vladimir stood at a smile of a door. It appeared That he remembered time when my work has been finished. he has arrived to meet me. I have asked about his health at once. he has told, that all was all The right. he did not become too damp because he ran home. Then we Gone during long time. We spoke much. My mum has died already and I One was. he was the most expensive and the closest person in the world for me Then. he saw the most part the friend from the friend during time. But I did not invite His my house I wanted to check up him. As soon as we have been invited at date of a birth The party his friend. I have agreed to go to see his friends as I wanted to Know more about him. Vladimir not saws even champagne. I thought It was because of me, because I not saws also. But his friends Told me, that Vladimir really not saws alcohol. I loved Vladimir. I Think so has made him. We began more than friends, and he started to live in My house. First 2 months, we were very happy, we were on seveth Heavens. But then he has got very good work. he became the lawyer. he has made It is a lot of money. But he started to drink alcohol. First it is a little Then more and more. he did not sleep at home at night. When he was ***** he started to beat me. I supposed, I bore it. I thought he Change for the better, that he would be the same which he was before. But Anything chanded. As soon as I was to beat him bitterly and have left my house. He has not made has come back 9 days. Our friends have told to me, that they saw Vladimir with other girls. I have come to a conclusion, that it was enough To have it. When he has come back, he did not regret at all and has not made To apologize. I do not think, that he has overlooked, that he has beaten me. I did not speak a word in the evening. I began conversation in the morning When he was sober. So I have forced him to leave my house for ever. he was Shouting, shouting and he even has broken foto in structure where my mum And I was. I saad to him, that I have named police, well he had Withdrawn. For ever. Now I am happy, that I did not marry him. I do not want Such attitudes once again. Almost all Russian men drink alcohol alot For this reason I do not want to have any attitudes with them. I assume you Understand me, Gavin. I regret, that my letter is too long. But I wanted to Show you, that I feel. I am very happy, that I got acquainted with You. I hope, that our communication will never stop. Kristina has told You "Greetings". I should finish me the letter. Gratitude, that you write to me. With All my heart, yours Molli. P.S. It very much mine the girlfriend already During long time have left in the Border. The same I am short I is going to bear My dream - to leave to live in the Border. On it I want to have The friend in your country which will love and respect me. I hope it Your country becomes also my country. But while it only my dreams. I Cannot execute this dream nevertheless. I cannot execute everyone
Letter 5
Hello my loved Gavin! The day is wonderful today and I’m in high spirits and how are you? I hope all is well. Yesterday I was in a bad mood. It was rain all day long. I like when it’s rain but yesterday it was pouring and it didn’t make me happy. Dear Gavin, I very much want to meet you. My heart is spoken me that you with my second half. I think if we were together we would be very happy with you. I’ve already told you that I live in my own house. It’s very beautiful and comfortable, but it’s too old. The roof is very old too and that’s why there are some holes in it. I’m disappointed that during the rain. The water goes through the hotels in the roof and makes the house full of water. I asked a specialist’s help, and he tried to repair some parts of the roof for many times but it didn’t help, because it’s necessary to repair the whole roof, I have to change the roof. And yesterday I come to the conclusion that I have to do it as soon as possible. More than it at this moment it’s necessary. My girlfriend Masha promised me to help. She always help me. I’m very glad to have such a girlfriend. She is very close to me and we often spend time together. By the way I told her about you ans she is happy that we write letters to each other. Masha says that I need a man who will help me and who will really love me. You know I really feel lonely very often but I believe in god luck. I believe in God, he always helps. I don’t remember if I told you or not about my dog. Its name is Bim. I like to play with it, I like to feed it, so I like to take care of it. Bim is very tender, and it loves me too. Every evening it meets me near the house, and every morning it goes with me to the hospital and that it returns. You will laugh at me, but I must be sure that somebody or something waits for me in the house, no matter if it’s just my dog. I hope you do. I heard if a person has a pet in a house and if he takes a good care of it the person is a very good house keeper. I belive it. Masha has a dog at home too, and our dogs like to play together. But sometimes dogs fight. I’m sorry that I pay too much attention to it in my letters and may be you are not interested in it at all, but I want to tell you about the dearest living being in my life. I shall wait your pictures . In weekend I was in a cinema. I didn't look Russian movie. Because this session began late. I and Masha looked "Catwoman". This very entertainment american movie. I like this movie. Masha was delight also. After arrival from cinema I to cook my favorite a dish - pancakes. I made it with jam a gooseberry. Very tasty. It's a pity, that I cannot treat you. Probably during week I will prepare for future house repair. I’ll look for people who will help me with it. I imagine my house after repair. It will be very cosy and nice, if everything will go well. I’m sorry, probably my letter is sad but I think you’ll be interested in thoughts and feelings. Tell me, if something will be interesting for you. I’ll tell you it in detail.With best regards. Your friend Molli.
Letter 6
Hello my loved Gavin! Thank you very much for your letter. It brightens my day! I hope that you have the same feeling when you receive mine. My dear Gavin, my favourite color red. And of course, I enjoy our correspondence and I am serious. I consider you to be my friend, I think that you understand me in lots of things and it's easy for me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask me any questions you want. I think that this is very important for the relationship, if both of the partners want the relationship to grow. Trust is also very important, no relationship can be strong without it. Thank you for being honest with me and from my side I can say that I will be honest with you also. I think we should try to tell each other as much as we can. I would like to know you better from inside, Gavin, because you seem very interesting to me, so I have a question for you: What qualities do you appreciate in people the most? In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role.
That's why I think that 100% trust should be between man and woman, they should be able to say every single thing to each other, share all their joys and sorrows. If they have a problem they should try to find a solvation together. What do you think, Gavin? What is your opinion?
You know, Gavin, I think that age is very important in the relationships. I think that the man should be older than the woman. As for me I prefer my future husband to be older than I am. Older men know how to treat the girl right, they know what the one more thing. I am looking for the serious relationships and guys of am not against fun, of course, every person needs rest, but not all the time. You probably understand me. What do you think am I right, Gavin? My dear Gavin, please, tell me more about you. What are your goals and dreams?
What are you looking for? And what are your intentions? It will be very interesting for me to know. If it's not hard, please, answer these questions for me. And feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer you with great pleasure. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I wish you to have a great day!!!
Remember that there is a girl in this world who is thinking about you and smiling for you :) I will be looking forward to your letter!!!!
Sincerely, Molli...
Letter 7
Hello my loved Gavin !! Thank you very much for your sweet letter, Gavin, I was very glad to receive it. It made me feel very good and you know, I get this feeling each time I open my mailbox and find a letter from you. It is so great to know that there is a person in this world who is thinking about you and care for you, the one you can talk to about anything. My dear Gavin, I to go to church. My dear Gavin, I would like to ask you a question. This is very interesting and important for me to know. Do you correspond with other women? Only in your letters I feel serious intentions towards me and our relationships. I like it a lot. I like to read your letters very much, you always answer all of my questions in details, I feel your interest and warm attitude to me. And I also feel that you have lots of qualities I would like to see in my future soul mate. I want him to be decent and direct first of all and I think that you are this way. I like that you are direct and honest with me, Gavin. I think that this is a very good quailities of your character, you are caring, you always care about what you are writing to me, you are trying not to offend me. I am very pleased, it is very pleasant for me, I feel that you are opening your soul to me and I am doing the same thing for you. This is a great feeling. I am very excited about it, but I am also a little bit afraid. I have never experienced something like that. I am finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to your next letter, Gavin. Don't forget that I am thinking about you and I hope that everything will be just fine between us in the future! Looking forward to your reply!!! With the best regards and warm hugs, Molli...
Letter 8
Hello my loved Gavin !!! It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter. This is really so, in my opinion, the combination of nice appearance and tender heart are your qualities. My dear Gavin, I not when to not smoke. We started our correspondence not long time ago, but I like your letters so much, it seems to me like I know you for a long time, your thoughts are so close to mine. I hope that in the future we will become very good friends or even more. You know, Gavin , I was thinking a lot about my future life and I think that I would like to move to another country to live, there are few reasons for that. I can tell you why. First of all I should say that I want stability in my next day, but I am thinking about my future. Sometime in the nearest future I am going to have a family and children and I want my future children to be safe, I want them to have everything they want. In my opinion, this is very important. What is your opinion, Gavin ? And there is a second reason for my intention to move to live to another country. I would like to find my soul mate, the person I can trust completely, the person who is going to be near me all the time, love me and take care of me. Russian men have lots of bad habbits, they drink a lot. My dad used to drink a lot. It gave my mom much pain. I would like to move somewhere from Russia. I would really like to have a good and strong family based on good emotional connection first of all and understanding and surely love. I think that these things are the most important. I would like to have my second half near me to feel that I am safe, that I am loved and that I have a person near me whom I can give all my tenderness and care that is inside of me. I do have a lot to give, but for right now there is no one special whom I can give it to and I don't want to waste it just for someone, I want to meet my only one, my special one. I am thinking a lot about you, Gavin , and I would like to hear from you soon. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply! With warm hugs, Molli...
Letter 9
Hello my loved Gavin!!!! Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it as usual because your letters always put me in a good mood and make me smile :) I am thinking a lot about you and I like to read from you, Gavin. You know, Gavin, I need to tell you something. I think that friendship is very important in the relationships. Let me explain what I mean here. I think that passion and affection are very good, but two people that decide to be together need to know how deal with each other in everyday life. You know what I mean? And I think that friendship between them will help a lot. I would like to see a very good, I can say the best friend in my soul mate. I think that emotional connection is very important, so that two people will feel very comfortable with each other. How do you think, Gavin? When I am reading your letters, Gavin, I feel that you are honest and sincere with me, you are telling me a lot about you, so I want to give you the same thing. You know, I have a dream. I would like to find a true love, a special person who is going to love and take care of me and I will do the same for him. I want our love to be forever. I think that when I meet that special one I will give him all of my tenderness, care and love. And what is your dream? What do you want the most from life, Gavin? Please, tell me. It will be very interesting for me to know what you are thinking and dreaming about. You know, Gavin, I need to tell you something. I have never thought before that this is possible to find a very good friend, somebody special with the help of Internet. But now like I know you for a long time even though we exchanged only a few letters. Now I can say that there is a person in the world who understands me, my life position, whose dreams and intentions are close to mine. You should know that you are dear to my heart, I am always ready to listen, understand and try to help you if you need that. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply, Gavin!!! I am thinking about you!!! :) With tender hugs and kisses Molli...
Letter 10
Hello my loved Gavin!!!!! Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. Honey, you know, yesterday when I was online and when I was thinking you. I hope you will like it, tell me your opinion on that, ok? Here it is: Whenever it rains, it is a very spectacular sight to behold. It can be a mild shower, a fierce thunderstorm, a light drizzle or even a display of lightning amidst a backdrop of scenic landscape, but all that I ask for is that when it rains, I want you to be by my side to admire and take in the beauty of life - water. An essential element that has kept us alive to this very day to continue being in love. Whenever raindrops fall from the sky, big or small, I can be assured that heaven is tearing for the sins of this world. And with every single tear comes drops of forgiveness and it is this act of forgiving that enables the human race to sustain an existence on this living **** and it is this forgiveness that gave rise to love which is the biggest forgiver of all. Watching the rain with you is like a very special ritual. When two minds are deep in thoughts, when two hearts are deep in love, when two people are not speaking but just enjoying the silence of the moment save the thoughts of heaven raining upon green pastures in front of us, we are able to hear each other better. We are able to think more about each other, care more for each other. Like a hand across your shoulders, a gentle massage on the neck, a kiss on the cheek or just the thoughts of each other. Every time when it rains, I feel so warm both physically and emotionally. You will be there with me, holding me tight, feeling the rain splattering against our faces, huddling on to each other for warmth when we hug and kiss in the rain. It is such sheer rejuvenation, experiencing what it is like to be refreshed and free from all burdens and worries, just being with the girl I love, in the rain. The chill of the wind might sear through my heart, the sky might be all gloomy and dark but I am sure that there will always be a rainbow after the rain. It will be a beautiful sight to appreciate in awe as the ray of seven colors stretches from horizon to horizon making it the most majestic view from afar. The warmth of the sun as it re-emerges, the chirping of the bird as they start to feed, the swaying of the tress in the gentle breeze are all but part of the picturesque scenery with us standing in the foreground, completing the picture, just like you complete me, feeling every single gap in my heart just like water filling up an empty glass till it overflows, with your love. The rainbow way above us, coupled with the landscape we are part of is our world of beauty but the greatest beauty of all is the one I will only ever love, standing beside me, with me. That will be you. This very special moment in time spent and shared together is liken to a celebration of our love that is everlasting and eternal, tried but true, encapsulated in the purest form of patience, kindness, understanding, concern, respect, trust and faith in our hearts forever... I hope you liked it, Gavin. This story made me think about you, *** :) I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!!! With hugs and tender kisses, Molli...

Letter 11
Hello my dear Gavin!!!!!! Today the weather is good here. I have spent all my day outside. very pleasant for me as usual to receive a letter from you, I have been waiting for it impatiently!!! Gavin, your letters always bring me joy and good mood :) you. You are like a wonderful dream that came into my life, I think and dream about you very often! :) My dear Gavin, I think that there is something between us that make me trust you and open my heart for you, I would like to give you my full trust because I see in your describe you all of my feelings, the thought that the person like you have appeared in my life makes me feel so excited!!! You are far from me now, but I feel that my happiness is somewhere near me. I hope that all of my words are coming from my heart and soul! I wish you and the people who are close to you to be healthy and fine.
I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply. I send you my tender kiss Molli...
Letter 12
Hello my loved Gavin!!!!!!! Thank you very much for your letter and your tender words and care. My dear Gavin, I to want our attitudes very good. I to wish to meet you and to be near to you. You are so sweet to me, it is so pleasant for me to read your letters, when I close my eyes I can see you saying this to me, it makes me feel very good. That's a great feeling, I am thanking God that you are in my life. Even though we are far from each other in reality, in my dreams we are together, we are walking together at some nice place in the nature holding hands and saying tender and warm words to each other. I feel that you are very special to me, I need to read your letters like I need air or water for living. I couldn't even think that something like that could happen to me. Thank you that you are, Gavin. You know, Gavin, I don't think that the outside beauty is the most important thing, you can be beautiful for some time, even the most beautiful, but in some years this beauty will go away, there will be other people who are going to be looking better. I think that the real beauty is inside your soul, that what stays forever. The person should be beautiful from inside, in my opinion. Don't you agree with me, Gavin? Gavin, I see in you the person who I can talk easily with, who is interesting for me, the one who is making me want to know you more and more. I would like to know your soul, I would like to know everything about you. I see that you are not playing with me or joking around, many of our thoughts are the same, our values are very close and we are looking for the same things, we both are looking for the special one. I see that I can establish the emotional connection with you, I can talk to you on any topic, it's very easy for me, it seems like I know you for a long time. I like your thoughts about life and relationships between man and woman. By your letters I can say that you are a decent man with serious intentions. I like that in you. I think that we are even a little bit alike in that. I am also serious about our correspondence. I like to read your letters and I think that I will really like to talk to you in person, you seem to be an intelligent and well educated person. I hope that some time we are going to meet. OK, Gavin, I am finishing my letter now and I hope that you are having a great day! I am thinking about you and I am really happy that we've met! This thought makes me smile :) Hope to hear from you soon! With hugs, Molli...
Letter 13
Hello my dear Gavin!!!!!!!! I would like to tell you that your letters bring me much joy and make me happier day by day! My dear Gavin, I very much to wish to arrive to you in your country. My dear Gavin, I very much to wish to have your children. I to wake up very much early in the morning. You are the dearest man to my heart, I am always looking forward to your letters. When I received your letter today, I was very happy. We are far away from each other now, but I am was meant to be. Who knows, may be we are two halfs of one? ;) find words that can describe my feelings to you, you are making me the happiest woman in the world! Gavin, I would like to thank you for your love and care, I know that you are serious and sincere with me, my heart I feel that you are a very special man who is dear to my heart so much! I am finishing my letter to you and I will be looking forward to your reply! With hugs, Molli...
Letter 14
Hello my dear Gavin! I'm very glad that you have written to me. I need your letters more and more often. They make me happy. Now about my family. My mum had no sisters and brothers. Therefore I've no cousins. To me it's sometimes very lonely. But I'm glad, that I have Masha. Gavin I was determined with work in clinic! I shall be the surgeon. I shall soon have 40 days a free time. I shall work as the surgeon. Hope, that you is glad for me because the surgeon is my favourite trade. Dear Gavin send to me your address and the nearest airport. Today I have been late for work. When I woke up in the morning, my neighbour came to me. She is an old woman and she is a very good and king woman. we address each other when we need something. Today she came to me because she had a problem. The door to her house has been broken and she couldn’t close it. She lives alone as well, her husband died 5 years ago and now nobody is ready to help her. So, I went to have a look at the door. We tried to repair it but we could do nothing. I am a bad carpenter (smile). As it turned out something was wrong with a lock, it was necessary to ask a specialist’s help. Klava (this is my neighbour’s name) was very disappointed, what we could do, we are women, and it was clear that a specialist’s help was necessary. I tried to calm down my neighbour because she doesn’t feel well and it’s very dangerous for her to be nervous. She had to be hospitalized, but she refused to do it and now she has to take injections every day. I promised to ask for a carpenter. In our clinic there is a man, who is responsible for repair, if something is wrong with the clinic. He drinks alcohol a lot, but he has “golden hands” (in Russia it means that a person with “golden hands” can do all the things very good) I want to ask him to help my neighbour with her door. I want, that he attempt to repair my roof. I do not know whether he will agree. I shall hope for his help. I can’t find him now but as soon as I see him I’ll ask. It is very important to help old people. More than it our government doesn't treat old people well. Pensions are tiny. They don’t get any social aid. Our medicine is not free of charge. Old people have to spend all the money on medicines. Of course it is not good, it’s unfair, unjust. But the economic situation in Russia is not highly developed. Well I am not interested in politics but the question about social aid is very important for me.I wish to have the children 2 better three if the god will give. But only from the husband. I want in marriage once. And to live with my husband up to the end of a life. To bring up children and grandsons. It is my dream. I very much wish to move to live to the you. Your full name your address and the airport close to you is necessary to me. These data are necessary for me that I could find out however there is a ticket to you. I do not remember I wrote to you about my diploma? I have the diploma the Europe-standard. This diploma entitles to work as the doctor in your country. Your Molli.
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