Scam letter(s) from Julia to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Warren!!! Thank you for you letter) It is a real pleasure for me to hear again from you!I want to know about you more and more))) You are really interesting person. I would like to explain myself to you. I finished National Pedagogical University. I am a teacher of junior classes. I have a big experience for work with children. Therefore I have pleasure, when I worked with them. They are very kind, funny and cheerful) And about my family. I am the only child in our family. My mother and my dad are military. And I very love them. I am optimistic, and find happiness in usual things every day. There are sunrise, sunset, rain in the hot summer and sun in the winter, good relationship, kind people and other. When I have free time, I prefer spend its with my friend. When the weather is warm we go to the river or forest, make barbecue, play in different sport games. Sometimes we meet in a cafe. Always we have best weekend))) Do you belive in astrology? It is very interesting for me. I am honest person and I want to tell you that I use translation service to communicate with you - I am absolute zero in English, don't know how to read, speak or write it. Well, I think it is not a problem for you. I want you to get to know me, because I really liked you, and this is really important for me, to answer any question! I want to get to know you too... Tell me please, what features you like in woman or dislike? Oh! And one more thing! Darling, please, tell me if you liked my pictures! I want you to be attracted to my looks as much as I want you to be attracted by my personality.
I want very much to build strong relationship, which will based on trust and loyalty. I am also attaching two pictures to this letter
I am waiting you next letter very much. Kisses) Bye!!! Ylia.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Warren! I am Happy, that I correspond with you) I hope, that we understand each other in different things. I want to ask you: What is LOVE for you? Maybe it is very difficult question, but very important) In my imagination you are very sensitive and ****** man. You are very extraordinary person. I adore you))) Really. As for me Love includes several senses: passion, friendship and respect. I think, that people should have similar views, interests. Flame of love must burn constantly, it depends from both partners. Do you agree with me, my dear? I am curious person.But I have a sense of humor. Dear, I know that we are far from each other, and that could be a problem, but I think that if we will want to - we could beat any troubles which will stand in our way, don't you think? Also I want to talk with you about addiction. I am not smoking, not drinking, I prefer active, healthy lifestyle. I go to gym, Like fitness, shaping. Every Sunday I visit swimming pool) Do you have favorite sport games? Do you have some harmful habits? At the end of my letter I would like to tell about my attitude to you. You are positive man. You make me more happy, when I correspond with you my mood become better, I am honest! I hope that this feeling is mutual. By the way, I found another two pictures. They were taken by the photographer, she is my friend). I hope you will like them. Bye, my baby. Your Yulia)
Letter 3
Hi, Hi dear Warren!!! Now I am most happy girl in the world))) It is always a pleasure for me, to receive some news from you. You really can't imagine just how glad I am, that I have found such a great man, who is interested in me as much as I am interested in him!! I know that we still haven't met yet. But I think that in spite of all those thing which are standing in our way, we should belive. And I think that we have a chance to make each other happy!!! I received you letter and was very pleased) I thank my lucky stars, that I met you! I feel you, and perhaps it is most important part of our relations. We haven't talked about *** with you yet.But I think, *** is significant part of love on the whole. In this case partners shouldn't have secrets from each other. What do you love in ***? We should be frank) I am open person and prefer experiments. What about you? What are your favorite poses? Are you ready to experiments?And dear, I think it is time for us to share some really intimate picture. I am sending to you very private pictures of me, to show how much I trust you dear, and how passionate I can be for you... It seems , that I finally found my soul mate. I don't know what about you, but I hope that you are not indifferent to me) Every day I have pleasure, good mood and I really happy, because you make me feel so by your letters. As you might remember, I am greenhorn in English , I correspond with you due to translation service( Regret, Now I don't have possibility to use translation service. I have some problems with money and troubles with my work. I am ashamed to ask you, but I don't want to lose you. I know that we know each other not for a long time, but i have very serious feelings! Now i decided to learn english to be closer to you! I want to develop and improve our relationship very much. I will miss you. Bye, my darling. Kisses. Your Yulia.
Letter 4

Welcome to personal Russian/English
translation and interpretation services

We take care of the reputation of our agency, so we are ready to do our best to become your reliable partner. All your information, including personal data, is and will remain strictly confidential and under no circumstances will be disclosed to any third party! Dear Mr. Warren, Inna Orlova writing to you. As you probably know, miss Yulia is using our services to translate your correspondence. Unfortunately, she informed us that she has some financial difficulties at the moment, and she can't pay for your correspondence any longer. If you would like to continue your correspondence with miss Yulia, we can suggest you to help miss Yulia paying for translation. If you are interested, we can send to you details about conditions of our collaboration. Thank you for your time. Sincerely yours,
office manager
of the translation company
"Original Words (OW)",
Inna Orlova
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