Scam Letter(s) from Regina Oduro to Tom (UK)

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Letter 1

Some people have
such big dreams,
but all I want
is to love you,
to wake up beside you
each morning,
to feel the warmth
of your hand in mine,
to share each moment,
good and bad, with you,
to lose myself
in your loving arms.
Some people want
so much out of life,
but all I want
is to share
everything with you,
for us to talk long
into the night,
to dream together,
and experience
all of the little
things together
that makes life
worth living.
Yes, I have a
big dream after all.
And I want so
many things.
I want to spend the
rest of my life
with you.
And I want to
give you my love,
and to make our home
a place where
you always feel
warm and welcome,
and for us to have
a relationship in which
we accept each other
for who we are
and always find a
sweet dream in
each others arms.
All I want is
for us to love
each other for the
rest of our lives.
And I do believe
that dreams can
come true.

Letter 2

I believe in
the magic of love.

I believe love
makes anything possible.

And I believe in you and me!

When we're together,
I feel like
I can do anything.

As for magic...
just thinking about you
makes me so lightheaded
that I can see
pink elephants!



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