Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my gentle Phil!!!
I have just received your letter to me!
I live in the Central part of Russia. In republic Mari El.
I wish to tell to you, that I search for the man for serious relations. And I hope, that it will be you! Because it is really pleasant to me to communicate with you and it seems to me, that you the good person. Something in me is said to me, that by you that man whom I searched. And if we feel something more than simply friendship and we will decide to create a family, I would like to arrive to you to live with you. I consider, that the present love at each person one. And I know, that if I will fall in love, I will try do all for this person that I can. Because I know, that he as will do for me similar. Because the present love happens only mutual, it to be under construction on mutual understanding and mutual respect. On honesty and trust to each other. And I will be forever with it. We correspond with you within several weeks. We became much more is more close to each other. We have learnt much about everyone. I became so adhered to you, that now I do not represent, that I can lose you. I really very much worry. I do not wish to think, that I will not receive from you letters. I cannot be while near to you. But I wish to ask from you only about one that you cared of yourselves.
I want that we were together in the future. I very much hope that it soon will occur.
On it I will finish my letter!
I will look forward to hearing from you to me!
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely man and my sun Phil!!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. Your letters fill my heart with happiness and pleasure. I look forward every day your letters. I very much love you!!!! Phil my lovely my thoughts only about you. I very much wish to be with you!!! I am very happy that have met you.
Phil you the unique person in the world which has made me happy!!!! I wish to make to make you happy!!!! I want that all envied us when we will be together. I represent as we walk with you on park and we hold each other hands. My lovely as soon as we will be together I will present to you all caress and love!!!!!
Why you have set to me so many questions? I am not going to answer you these questions. Want take offence, want is not present. You would answer my questions. If I also have much set?
Really I wish to arrive to you and to marry you!
My lovely I very much wait for our meeting!!!! Phil, you will be always surrounded by my love and care!!!! All that is necessary that I could make you the happiest man in the world it that we were together!!!!. Phil, I cannot express all my feelings through letters.
As soon as we will be together you at once will understand as strongly I you I love!!!! You will understand why I wait for our meeting!!!
Phil, my lovely you do not represent as I wish you to embrace and kiss!!!!! I very much would like to feel warmth of your body!!!!! I very much would like to be with you. Phil when I go to bed I constantly I represent you!!!! I represent as you lay nearby and as we look each other in the face!!!! When I sleep at me such sensation that you lay nearby. When I wake up in the morning to me very much it would be desirable to embrace you!!! But I see that I lay one and you are not present nearby!!!! It upsets me not much, but I very much hope that it will be fast actually and I can embrace you as soon as I will wake up in the morning!!!! Phil, you for me unique and unique!!!!
Except you more nobody is necessary to me!!!! My feelings most to you the strongest and sincere!!!! All that is necessary that you could understand, it to be together!!!!
I very much hope that you can help!!!! I very much hope for you and we will be together!!!! Only you can help with that that we could be together!!! I hope that you understand me!!! Phil, I very much love you and I miss on you!!!!! I send you millions kisses that they have warmed you while you one and that that there is no I nearby!!!! I wait for each your letter very strongly!!!!
Your love and only yours Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hi my lovely Phil! I am improbably happy to read your words!
My dream seems to find happiness and love starts to be carried out!
All Occurs as in a fairy tale! I seem to me have found the prince and this The prince you Phil. I would not like to appear more soon near to you and
To test present and ardent romantic sensations!! My heart
Overflow feelings to you, my darling. I so am grateful to the God, that it Has presented to me you Phil!!! I wish to be with you, my darling! Dear, Tomorrow I will try to learn in detail as I can receive the visa to mine Travel and what is the time will be occupied with visa reception. At my girlfriend Anna the acquaintance in travel agency works and I think it can To tell to me all details about visa reception. I hope it will not occupy It is a lot of time, I would not like to appear more soon near to you, mine The sweet! You have painted my life bright paints! Only thanks to you I have really felt, that in this world there is a present romanticism And love! I with impatience wait for our meeting, I wait when I can at last To see you in the live. I want, that you have shown me a place where do you live. I It is assured, that at all of us our meeting will turn out also will be the finest And romantic! We are created for each other. Our destiny - to be together and I am assured, that we will overcome all barriers to be together and To connect our hearts! I will do the utmost to be together with You, my darling and to present to you all my love! I feel, that today I can not fall asleep. I will think of you all night long, my love! My prince I With impatience I will wait for your letter! My sweet kisses only for You, the darling!
Only yours Ekaterina.
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