Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
I have found your address on a site of acquaintances and I have decided to write to you.
I hope that you can soon answer me my letter.
My name is Anastasia I live in Russia.
I send you the photo if you wish to become my friend please
Answer my letter I send you the photo.
If you have photo forget it to send to me ok???
Your friend Anastasia!!
Letter 2
**** my friend !
It was very pleasant to receive to me your answer to a site.
It is very interesting to reach, know you better, you very much are interested to me.
My name Anastasia, I - 26 years, I was born on November, 28th, 1983.
Mine e-mail -
I never was married and I do not have children.
I wished to tell not much to you about myself.
I live in Russia in city Cheboksary I live with my mum and the daddy.
My mum and my father already on pension my daddy worked as the bus driver.
And my mum worked in shop as the seller and now they I do not work sit
At home in the summer we with parents go in a garden to raise the a crop a potato
Beet cucumbers tomatoes and other another.
I work in a children's garden as the tutor I love the work.
I like to go to the cinema or go at leisure on walk to park
To spend good time.
I very much would like if you not much to me have told about yourself.
To me it is very pleasant that you have sent me the photo.
I liked your photo the most important thing please
Do not forget to send me the photo ok????
I send you some of the photos to divide a smile and fine mood!
I hope, that you will give also me in photos, it would be desirable to consider you closer,
To see eyes. I think, that eyes can tell very much! I wish to tell a little about the person of "my dreams"...
The person searching for serious relations, is interesting to me.
The person with whom I would feel me the happiest woman on the Earth, is necessary for me.
For me it is important to have mutual understanding, trust and responsibility! I think,
That the Internet - very good way for acquaintance.
I think, that it should be romantic to have the friend or even more in other country.
I am interested very much, that we could reach, know each other better. When I saw your profile,
I have, have become interested in you and therefore would like to have the correspondence to you.
I think, that we could be friends!
I will look forward to hearing from you!
Letter 3
I am glad to receive again your message, every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting. I had usual day but i have received your letter and now my mood became much better, it is really pleasant for me that you write to me. Thank you for yours some answers to my questions it helps me to learn more about you and to understand you.
darling I wish to find the love person that with it to build a good and happy family and to be happy.
I the mature girl and I wish to find the man for marriage and a family.
While I live with the parents in Russia.
I send you another my picture. I hope you like me on photo. Hector tell me more about your family. Do you have many relatives? How often do you visit each other how often do you gather? I have very good family. I one child in family i always wanted to have the younger brother or the sister that them to look after.
In my private life i have emptiness. I have been never married, my last boyfriend was almost my age, we were with him together almost 2 years, but he appeared the rascal, he deceived me though pretended, that everything is all right, that always with me is fair. I thought, that he loves me, but there was, that he simply a fool (excuse for expression), he frequently deceived me he was the liar, for him friends and were more important than a party. For him there was no important we relations, and I with him have said goodbye and not how many I do not regret about it, therefore, now I search for more serious and sincere really " adult man for serious relations ".
Among associates of me of people I cannot allocate anybody for serious relations. In the beginning it seems, that you have met the good suitable person, but then there is that it not so. Likely therefore I also use the web service of date. Probably here I can find the person who will be to love me, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his financial situation and work he makes. i hope to find who appreciate women and who can care of woman. I shall be ready to give all myself and I think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill... well I shall be brief , write to me about your ideas of that. I wait your letter. Yours Anastasia.
Letter 4

Hello my friend !!!!
Today after the work I have gone to the girlfriend to read your letter and to answer it.
I was madly glad to receive your letter today.
You are very attractive to me
I hope, what you will send to me more than the photos?
It would be interesting to me to see them and a photo of your city.
I think, what you will be glad to see my recent photos??????
In last letter I have not much told about myself.
As you know, that I work in a children's garden as the Tutor to me to like it work as I love children.
I spoke to you that I live in Russia in city Cheboksary my city
To be about 850 km from Moscow.
It - not the big city, and me is pleasant to live in this city.
About phone. I have phone, but I do not know with what code to you it is necessary to print it!
As soon as we with you learn each other better
I to a smog to give you the phone number or to call to you if you to me
You will leave number and I can hear your fine voice and speak on the phone.
I wished you to ask, you love pets and they at you are at home????
I have a love kitten by name oscar very much - very beautiful, cheerful, amusing, ridiculous.
When I go to bed, it to lay down to me on a head and with the nails likes to awake me.
For days on end without rest can play, get into cases to open the small pad all that to it not laziness.
And still the most interesting, at me is a black sports bag in which it likes to write,
When I forget to clean its toilet.
If you have pets, tell to me not much about them ridiculous histories.
Now I do not have love person I the lonely girl and to me to be very heavy one.
And I have decided to find the love person in the Internet to me my girlfriend has advised.
I have made a profile on a site of acquaintances, and not regret
about it that has found the interesting person as you.
I hope that we with you soon learn each other better and can once we with you
We can meet and get acquainted more close.
I searching for the serious person whom in a condition to make correct decisions,
I want with love person to build serious relations and in the future to be his wife.
And to have healthy children this most important thing in my life.
I use the computer very seldom.
I write to you from my girlfriend, I do not have any computer of the house!!!
The darling I not always can to go every day to the girlfriend to read your letter
And to answer it.
Last time I studied English language in 11 class and not much having forgotten this language.
I have decided to register in English language courses I is glad that now
I know very well this language.
Well, I will finish on it, I will not write too much not to tyre you with reading of my letter.
I hope your letter to see fast!
Yours faithfully, yours Anastasia.
Letter 5
Hello my dear!!!!!
enviado porrambler.ruHello my dear !!!
I am very glad to receive your letter today.
When I went to the girlfriend after work at me there was one dream
That you have answered me my letter.
And when I have seen your letter and designated it at me at once have raised moods.
I am glad that we have started to correspond with you and I could learn not much about you.
You very good person I always wished to find such person as you and I
It is glad that we with you have found each other.
About everyone the letter we with you become closer.
Today I spoke about you with the parents that we correspond with you.
My parents are very glad that I ours of the good friend as you !
I hope that we with you friendship becomes closer????
I the good girl and I not when did not deceive and I will not deceive.
I do not wish to build the relation on deceive.
I always help at home with cleaning to my mum.
I like to prepare, and it - probably my main hobby
I have already told, that I love humor. We with friends sometimes gather,
And we go somewhere to have rest.
I like to have a rest in the days off to go to wood in the summer to arrange picnic and to breathe fresh air.
By the way, I womanly and fragile.
I do not love when me offend or speak about me badly.
And when me offend I always I answer very sharply and I reject pressure.
I can always stand for myself and not give myself in insult.
It is a pity that I do not have love person which could protect me always
And the most important thing to love me.
I like to listen to music and to read books or to look magazines.
My love music the Disco 80-90 year very good music.
darling I with pleasure would arrive once to you and we with you could be together and to be happy.
I hope that once ours with you the dream to be will together be carried out.
The darling I the real girl and I not when will not deceive if you do not trust I soon I will to trip to you, I went to travel agency and I need only 8000$ Euros for International Passport, Visa and Tickets is a Huge money, nobody can help me only you my love, can you do it. I know Western Union is the option and in 21 days I will be travel with you forever. I trust in you.
I will do a video for you with me ***** and show all my body. I could trust I do not want that between us with you there was no trust.
Today I very tired and to me am time to go now home to take a bath and to lay down to sleep.
I will wait tomorrow for your letter.
If you have questions to set I with pleasure I will answer your questions.
The darling if I will not answer your question that I have not understood and please do not take offence at me ok?
Yours Anastasia!!!
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