Scam letter(s) from Marjorie Labasa to Ricky (UK)

Letter 1
HELLO HONEY, IM NOT HIDING OKIE. i really want to see you and i missed you. and please dont think that i scammed you coz my intention for you is good from the start. im at HOLBORN i only remember the building that i get throught when arrived through cab CHANCERY LANE building and the town CAMDEN TOWN.. i was buy a medicine at the SUPERDRUG HEALTH BEAUTY.. im so afraid coz many people stared at me. i dont have phoned **** then my money is so tight... i dont know want im going to do.. im looking work so that i have a fare to get through on youre house.. i love you so much ricky.... please, dont accused me coz im so afraid now. marjorie
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