Scam letter(s) from Margarita to Stephen (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my Sweetheart Stephen!!! I feel so happy, when i receive your letters, it seems like you are with me all day long, because you are in my heart!
You have shared your soul with me and I have shared mine with you. I feel so happy and complete with you. Your caring attitude, attention and sweet personality has captured my heart and i am so grateful for that! Sometimes at my work we have like a prom-action and professional photographers make a photo sessions for workers of night club for free. Dear, i have to tell you one thing, but I'm so nerves. I tremble and I'm really afraid even to think about it. The matter is that my salary was cut down and now i won't be able to continue paying for our correspondence any more, because i have to pay for my bills, food and daily needs...
But I'm so afraid to think that it can be our end, i want to be with you and i know that you will understand and support me! You are my man and i want to share with you all my soul and body. Dear, i do not know what to do! I want you to know that my desire to be with you and be your's is huge! I can't stop crying now, i am so upset, i was crying all night long, dreaming about our future together! Honey! I need your help, i know that you are my Man and you will understand my situation. I'm really grateful for our destiny, that i have found you and i know that you won't let me down, please help our relations! I do not want to lose the chance to be your woman! I do not know how to explain, that i do not ask you to give the money for my personal needs, but it is for us, for our future! I hope that you will write me soon and i will be happy after your answer! I don't want to lose you! Please don't make me suffer... Forever your's Margo
Letter 2
Hello my dearest Stephen! My Sweetheart!!!

Dear! I was waiting for Monday with big impatience, i was really nerves all these days, because of our communication.
It is really a difficult situation for me, because i was a shame to ask you for your help with our correspondence. But you are my defender, you are real man and now I'm sure that i can trust you and you will protect me in any situation.
With you by my side i will be the most happy and beloved woman, because you can solve my problems and it shows, that you are real man! You are my Superman! Tony! About the prices for the translations. One letter costs 5$, but it is an unlimited correspondence too, it costs 235$ per month of unlimited correspondence. So we can write each other every day and send photos for free! I'm so afraid to loose you! You became so important to me!
Your behaviour shows that i was right about you, because you are a real man and i have found you. I'm so grateful to you, especially because you are the only one and you are my man!:) And I'm your woman, only your's! Here is the necessary information to make the transfer by Western Union or Money Gram. Actually i have never received money from abroad and I'm a little nerves, but i hope everything will be fine. In the agency the manager told me all the necessary information, that you have to have to make the transfer. Here is it: the name of receiver MARGARITA
country UKRAINE My dear! I will be waiting for your next letter with big impatience! I'm grateful for your help very much, thank you for this chance to our relations! I kiss you million times!!! Your Margo
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