Scam Letter(s) from Julia Tsyplyakouwa to Vineet (India)

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Letter 1

Hi my love Vineet!!!

Please do not deceive me, that you can not send the money through the company Western Union! This can make every citizen of India. I learned information from the agent company Western Union! It is also proof of my words on the official web site of Western Union! Each resident Indian can use the services of companies! Here are the words from the official website:

"There are over 50,000 Agent locations in India, including 8,500 Post offices and over 14,000 branches of leading banks Funds generally available in minutes subject to terms and conditions of service, including Agent location hours and differences in time zones No receiver fees, no bank account required"

I am glad to receive your letter. My love, I am sorry that we were in a difficult situation with our meeting. I really do not think that you will travel to cost so much to us. I believe that money is not a problem for us, and if we decide, then no one can stop us to be with you. Please carefully read my thoughts. I want our first meeting was in your country. Since your trip to Russia is not safe, my town is far from Moscow, and you have to travel a lot for Russia. In Russia a lot of thieves and criminals, so I think that this journey will be dangerous for you. I do not want me out of your life in danger. Moreover, in Russia do not like foreigners. Also I want to see life and culture of your country, so I immediately wrote to you that I want to visit your country. I would be pleased to see your house, meet your friends and family. I would be able to learn the culture of your country. After all, if we decide to join our destiny, we will live in your country. Therefore, I want you introduced me to his country. Also in the coming time, will I get my vacation at work and arrive without any problems to you. If you are busy at work, I am prepared to wait at home and prepare for you a romantic dinner. . My love, I heard one situation, for which I want to fly to you myself. When we started to communicate with you, I saw a television, which said about the relationship between foreigners and girls from Russia. Girl in the transfer said that it has had a relationship with a man from abroad, and they decided to meet in Russia. He came from a girl and wanted only to sex, they spent about 2 weeks together, and then he ran away from her, and nothing more was heard of him. The girl was left pregnant and now she has a child. And the most insulting, that child grows up without a father, and whom he never sees and does not even know. I do not want to say about you that you are the same man. I believe that your feelings for me sincerity and frankness. Please understand all the reasons on which I want to fly into your country. Safe for you trip to Russia, and I want to see your country. Please do not misunderstand me, and let's meet in your country. And in the future, we could also travel to Russia. I love you and want to be with you as soon as possible. I look forward to your comments and responses to my letter! Your favorite forever Yuliya.



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