Scam letter(s) from Luiza Karimova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend!
Frankly speaking I feel a bit confused, because I have never written to a man through the Internet and I even don't know what to start with... Well, I will start from the very beginning. My name is Luiza and I live in Kazan. This is a very nice place especially in summer and there are a lot of good people here. I was born on the 1st of January, 1980, I am 29 years old, and I think that this is a very nice age to start a new life! I work in a hospital, and I am a children doctor by profession. I love children and this is very pleasant to deal with them. My work is rather interesting, but it is not easy because very often I am responsible for a kid's life and this is hard to be responsible for such a serious thing! But I am in my place and I think that I would never change my work even if I was offered a million dollars! And what is about you? Tell me what you are and what are your ambitions in life!
I live together with my Mother, my Father died.
He was crossing the street at the crisscross but unfortunately the driver was ***** and he didn't notice my Dad... and it so happened that I lost my wonderful Dad, whom I loved immensely... it was a hard time for me and Mum but we were together and overcame everything. Right after finishing school I entered the medical University and after graduating from it ( I am not bragging, but I am proud to tell you that I graduated with honors!) I was offered a vacancy in our Hospital. I agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my vocation and I was not mistaken, because I have never felt pity about my choice ever since.
Not much changed from that time, but one day I realized that I am tired of life here, tired of being alone and tired of the same faces. And one day when I was going home after a day in the hospital I decided to visit an internet cafe which I pass every day on my way to work.
I have heard about internet dating services much, I know that internet is popular nowadays and my friends often tell me about there experience in the virtual reality. I was shown some well-known dating sites and having received the most necessary instructions I decided to have a try. And here I am writing you my first letter! I don't know what it will lead me to, but at the moment I feel very interested in you! Please, write me more about yourself and don't forget to send me your photo! I will look forward to your answer and will come here tomorrow again!
with my best regards,
Letter 2
Hi again, my friend!
To tell you the truth, I am very pleased that you answered me back so quickly, because I have been waiting for your answer with impatience!
I still can't get used to that quick internet letters! It seems unbelievable that only a few years ago people wrote letters in hand and waited for the answer for weeks! By the way, in Russia the internet post is still not very wide spread and I write letters to some of my old friends by usual mail. But this is great that I can get the answer from you in no time. And I hope that if we go on like that we will manage to know each other very well! :)
In this letter I will try to tell you a bit more about myself. So what are usual things unknown people ask each other? Probably about hobbies... Well, I can't say that I have any particular hobby, any occupation to which I would devote all my free time... I am pretty busy at work and to tell the truth I am so tired after it that I have neither time nor inclination for anything but to go to bed or prepare something to eat and to read a nice book. Oh, I like cooking very much! My mother is very fussy about food we eat and she taught me to cook very well. My mother is a teacher, she works in primary school and deals with small children as well as I do. We have something in common in the professions.
As for my favourite films and books... I can strongly recommend you to watch my favourite film "Lilja 4-ever" with Oksana Akinshina in the main role. This is the film by the Swedish director Loukas Moudisson and as far as I know you will find it in English as well. This is a real tragedy of the teen-age Russian girl. Well, I won't retell you the plot, you can watch it yourself if you want!
I like to read very much, I prefer classical writers to modern ones, for example I appreciate Russian writer Bulgakov. And from modern foreign books I like very much "Da Vincy's Code" by John Brown(I am not sure in the spelling, it is surely wrong, because I am not very good at English, but I hope that I express myself quite clearly????)
Well, and on this I will finish this letter and I will start waiting for your answer! Please, write me as much as you can about you because I am interested in every detail of your life! Of course, if you want to!
I will come here tomorrow and hope to see your reply!
bye bye for now,
Letter 3
I am very happy to receive a letter from you again!
I was thinking and trying to guess what you will write me today!!!
Probably this is a bit silly of me, but I read you answers several times before starting to answer. I think that you can write me everything you want, because I feel friendly interest to you and I am happy with every passing day I discover something new in you!
The weather was very good today, the sun shone brightly (though the day was cold) and the birds sang cheerfully in the air. I wish I were a bird, to have no problems but to sing and to enjoy life!
I didn't have much work today, and this is good, because I could come earlier to the internet cafe to write you a letter and now I have time to cook something delicious for me and my Mum! I think I will make a cake, a magnificent cake!
I wish I could treat you to it!
What are your favourite dishes??? Tell me, please, I will try to find the recipes and will learn how to prepare them! It will be a nice piece in my collection, I suppose!
And I will probably invite my best friend to tea, she is working in my hospital too. I don't have a lot of friends, but those I have are true and I am sure that I can rely on them. By the way, what is your attitude to friendship? I have heard that in other countries such term as friendship is not popular, all people are living their own lives and they don't have such friends who are ready to help them in difficult life situations. But I appreciate friendship very much and I am sure that every person must have friends... Do you have friends?
I feel that you and I have a lot in common and though we know each other for a short period of time I feel close to you... But ok, it is too early to talk about something after some letters that we have wrote to each other.
Let's go on and we will see what it will lead us to, ok?
So, I am finishing and will go home now,
with my best regards,
Letter 4

Hi, darling!
Here I am again in the internet cafe reading your letter... during this day this is the only pleasant moment for me... because this day was not a very happy one and I feel sad. This day is the anniversary of my father's death. And we had a small day of memory. Yes, it has changed very much since he is not with us... everything was very different when my dad was alive. We never had such difficult time as we have now, he was a true man and could find a way of any situation. And now, when we are alone, I feel sometimes that I can't find the right decision... the first years after his death we were running the greatest moral and financial difficulties, because I was a student and my mum was keeping the house while he was alive. But after that she had to go back to work and with the miserable salaries in our schools we were having very hard times. I don't know how we managed to survive, but now the situation is a bit better, at least I am not a student any more and I can earn a bit for our living but since that I never felt safe. This is very hard to lose people you love.
Darling, I hope you had such terrible occasions not often... better never.
Ok, I will go back home now, because when I went here my mum was crying and I am afraid that she will fall into deep depression again, so it will be better if I am with her all the day long. But she says herself that it is necessary to start new life and she wants me to do it for her. She wants me to be happier then she is. She is a great WOMAN, my mum.
Ok, and I am sorry for the sad letter, I hope that I haven't made you sad... to make it a bit better I will send you a nice smiling picture of me, to let you know that I am not that pessimistic creature.
I will come here tomorrow and I hope to find your answer.
bye bye,
Letter 5
Hi, my darling!
I was very glad to find the letter from you with your kind words of support. It touched my heart and I feel that you became much closer to me than you were before... at least, I feel now that I can trust you on the whole and that you are a very reliable man. I don't know why but it seems to me that I would feel very easy with you if we could talk face to face... because through the letters I realise that we have much to talk about and the subjects are innumerous. I think that this is very good when people have much to talk about with each other!
And I also see that you are very caring and that you can make happy any woman! Oh, I would envy that lucky girl! :)
By the way, I see that you have a good sense of humour and I have heard one day on the radio that the sense of humour is the first sign of the intellect! This is absolutely true, I think! I have never felt at ease with a gloomy person, and you are very bright, you are like a ray of the sun in my life! oh, that'll do to pay you compliments or you will decide that I am flattering you! But to tell the truth I am not tired of telling you pleasant things, because I feel that you are worth all my compliments and even more!
Please, send me more pictures of you, because I want to have as many as possible, to show my friend and probably Mum... ok? I will wait very much!
and in return (lets imagine that you already sent me your wonderful photo) I am sending you the one I like very much. Hope you like it too.
Today I have to go to the school and to give a kind of lesson there. Sometimes the headmaster of the school where my Mum works asks me to give a lesson to the pupils, when the subject is concerned the medicine. And I never refuse, because even though I do it for free, I feel very satisfied when I am doing good for children, when I know that they take some knowledge from me. Isn't it wonderful to be useful! And write me please about your profession, ok? is it good? are you satisfied? As for me, I told you already there is nothing better for me then my profession, the only disadvantage of it is that it is not very good paid. For example my salary is $200 per month (in rubles it is about 8000), and sometimes it is even not regularly paid, but I am optimistic and I think that probably future will change and our government will understand that its people are worth paying them. Ok, I will finish the letter on this, and I will start waiting for your answer, hope it will arrive soon!!!!!!! oh, God, why am I so much dependent on your letters?! is it good, do you think? ;)
bye bye for now,
Letter 6
Hi, my sweet!
How are you today? I am fine, the weather is not very good, the piercing wind is blowing, and I am afraid to catch a cold, but as soon as I remember about you the wind is getting warmer and it seems that it is whispering me tender words... those I would like to hear from you some day... oh, I feel as if I had wings to fly to the sky and to shout that I AM HAPPY, I AM ABSOLUTELY HAPPY!
My sweet man, what have you done with me? How did you manage to conquer my heart? Oh... what is going on with me??? Is it the same with you or am I just a sentimental thing? No, I am definitely not, because when I am reading your letters I see that you are feeling very much similar and you give me the hope that everything will go on, my sweetie. By the way, did you tell me where you live? Probably I simply don't remember (I mean not the country, of course, I do know it!), but I want to know the place itself. As for me, I have a small one-room flat in one of those terrible blocks where there are 3 floors and the conditions are very bad. The only advantage of those flats is that they are available to pay for (and I suppose that this is because of the fact that more or less well-off people would never agree to live there, but this is just my idea).
when my dad was alive we lived a better life, in our own house, to be more exact with a nice small garden and beautiful flower-beds. But when he died, we had to sell it to pay for my education. Because mum didn't earn that much to cover all the expenses and I was too young to find a proper job. And besides, I studied at the Medical University where the students simply don't have time for anything but learning, to say nothing of working. So, you see now how it happened that I had to leave the comfort for education. But they say that "money spent on the brain is never spent in vain", and I have never felt pity. At first Mum rented the flat, but when I came back, we decided that it will be better to ask for the credit in the bank and pay it partly. So, I did it and bought a one-room flat 4 years ago. But we do not live here now though I did not pay the credit to the full yet. A year ago my mum was given a flat from her work. It is a good flat and we live there together now. The conditions here are better and you know, it is always more comfortable to live with mum :) It is a very cosy and nice flat. But Mum often remembers our old house, and she even made friends with the present hostess of it and sometimes she spends there weekends but I think that there is no sense in looking back all the time, and I myself never go there. I prefer to live in the present but not in the past. Am I right, sweetie? And I know that abroad people live in comfort and it is unbearable for a foreigner to live in Russia because of bad living conditions. Is it true?
Sweetie, I feel so much attached to you and I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't write you! Darling, it can seem silly for you but if I come here tomorrow and won't find a letter from you, I can't imagine what I will think about the next day!!! I could never imagine that it is possible to feel so much to someone you know only by letters.
I am so grateful to this internet that keeps the connection between us!
oh, it seems that my time at the computer is going to come to an end, and the manager is telling me that I have to let it free...
ok, I will go now, sweetie, and I will look forward to your next letter, I am sending you my first kiss and first embarrass...
bye bye for now,
Letter 7
Hello, my sweetie,
How are you today? As for me, I am in a kind of dismay today.
I do not know why I feel so but it seems to me the reason is you. I am thinking of you much and sometimes I ask myself if it is right what we are doing. On the one hand, I have always dreamt to encounter a man who will become my obsession and to whom I will devote myself. And now when you seem to be such a man I am afraid of my own feelings and that is why a lot of questions arise in my head. Well, I hope that your next letter will help me to get stronger and more determined.
Please, write me about your intentions and thoughts, ok?
I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
Best regards,
Letter 8
Hi, my sweet man!
Well... what can I say? I really hope that you are looking for the same as I do! Ok, I will throw away all the doubts and I will never touch upon this again, darling. Your word is enough for me. I trust you on the whole. Honey, do you know that you are the best man in the world? The women in your country must be blind or absolutely silly to let you search for love in the internet!!!! Every time I see the letter from you, I think "why do we understand each other so well?" How can it be that two people from different sides of the earth have found each other? This is incredible, but my heart is singing and I thank God every day for the perfect chance that he gave me to be with you and to share life with you. Let it be only the life in the internet but I am sure that the day comes and we will see each other in real life! Do you think it is possible? Yes, I appreciate the great communication power of the internet, that brings people together but I can't but confess that it doesn't fulfill the function of the real communication. And even though I feel that the internet helps us very much, this is not enough... Please, tell me your ideas on this matter, ok?
Honey, I want to tell you that I am incredibly grateful to you for the happy moments in my life! You even can't imagine how much you mean for me... for me this is not just letters... in my letters I open my soul, I am giving you a part of my heart and I hope that it is safe with you... I have never been so much open with any man in my life.... I lost the faith in them, but you, you alone made all my ideas go to ruin... and now I again realize that the world is full of happiness, full of wonderful moments, simple things which you do not appreciate when you are gloomy and unsatisfied... oh, I am incredibly happy now and all this is because of you! How can it be possible, honey????!
And by the way, returning to the matter I want to ask you for your home address. I want to send you a letter with my photo for you to keep it everywhere and also a small photo of my village. And when you receive the letter you simply tell me what I wrote and I will completely trust you! And here is my postal address, it is
420066, Kazan,
Chernomorskaya 3, a/y 260
Karimova Luiza
Oh, again the manager said that the time is off... :( oh, and I was going to tell you so much in this letter, but unfortunately I am limited and I can't spend at the computer as much time as I want...
This is the greatest disadvantage of those internet cafes. You pay them incredible money, but still you can't write as much as you want... This is sad, but I have nothing to do but to wish you to have a nice day and to send you my passionate kiss which I hope to get back in return from your side in the next letter, which I am waiting for immensely!
I am thinking of you all the time,
bye bye for now,
Letter 9
Hi, my sweet man, my daring prince!
Yes, I feel like a princess, like the Sleeping Beauty who has just awoken from her dreams and I can't but tell you about my wonderful feeling! Thank you for the warm and tender letter, I see that such a wonderful man feels the same to me as I feel to him and there is nothing more wonderful than to love and to be loved... Yes, I said that I love you... What is it if not love, when I am thinking of you all the time, when I go to bed with your face in front of my eyes and I awake still having it in front of me? You are coming in my dreams every night and you don't leave me even at work. You are with me everywhere and those letters from you! I have learned them by heart! Your words are sounding in my ears and I imagine your voice whispering words of love... Oh, I am in love, this is definitely so. I tried to run away from this feeling, I tried to lock my heart, not to let you go in, but everything is in vain. You have broken the blocks and you rushed into my heart, and you settled in it very firmly and you are not going to leave it! Honey, and I will never let you leave my heart because you are the part of me... Darling, this is fate and I feel that we are two parts of one whole, we are made for each other... oh, I feel now like the heroine of Pushkin's "Evgeniy Oneguin"! this is one of the famous Russian novels, I am sure you know it. She as well as me (her name was Tatyana Larina) wrote to the beloved man a letter where she said that she is giving herself to him and she relies on his honesty, that he will accept her pure love and will realize the treasure of it. But the man didn't appreciate it and her heart was broken... I think that this is not about you and me, I hope you will see that my letter is the cry of my soul, my present to you, darling, I think you will appreciate it... Because I appreciate you and I love you so much that no woman will love you more!
Oh, and again my time is off and I wanted to tell you how my day was... ok, then I will do it some other day...
I will wait your letter with impatience, my love... your answers will be very important for me.
Your Luiza with love
Letter 10
Hi, my love!
Darling, this night I saw a dream... I can't keep myself from telling it to you at once! Darling, I saw as if we had met with you!!! The dream was so real. I was standing at some place that was very like an airport, waiting for someone, I was very nervous. I didn't know who I was waiting for! There were crowds of people everywhere, they were all talking a foreign language, I was trying to find a familiar face but everybody was in a hurry, nobody talked to me, nobody wanted to help me. I was about to cry, but then I saw... I saw YOU...
You approached me, your face was all smiles, and you had a bunch of flowers in your hand!!! A bunch of red red roses! It was so beautiful and you were so happy! A warm feeling overcame me, when I looked into you eyes. You came up to me and asked: "My love, we have overcome everything, we are together. Since now I will take care of you and you will never regret about our meeting." I didn't manage to answer you anything, because the alarm-clocked ringed and I awoke... I was so much disappointed that it was only a dream that I was even ready to fall asleep again, not to lose the connection with you, but I was at work (sometimes I spend night at work, looking over the patients and making injections). So, all the day I went under the impression of my dream... I read somewhere that in a dream a person usually sees what he is thinking about or what he is looking forward to... It means that I am dreaming of meeting with you... My love, do you think I am too quick? I think that my desire is absolutely natural because I feel that letters are good enough only at a certain period of time... Then you start feeling as if you lack something, as if you want something more... Do you agree? What are your feelings and ideas? Do you see me in your dreams? Do you want us to meet? What do you think it would be if we met? Is it real to put that in life? oh, I asked you so many questions, you will probably think that I am noisy... please, darling, don't think so, because I see from your letters that your feelings to me are also not only friendship, and I think that it is quite reasonable to ask all those questions. Am I right?
Honey, I am waiting for your letter and I want to tell you again that my love is incredible, I feel ready for anything for you. I have never felt like that before! And I don't know what to do next, I need your help.
Please, answer me as soon as you can, much will depend on your answer, it is very important for me...
ok, and now I have to tell you bye bye and to kiss you softly, probably this night I will see the second part of my dream and if I do, you will be the first who will know about it tomorrow!
bye bye, my love,
Your Luiza with love

Letter 11
Hi, my love,
Your letter stirred me up very much and touched my heart!!! I love you and I know you are my destiny. Why are we so far apart from each other? Why? Honey, I want to be with you and to be happy. I will never be happy without you, Gene.
I know we have to fight for our happiness. Please, honey, write me the name of the international airport, which is close to you. I will find out if I can afford to come to you. I think it is high time for us to see each other face to face, what do you think?
I am so excited. I feel like doing and undertaking something but I do not know what. You lack me all the time. I need you like any human-being needs air to breathe!!!
I hope to hear from you soon.
I have never been in love! It is such a great feeling!!! If only we were together at the moment!...
kiss you,
Your Luiza with love
Letter 12
Hello, my sweetheart,
I do not have much time today but it is important for me to write you at least a short letter. Because you must be waiting for my letters. Am I right? Gene, I love you and I am really getting more and more excited because the time for our meeting is coming. Are you ready for that? It is a serious step because we may decide to live together after first meeting. Sweetie, I am very serious and determined now and I want that we do not back out if we decide to meet. I am very eager to see you, to have a try with you as my man. And I will be thankful to you for the opportunity you can give me - a meeting in reality...
I haven't been to the travel agency yet but soon I am going there to find out the prices. It must cost a pretty penny but I want to go till the end and meet you face to face. Of course, I am a bit nervous because you are so far from me and there is nobody to support me and say to me that everything is going to be ok. But I love you and this strong feeling gives me power to cope with the hesitation and doubts...
Now I am finishing my letter, sweetie. And hope to receive your answer tomorrow. You are in my heart and this is the most sincere letter I have ever written to a man...
Kiss you,
your Luiza with love
Letter 13
Hi, Gene,
Oh, my love Gene, I was so happy to receive your letter today!!!!
My dear, it is so difficult for me to describe my feelings to you!!
You are really the man of my life, the man of my dream!!! Darling, it all seems to me unbelievable and I feel like a princess in a fairy-tale!!! Dear, you probably think that I am crazy but I am not!! I am just madly in love with you, Gene!!!!
Honey, I have called the agency to find out everything about my trip and that is what they told me. First of all I need to get some documents ( a visa and an international ID/passport) and they cost 230 dollars. Then the ticket costs 860 dollars and I need some 120 dollars for airport taxes. To tell you the truth I was disappointed to learn it because all together the sum is 1210 dollars and I can't afford such a trip. I am very sad today. I have told you that my salary is only 200 dollars a month and I have to support my mum as well. I am at a loss and I do not know what to do. I love you and I thought there is nothing that can prevent us from being together very very soon. But this financial problem gets everything to ruin!!!!
Honey, what should I do, tell me, please! I will die without you. I have got accustomed to you and I do not want to lose you. I am sure you are the man I have been looking for and we could make a good family. Now I am very upset and I rely on you only. I know that you love me and will never let me down.
Well, I'd better go home now because I feel not so good because of all this news.
Hope we find the solution.
I love you, do not forget, darling!
your Luiza with love
Letter 14
Hi, my love,
How are you? As for me, I am fine but I am constantly thinking about us and our meeting. I really want to meet you and this feeling is getting stronger with every passing day.
I went to the bank to find out how it is better to send the money from abroad and for me to get it here. The woman told me it will take a lot of time to send money on my account. And I do not want to lose our time. Fortunately, she recommended me a special transfer system called Western Union. Can you imagine, to send money you need to know only my NAME, SURNAME and COUNTRY. And to get money I need to know your NAME, SURNAME, COUNTRY, CITY YOU SEND THE MONEY FROM, THE SUM AND SPECIAL NUMBER THEY WILL GIVE YOU. And in 5 minutes after you send the money I can get it in my bank!!! It is so fast and easy!!! It's incredible! The woman gave me even the address of the site of this transfer system and if you want you can visit or just ask about it in your bank.
Honey, thank you for your help. I can't believe I have found the man so reliable and helpful!!! I have always dreamt to have such a husband and now it is going to come true!!! I am the happiest woman in the world!!! And it is thanks to you, my Gene!!!
Well, darling, I give you the necessary information to send the money.
I am very nervous and excited but I am sure everything will be alright My name LUIZA
My surname KARIMOVA
My city KAZAN
My country RUSSIA Honey, don't think I am too quick. It's my incredible love that makes me be in a hurry!!! And moreover,the sooner we begin the sooner we meet.
I rely on you, my love kiss you all over and hope I will be able to do it in reality too soon, your Luiza with love
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