Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Shershneva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings my new friend.
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I hope, that we have general interests
And we will communicate and further. I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet and for me it in a novelty.
Probably, it will be interesting to you, why I get acquainted in the Internet. I very modest woman. And very cautiously I concern people.
And not always I can get acquainted simply in the street with the man. Probably, this constraint.
I very much hope, that with you dialogue will outgrow ours in friendship, after all I am lonely also to me very much it would be desirable to find the destiny. Though many say, that for the destiny do not search, and she finds the person and our future does not depend on our actions.
Now I wish to tell a little about myself. I was never married and I have no children, but very much would like to have them. I was born in November, 11th and me 28 year, I work in firm on sale of plastic windows. Very much to like me my work.
I was the pupil of children's home. But I had an aunt, she lived in city Vladivostok.
We with it were very similar outwardly. It was sister of my mum.
As I have lost my best girlfriend.
She has got acquainted in the autumn with the man from USA. Also has left to live to it.
We with it together were in children's home. And now I can correspond with it only in the Internet. It is happy, and I am glad for it.
It will be very interesting to me to learn more about you and your life,
It is very interesting to me to learn about your city, traditions and holidays.
Than you are engaged at leisure, what hobbies at you, what plans for the future?
Why you have decided to get acquainted through the Internet?
I hope, you liked my letter. I with impatience will wait for the following letter. Anastasia
Letter 2
Grand thank you for your interst letter. I like your foto.
You know I see that you like parker pens, I have one like your. Its parker vector, isnt it?
My first letter was more philosophical.
Now I wish to tell about myself more.
As I already wrote, I was brought up and grew in children's home of city Novocheboksarsk.
I have finished 11 classes of school.
And in 17 years has arrived to study in university as a speciality of the bookkeeper.
I have with distinction finished study. Very much strenuously all these years I was engaged in studying of
German language.
I always wished to be the translator, to work with foreign people.
I can not explain, the truth, this desire.
It from the childhood . but me was necessary to refuse this trade. Because me as the best schoolgirl,
have directed from children's home to study as economic faculty. Study was interesting.
Figures never interested me. I more humanist, than the technical person.
But I have successfully finished university. And now I work as the bookkeeper in small firm.
This firm is engaged in installation of plastic windows and doors. It is now fashionable in Russia.
Many who finishes study, not always can find work on a speciality.
The state has allocated to me a room in a hostel. It very small, but very cosy for one tenant.
As in a student's hostel. On my floor of only 4 rooms. One girls also live.
Therefore at us it is very pure, quiet and accurate. I love an order in the house.
In general to me carries only on female collectives. On work I too am among women.
Men who establish windows and doors come very seldom into accounts department.
My working day begins with 8:00 mornings. I work to 17:00 evenings. Though sometimes it is necessary to be late.
From work I can write to you. I have no computer house. But also my acquaintance has a computer.
She sometimes allows to use it.
In the days off I like to walk in the street. It is heavy to me to be in 4 walls of my room.
On Saturday and Sunday I like to go simply on city streets when weather allows.
I like to sit in park on a bench and to feed pigeons.
I very much love early autumn! It is one of the most favourite my seasons.
Many Russian poets perfectly describe autumn. It is really magnificent.
I do not know how to explain my love to autumn! It is inexplicable.
When yellow sheets fall and are turned slowly from trees .
When rains and the same leaves begin float on water. About, I dream.
You, Reggie, too love any season of weather?
Though I should notice, that I love, of course, all 4 seasons of weather.
In the winter - when after a frost all trees in hoarfrost it is divine!
And as it is possible to ski or the fads.
I love it. In the spring - when start all to thaw: somewhere you will see,
how the first grass starts to make the way.
Snowdrops very beautiful flowers. Birds arrive, and becomes ?eaaa in streets.
The summer - when blossoms the sea of colours. Every summer I visit a botanical garden.
It not to describe words.
All around blossoms and smells! Yes, in each season there is plus. I think, you will agree with me.
As I like to read. I like novels.
I like to listen to music: classics (Beethoven, Bach und Glinka); pop-music (basically a song from radio).
I play a guitar. I am final not the virtuoso, but I can execute some motives.
Recently I listened to a disk «Emotion dream» is the collection of quiet music similar very on music «Relax».
And very much it was pleasant to me. This music very much weakens and allows to dream easy.
Yes, I like to dream.
But dream of that of that I can to achieve.
As during week-end I sometimes go to children's home. I communicate with children.
They very much wait for attention of adults.
I tell it of fairy tales much. So I can feel mum.
Sometimes even I think, that if I can not have own children I will take the child in children's home.
I would like to have, of course, two children (the boy and the girl).
But I will be agree, if children are at my future man.
As I wish to write, already shortly, about my hobbies.
I like to float, dance, as I draw a water colour and a simple pencil a little.
I have again forced you to sit and read my letter long! But I hope, you understand, that
I wish to tell to you very many of me.
I will look forward your answer.
Also I hope to learn more about your work and hobbies. As I will be glad to your new photo.
It is very interesting to me to read your letters!
All good, to the following letter.
Letter 3
Greetings my friend!
To see glad again your letter!
well. 163 cm and 55 kilos. Is it OK?
When in the morning I see your letter, I smile all the day long.
Very pleasantly, my life is interesting to you. I wish to warn, that I not always wait your answer.
Also I write you my letter so sometimes I lose sight of some your questions.
And if it will be convenient you, write everything, that to you interests, and you wish to ask me under figures.
Then I will see at once your questions. Also I will not forget to answer them. Happens at me such: I have many thoughts to tell to you.
And they one for another so quickly go, that sometimes I simply forget, that wished to write.
It probably as at the child when he wishes to tell much, its story turns out untied.
Sometimes work distracts. But I hope, you will forgive me it.
I really wish very many to tell to you. And I like ours with you correspondence.
It as though you sit near to me, and I speak and I speak. But I ask not to think, that I the violent person.
I silent enough person. And only to me would like to share with you everything, that occurs to me now.
I hope, I not too load you with my letters?
I many times heard, that I very beautiful girl.
But I never considered, that the external beauty of the person is the main thing in relations.
Me the spiritual party of the person always interested. Its private world, its thoughts and desire.
And when I hear in my address compliments about my external beauty, I do not know how to react to it.
But I everything, am grateful that you speak to me. I hope, you like not only my appearance, but also that I write to you!
Then I will be twice glad!
In general I consider, that the modesty decorates the person, especially the girl.
I do not love a lot of cosmetics, I do not love too open, causing clothes.
The woman should look, of course, always well. And first of all at home before the husband.
However the majority of men pay attention to dismissed girls,
Which use a bright make-up and too openly put on.
But I do not think, that with such girls can be interesting on a life.
The girl should look well and draw, of course, to itself attention.
It happens very pleasantly when the unfamiliar man can tell a compliment.
However in all there should be a consistency! I hope, you will agree with me?
What girls or women like you more?
Probably, I have set this question, whether to learn I can to like you, my friend.
One I can tell precisely, I like that you write to me. I like your relation to me.
I hope, we and further will be as pleasantly to communicate.

Have a good time!
Letter 4

Thank you for your letter. This explains a lot. Let's try again.
I asked you about what a girl you like.
Today, I decided to share my thoughts about the man of my dreams.
I suppose you would be interested. Then I write to you about it.
Once upon a time in my youth I read a book on psychology that you need to select five key qualities that you want to see in his elect.
And look, in accordance with this list. I remember when my list looks like this: a beautiful, generous, kind, intelligent, non-drinker. These were the qualities, the lack of which in a man, I did not want to tolerate. And what to say, some part of adult life they are very helpful.
I realized that many of the quality too relative.
cunning, flexible, and more. And sometimes, intelligent person just scared, because his mind becomes a weapon, not always turned to the benefit to you and others. I think you understand me.
Compassion - the concept is even more strange. Because, sometimes, it turns into a spineless, indecision, lack of principle.
And, as a rule, good men are little to achieve in life, because defending its own position, achievement of objectives requires perseverance and toughness.
Beauty from the list of disappeared altogether, because with age I realized that this is nothing more important in a man.
And I wrote that for me has always been more important than inner beauty than outer.
That generosity is still on my list, just moved from the material world in the realm of human relations. I like men who can share the joy of the heart, not afraid to be affectionate and tender, who can give the treasures of his soul, be caring and attentive.
But with the attitude to alcohol all remained the same. No, I'm not an opponent of alcohol, on the contrary - I can not afford a glass of Sekt or wine. But in the big holidays or on a particular occasion. But ****, which turns into life with an alcoholic, did not want to go. So you think now, who to choose, carefully watching your drink elect and, most importantly, when and how much. And yet, that he then does, looks like and how to behave.
It turns out that I was correct in his youth has set for itself the basic qualities of a man of my dreams? Basically, yes. Only with age added one more thing - responsibility. Moreover, it becomes more important than money. In fact, as far as losing the value of any quality, if their owner is simply not necessary, is not responsible for their words and actions, sees no need to assume responsibility for decisions made by the same!
I must admit - these men are more and more.
And money, which with age seemed of no small importance - sexuality. It is difficult to build a relationship other than friendship, when you do not feel in a man - a man, you must agree my friend.
"A man of my dreams" - this is probably the one you love, that he did not notice the shortcomings and often exaggerated dignity.
Maybe I identified these qualities of experience with Russian men. I will be glad to read your thoughts on this matter. I'd like to read not only your acceptance, but also a disagreement about my thoughts. Since I can not be right. I will also be interesting to know what qualities in a girl you are attracted to most.
Yes, I must note that of course is perfect there. And in this we will be in solidarity with each other. Whatever qualities we do not want to have in his chosen one, just not always.
Now I shall finish my letter. I hope I'm not trying to frighten you with my huge letters! and you're sure to find the time to read it. I thank you for it.
Your friend Anastasia
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