Scam letter(s) from Alfiya Zheldukova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
I was impressed to receive your letter. I am glad you are interested.
I am sure you want to know where I live and what I am look like ?
I am 29 years old, i live in Yoshkar-Ola. This is a quite small town but I love it. Small and calm, it makes me feel comfortable. There is no Moskow’s fuss and Saint Petersburg bossyness.
I live alone. My parents are not so far away from me, in the neighboring city.
It takes 50 minutes to reach them. I moved 3 years ago when I wanted to be an independent person.
I am a teacher of Russian literature and language. I adore books and have created a small home-made library of my favourite writers, both russian and foreign ones.
I love Alexander Demua, Bulgakov and Nabokov. I think you have read about them – they are world-famous writers, What else? Oh, yes! My appearance! I am 165 cm tall. Brown hair, green eyes.
I am a thin, let’s say slim person (my fitness courses help me keep the line)
My weight is 55 kg. I am a very active girl, a sunny soul.
Not so long ago I enrolled a course of profound English.
Because everything I have learnt at school is successfully forgotten already.
Hey, are not you tired of this stream if information? I have to go at work soon, so here I will finish my letter to you. I will definitely tell you more about me in the next letter.
And you, please, write me about your way of life.
Looking forward to your e-mail.
Letter 2
Hi there!
Here I am! Have got your e-mail today and it made me feel really happy!
You know, I, indeed, get interested in your personality. But well, we have just started knowing each other.
I liked the way you talked about yourself and about your way of life. I see we have a lot in common.
In my last letter I told you I would write more about my inner world. Well, let’s start from it right now.
I am a taurus according to my zodiac sign (I write it in case you believe horoscopes). I am quite a calm person.
I don’t like scandals and scream, providing that I always tend to save nerves, both, my own and somebody else’s. I adore literature and arts, I am fond of romantic things in my own life and, for sure, in relationships.
I appreciate self-devotion and whatever modern magazines say (I don’t read them by the way)
I think that the basis for a healthy family is reciprocal respect.
The families, by the way. I have never been merried and I have no children…That’s a pity, I love them so much.
Well, I just think that a person have to get merried when he/she is sure of having found the thing they have been searching for a whole life.
It is then just a second thing if you have a place to live or maintain your family.
I believe if two people are in love they can reach everything.
I would like to know your point of view on this account. Right now I have to go, I need to take my car to a mechanic.
I have recently pierced my tyre. I am a bad-luck driver.
Hugs and kisses.
Letter 3
Welcome! Just I want to say that today I am not in the mood. I spoiled it at work.
I empressed how people are angry and envy. Well, let's not speak about sad things.
I add to this letter some photos. I really hope that you will enjoy. Today caught myself thinking that I have to check mail more often. I am looking forward to your letters and I reread them with great pleasure.
This is what I am waitin for and it uplifts me and supports me every day.
With the machine, by the way, everything is fine. Tyre was replaced, now it is humming like new.
How are you? Is everthing all right? What is the weather like today?
PS: Please send your new photos.
I am waiting very much.
Letter 4
Hi! Dear Reggie!
I am very sorry but I have forgotten to tell you about my parents. I'd hardly mentioned about them in one of my letters and wrote nothing. Maybe it seems to you that we are not on good terms.
It is not true, that is why I'd like to tell you about my parents in detail. My mother's name is Victoria and my father's name is Alex. They live in neighbouring town. It is Zvenigovo.
They are not very young. Mother is 51 years old and my father is 53. Our family is rather calm.
My father is a militiaman. He is very respected in his town. My mother is a children's doctor.
People often apply to her to give them a piece of advice. Everybody knows she is very responsible that's why she is often asked to do a good turn. By the way, I've got a photo of my parents.
You can see it and guess whom I look like. My parents are religious. They have grown me in disciplined conditions.
In fact I am very thankful for that. In my childhood they prevented me from a lot of mistakes and in my turn I didn't make them be ashamed of my behaviour. What else is interesting about my parents? They love pets.
Now we have got a cat, Mursic by name. Some time ago we had a lot pets such as: a tortoise, a dog, a parrot.
These are the things. I hope that one day I can introduce my parents to you.
Your Alfiya
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