Scam letter(s) from Irina Zoudina to Kurt (USA)

Letter 1

My dear Kurt,
I want to begin this letter telling you, that you are really seldom noble man, so caring, loving and tender. So I really think. I want to tell you the story. Please read it carefully and till the very end, ok? There was a family, just normal Russian family - husband and wife and two children. For a first, maybe there was a love, maybe he liked her for her style, beauty and... money, now is not clear. After one year life together she as young and healthy woman got pregnaunt. And when the stork brought a little beautiful creature, the same stork steel the husband. He was also young and handsome - women like him a lot, later lucky in business, earning good money. She also had very smart head and was in time to make her home and successful business too. They got another baby, she hoped for the best and was happy. The family could be just perfect! But maybe money took his head away - he start to spend night out of the home, taking no care about the children as well as about the woman. After some time she found out that he spends his time in saunas and casinos with girls, vodka and cards. She was a wise woman and did hope that there is still a chance for them and for their family. But it got just worse and worse. SHe decided to stop the relationships once, he told that he wouldn't do that anymore and so on, she belived to him........ and so happend for several times. Last spring for Easter she got to know that she is pregnat again. She would never make any abortation. And he when learned that they will have third baby, left all of them. She was forced to stop to work, had no idea how to live further, without money, without support and with three children. The last year, during her pregnancy, they spent absolutely in povetry and hungan. There was nothing to pay for food and flat. By that time government invent another law - if one no pays more then for halve an year for the flat, it has to move in some social appartment, where all people are having own room, but mutual kitchen, toilet, etc.. It was a danger for the family to appear there, because they had great debts for appartments. Govern people came to warn them, if they will not to pay, they will be forcerly mooved out of the flat. There was no choice and she found a person to borrow money for percentage, hoping to start to work with her first opportunity and give money back. But because of illness one of children she wasnt able to start when it was promised. Person requiered money and persentage rate back.... That is the I know, you told me, it breaks your heart. Your intuition was right. There is no Zoudina Irina existed.
There is a pictures of nice young stupid doll and profile of 32 years old mother of three children... Probably, perfection is not existed. Youth, beauty, brain and wisdom are not the best friend. I am really sorry and ashamed, that I lied to such a man as you. Probably, "sorry" is not right word for our situation - I feel myself very bitch. And probably there were another choices for me too, but I took this one. If you can, forgive me. And I know too that boomerang will be back,but I already did. You wouldn't pay attention to a non-perfect woman with a baggage of three children.
Kurt, I can just promise you, that as soon as I earn the whole ammount of money you sent me, I let you know and send them back, even if you don't belive (I deserved that). Although I know that it won't fulfill the emptiness of your heart. Forgive me. Now I already start to work and do hope that soon I'd be able to keep my promise.
The telephone you called me doesn't existed anymore. E-mail will be deleted tomorrow. And I will never get any Beta-Carotine to the address. Sorry and despite on me being bitch, wish you good luck and no such experience anymore. Sorry once again.
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