Scam letter(s) from Julia to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Juliya. And I am single and am missing the one that my heart needs. I have not yet found him! I saw your profile and thought that it would be wonderful to get to know more about you. I hope to get to know you better! I have a dream of meeting a man with a real feelings. I will express all my dreams and thoughts. They will be about future life. You will know everything I am doing and feeling from my heart. I want you to be not an image but have a sense of warmth and kindness that you will feel from my heart. The loneliness is getting to much for me now and it would be so nice to be able to share my life with someone special. I will leave you now but will write more if after reading my letter you are still interested. I am sending you picture of me and I hope to hear back from you soon! Here is my e-mail address:
Letter 2
Sir, We have to inform you that Juliya does not know English and cannot use Internet. She has to use our translation firm. She wants to let you know that she does not have funds to reply to your letter. She wants you to know that she is interested in your relationships and wants to continue your correspondence very much. If you want we can send you the information about our services and prices you need in order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to use our services please, inform us about it and do not give out the information given from Juliya as it is personal and confidential. Principal of " Union".
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