Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Gavin (Australia)
Letter 1
Hi there Gavin
I am sorry for my importunity but I still hope to get your answer. I hope you gave me your e-mail address not only for my writing to you?
Perhaps, you didn't get my mails? Write me please. I will be waiting your answer. Hope to get it real soon. Have a nice day!
Sincerely, Ekaterina
Letter 2
Hi Gavin
Wow, I see your message!!! Actually, I am very glad that you didn't forget about me. It is great to see your message. Thanks for taking your time and writing me back. Gavin, thanks for your pictures. You look very nice and I very much like your picture. You can send me still picture, if you want. My real name is Ekaterina. I am 26 years old girl from Russia. I hope you had a fun with reading of my previous letter but you know I want you to be serious and honest with me and our talking. I am looking for a serious relationships you know it. But would like to begin it from simple friendship. This way would be better because you know enough about your partner till you are in a relationship with him. Well some more things about me. I was born and grew up here in Russia. I live with my mom and my parents are divorced. I was just a little girl when they divorced. My daddy live in another city. But anyway I love him as well as I love my mom and I try to visit him every week-end. I am 170 cm tall and my weight is about 49 kg. You can see also that I am blonde and my eyes are blue. I am natural blonde but sometimes I change style of my hair. I work in the local shop as an sales operator. We sell some components for computers and other things for that. But that's not really what I want to do because I have another specialization. Last year I finished studying in our medical university I have been studied there for 5 years and my specialization is a pediatrician. But unfortunately I couldn't find a job with that and this is why I had to search for another type of job. But anyway I will reach my purpose and I will be pediatrician one day :) What about my current job I like it also and I have my friends there. And it helps me to ensure my life. I am not used to ask money from my mum or my daddy you know. Of course sometimes I am very tired from this job but soon I will take my first vacation and I am going to travel somewhere. I don't know else where I would go but I think about it. I have never been outside of Russia before. I have been to Black Sea last summer (when I finished studying). Well I can say I enjoy my life but I just don't want to enjoy it alone :) I want to be with a guy who could treat me on a good way. And I am a family oriented person. What about my main purpose I can exactly say I see myself as a good wife and mother in two or three years. I want to have boy and girl. It is goal in my life. And I know you could ask me about why I am looking for a guy from another country. It doesn't mean that I am willing to live another country..
Please don't think this way. I just want to find a guy from another culture you know with another looks at this life.. This is why I've been trying another country :) And if I get to serious relationship then distance is not a problem! Well I hope you are not tired from reading of my letter because it is too big. I just want to tell you more about me as I promised. And I would like to read something about you too. Something new.. I hope you like my pics. I took these pics in a different times. I like photographing. So if you have any questions just ask me. And please answer me as soon as you can. I will be waiting for your letter. Take care.
Sincerely, Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hi Gavin
Please excuse me, but yesterday I had no time to check up my mail and to write to you. Yesterday I helped my girlfriend. She made homes small repair and I helped her. In the evening I am very tired and has decided to have a rest. You to not take offence at me from behind it?
How is your day? What is the weather you have? I hope everything is fine for you. I am very well and I had a nice day here. I hope my letter make you smile because I want you to have a good mood when you are reading this :) Well I guess you still have a little confusion and may be you want to ask me: Why me? Yes I got few messages from the web site. But all them just want to see my naked photos or something like this! I hate this way!!! How they could ask for that? I wrote you before that you were only the one who wrote me nice and good message without such silly questions... Actually I am very glad that I have met you and now we can chat. I feel that we can have a lot in common between us don't you think so? I've been searching in a different country because I love to meet new people and find out from them something new you know that! And I like to try new things in my life.
You know I mean different cultures life looks and other things. I don't know how to describe this feeling but I really hope you understand and perhaps you feel the same. Life is boring without trying new things don't you think so? That is why I want to find out you. And this is why I want to tell you more and more about me. May be sometimes I write same things but I just want to get closer to you.
And of course I am very glad you've became my friend. How you feel about this way? I still hope my letter is not too big for you!
(smile). I hope you like me, my pics and my letters. Talk you later.
Take care.
Sincerely your friend Ekaterina
Letter 4

Dear Gavin
I hope you are well. You know I am so glad that I have met you. And now I have (and I hope you can tell the same) one more friend. So how are you doing? I am pretty good. But I am a little sad because I feel lonely. Of course I love my family and my friends.. But I am lonely in my heart. I want to be with my man. I want to feel a protect and care.
I think you know this feeling. And my loneliness makes me sad sometimes. I want to be with a kind and honest man who will care and protect me. Who can make me smile when I feel sad. Who have a big heart. His apperance age or nationality doesn't matter for me. You know in future I see myself as a good loving wife and mother. I will make my man (and future husband) the happiest man at this world! He will always wish to go home because I will make our home the better place at this world. Well, dreams... You know girls like to dream. But I hope I will make my future such. Gavin, I already wrote to you that I was disappointed in the Russian men... Concerning the last relations.... I very much do not like to remember about it and I shall tell to you about it in other time. Now I have no anybody here. I do not want to have of the relations with the Russian men, because they have no respect for the women and they use a lot of alcohol. Therefore I have addressed to the Internet to find the man for the serious relations here. And I hope that I already have found such the man... I was disappointed in Russian men and consequently have decided to find the beloved in the Internet. Gavin, I already wrote to you that I have no the telephone. I understand that you want to talk to me. I also would like to hear your vote. I know that I can call to you from post office. I shall visit it and will find out how much it to cost for me.
Please write to me your telephone number and as soon as I shall save some money I shall call to you. I shall warn beforehand you about it, that you expected my call. And now it would be much better if I write you something new about me. But before I would like to ask you some questions. What do you like or dislike? What do you like to do in your free time? Here some things which I like: have a long sleep at Sunday (smile), trying new things, cooking (I am good cook), listening to the music (I like instrumental music, reggae and other types of quiet and relaxing music), like to watch some movies (dramas, soap, documentary, historical, romantics, comedies).. I can write you a lot of things that I like to do but then I am sure you will get bored with that big letter :) Well have a nice day and take care. I look forward for your next your mail.
Sincerely, Ekaterina
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