Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
How I am glad that you wrote me, dear Warren, and thank you very much for your photos, you are a very handsome man! So hi again and very nice to hear from you. How have you been? What's news? Tell me about your country and the city you live in. And what about your family? I want to know everything about you but without intimate details ;) As for I, my full name is Nataliya but I prefer being called Natasha or Nata. I am 33 years and my birthday is February, 4 1976, I am Aquarius and like water very much! For example going to the sea in summer is one of my favorite things and as I live not far from Odessa I used to swim, sunbathe and relax usually on the beach. My town is called Lubashevka and it is 700 km from Kiev - our capital. By the way I have never been there but would really like to! I'm not very tall, only 163 cm and weigh about 54 kg. Is it interesting for you? Let me continue... My eyes are brown and my hair is black. I used to have long hair but then I made a haircut and now my hair is short. But I want to have it long again... You know I was married for 6 years, but when I got to know that my ex cheated me with my best friend 4 years ago, I broke up with him and now I am in search of my love, second half, soul-mate and lover, best friend who I can share all the happiness and troubles with, and nice husband to take care of me and our future kids... If that doesn't scare you, let's get to know each other closer and deeper! I do not need perfect man as there is no perfect person in this world but a simple guy who can understand me and who I can trust and rely on. Want to finish this letter with wishing you all the best and always smile as it continue our lives! I will be waiting for your reply with great impatience! Hope you will like my photos, they are enough recent :) Natasha
Letter 2
Hello dear Warren! Now is 15:47 our local time and I'm writing a reply to your letter .
Hello darling! Missed me? Your new friend Natali is back and tell me what time you have there now, is our difference very great or not? By the way, thanks a lot for your letter, I was very glad to receive it and it made me smile, so now I'm in a cheerful mood and will have it during the rest of this shiny but not so warm day! By the way what is the weather you have there? Let's get back to our common interests and desires... I'm here to find the ONE and this word means everything: friend, husband and lover. So I am divorced for 4 years already and I didn't manage to find Ukrainian man or may be the previous experience scares me very much.
But at the moment I have a great hope and this lets me move forward in the search of my man. Want to tell you about the photos I attached, they were made a few months ago. One of them is my cousin's son Danil of 5 years. I love them very much and we spend time together very often. For a pity my husband didn't want children and that's why one of my dreams to have a cute and pretty daughter someday. Do you want children? I hope you do! You see, I'm very fond of perfumes, it may sound strange for you but I have enough of the different brands' aromas like Nina Richi, Dolce Gabanna, Salvatore Ferragama and so on. I like to smell beautiful, light and tender flavors, also I used to smell well as surrounding people like pleasant aromas. As for my other dreams, I have not too much of them. As I told you before I want to have baby and of course to have strong family with lovely husband. But going abroad is my next dream which has been in my mind for a long time already and if I had a chance I would visit some foreign countries. It doesn't matter which of them because I am sure that every place has its own beauty, traditions and interesting things to look at and to get to know. I have never been abroad though I really wish to! Tell me about your skills in visiting other countries, do you travel much? May be we can go somewhere together one day and explore a real paradise, ah? Do not want to bother you any more, darling. So I end up this letter and send you warm hugs. Tell me about yourself what you want and I will be happy to read your next letter soon. Truly yours, Natasha
Letter 3
How are you getting on, my dear Warren ? Every letter from you is like a fresh breath of air and I want to breath more often and very deep! I am so happy we got acquainted and now I see that we are getting to know each other more and more... Did you dream bout me and our meeting? Were you cold at night? Hope you were and I wish I was able to warm you and give you a tender kiss while bright yellow moon peer into the window ;) It would be so romantic, don't you think so? Want to open you a little secret - I'm very very romantic woman and I like very much candlelit dinners, walking under the moon, kissing in the water, watching movies holding our hands together and being in embraces all the time... And you? Need to tell you that I miss you and it seems that I am getting accustomed to you and frankly speaking it both scares me and makes me happy! So what should I think? Tell me about your intentions towards me and attitude to our relations? It's very interesting because I do not want to have my heart broken, you know I'm not a girl and I do not want to waste my time and be disappointed also. But I couldn't even imagine that communication via the Internet can make such a great impressions and melt heart. You know, I have to go now so do not pay attention that this letter is so short. May be you want to ask me some questions and I'll answer them with great pleasure! Have a nice day and lots of kisses to you but only on your face :) Sincerely, Nata P.S. Hope you will like my pictures! Kiss
Letter 4

My honey Warren, Having someone like you by my side makes me feel protected from all the dangers you may come across around each corner of the world.
Having you close by makes me feel capable of walking all the paths life puts before me, for there’s no evil that can resist a heart filled with love and inflated with the optimism and hope only a great love can bring... My dear Warren, you do not even imagine how I am in all those thoughts and dreams about us, our spending time together, our future life. I want to fall in your arms and stay there for ages! Oh, I miss you so much my honey... I do not even know what to do now: to laugh or to cry, to jump or just walk round the town... You know after I lost job my days became so dull but the only thing which warms my heart is YOU!
Everything dealing with you is in my mind and soul! Honey I'm lost in you and I have only few drops of patience to wait for our meeting... I know that all tracks I walk by your side will be good ones. I know that all steps I take next to you will be the right ones towards absolute happiness. And that’s because I can feel the strength of love, decency, friendship, honesty and all the virtues from simple words you write me. You make me look at the future with the certainty that happiness is possible and that we should not fear any obstacles.
Because we will always find a way out of any difficulties if we keep our hearts filled with this greater feeling called love, a love that means solidarity, companionship and faith in life. You convince me of that. That and a lot more, because there’s nothing better in the world than to feel loved and wanted... I draw myself a day when the great even for both of us will take place and we will be able to meet each other, to touch and to kiss... It would be unforgettable for sure! What do you think? You are my everything, Warren. I send you lots of tender and warm kisses with the wind and please let me know when the wind brings them to you, sweetheart! Your fiance, Natasha
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We want to inform you that your lady Nataliya who you were having correspondence with have already used all the credits from her account and now it is need to be filled up again. So if you are still interesting in correspondence with Nataliya, we can send you the prices for our services which include translating correspondence of our clients and Internet services. Your Lady will come to our office today and will be waiting for your reply with decision. Do not make her waiting too long! Best regards,
Company "VITAL".
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