Scam letter(s) from Elena Kulakova to Stephen (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi Steve!
Thanks you for the answer! I am very glad to receive mail from you! I do not know much about you, but I hope find out more about you. To tell the truth, I do not know much about computers.... But I have finished computer rates, and now I can work with e-mail. Unfortunately, I have no MSN and YAHOO..... And also other service as I write you letters not from my computer!! I wish to write to you that several days ago I have written to one man. But he why that has not answered me. I was not upset and have continued the search, have seen your profile on a site of acquaintances, have written to you and today have been pleasantly surprised when have seen the letter from you!!!! I very much this am glad, as first time I communicate with the foreign man...!!! I have no a lot of time for the Internet and consequently I can understand your letters not up to the end at once. Therefore now I write at once you the urgent answer! I hope this letter has begun our friendly relations :). Now it is a little about me: I live in Russia in city St.-Petersburg. I work in the Medical Center, the children's doctor. I very much love children and I very much like my trade ;)!! Also I have finished institute it is ours St.-Petersburg the State Medical University. At school and institute I studied English language. I hope you you can understand, that I write to you. I am 5,6 ' am high (or 170 sm). My weight 119 f (or 54 kg). To me of 27 years, my birthday - on March, 13th. I am at horoscope Pisces, and who are you?! I apologise for set of questions but only so I can find out more about you and about your life!! I wish to ask to tell to me about a place you now live?? And I in turn as I will try to describe to you all that happen in our country and a city in which I live!! Also I will attach which I have pictures, in this the letter they have been photographed recently. I very cheerful and devoted person, very much love, when people smile :) After all in a life us surrounds many malicious and bad people, which somehow want affect on us to bring down us from a vital rhythm. But it is not necessary to give in to such people and the more so to try to resemble them, you agree with me? I almost try to go every summer on the black sea, on work to all employees every summer give out permits in sanatorium and rest houses.!! I like to bathe on the sea, but unfortunately not always it turns out to go on rest in the summer. At us it is a lot of employees and amount permits it is limited. And you like to bathe on a beach?! What at you hobby, and what work at you? I wish to tell to you that I go in for sports and sometimes I go to a swimming pool which is near to my house, it very much is pleasant to me! And still I like to behave in the sports form and I am engaged in morning gymnastics. It gives me energy for all day and good mood!! Whether write to me please is at you what or sports hobbies and what kind of sports most of all it is pleasant to you? I wish to tell to you that I do not smoke and almost I do not drink alcohol. Sometimes only on holidays I drink little bit sparkling or wine. But I do not condemn people which smoke, possible it is pleasant to them :)!!! Simply I when did not smoke in a life and I do not know these sensations :)!! I want will get acquainted with the man for creation of a family or friendly relations. You know, I read much and heard from acquaintances that foreign men are more predisposed to a family and family relations. They more responsible also can create a happy and safe family! I tried to find the good man to Russia but all my attempts came to an end with failure. Bad luck in it or :( the man the alcoholic or the tyrant which strongly came across to me was jealous and oppressed me. But about it I do not wish to write, if to you interestingly that I will tell to you later. ... I very much hope that I have not tired you with the letter and the thoughts, but I simply very much wish to tell more to you about myself and about that that I think.!! Ok, I when it was not married and at me was not children. I love honesty in everything, it was not as though bad. I wish to write a little about the culinary abilities. I very much like to cook food, I can prepare many tasty dishes. Most of all I like to prepare meat dishes, and I know many recipes :) Besides I like to prepare which that special, a barbecue, a goose filled with apples. I often prepare dishes from our national cuisine, these are mushrooms fried with a potato and a borsch. You when or ate such dishes?! Also I wish to ask you about your national cuisine, tell to me about it? From fruit I love, apples, oranges, tangerines and a pear. I am assured, that I can be the good housewife and the wife :)!! And what about you?! I stop to write the letter, I very much tried to tell about myself and the life and sincerely I hope to you it it is pleasant... Your new friend from Russia, Elena. P.S. I send you in this letter the photos I hope they to you will like. And also I very much would like to see more than your photos!
Letter 2
Hello my love Steve!!! I with big impatience waited your letter. Honey Steve, my day is not full without your thoughts!! I always very much wait for that moment when at last that at me will appear time and I can see the eyes pleasant lines of the letter stating your thoughts. My love, these days I thought of us and about ours relations much. I have understood that mine relations and my love to you my sweet, more and more every day... And from this my soul sings and heart blossoms as a bud of roses... But I cannot will reconcile to thought, that "YOU" that man which give me HEAT sea, and the HOPE ocean is so far from me... I am am frightened very much by thought on that that I when I can not see you, touch hands and hear words and thoughts not only from your letters but also from your sweet lips. Mine honey in this letter I wish to tell to you, very seriously, that I am going to arrive to you!! I dear just this month at me begins holiday on work. On work once in a year it is possible to take holiday from me, and just I yet have not taken advantage of it!! I understand, that it is very serious step for my part, to arrive to the person who lives very far from me. But I all the same cannot contradict the desire and very much I wish to see you and to feel the presents relations proceeding not from the computer monitor. I very much wish to get acquainted with your relatives, to look at your life, therefore I have decided to go to you on a visit I very much it I want.!!! My love my desires all about you and consequently I very much wish to see you in the person. After all our correspondence can be infinite, if we cannot meet. In the letters to you I try to express completely myself and the thoughts. And I think, you feel it. Most of all, I am am disturbed now by yours relation to me. My sweet, one of these days I talked to the aunt about you. I told to it some parts of your letters. She it is very glad for me, and says, that recently I very joyful and happy ;). She has asked me: Elena you love!? And I answer: YES I very much LOVE!!!!! I know precisely when I wake up I I think of you when I take a shower I I think of you when I on work I too think of you when I go to bed you in my thoughts, you all time in my thoughts!! And consequently I know precisely, that you are not indifferent to me and I love you!!!! I cannot wait, I wish to be near to you because I love you mine honey! I am grateful to you for sincerity and for support which you gave me in the letters! I would like to tell about my love to you because it so is difficult for hiding, and it should not be hidden! I love you my sweet, and I wish to speak it always! I cannot without your letters now, your letters necessary for me, I cannot be on such big distance from which man I love! I LOVE YOU MY SWEET Steve!!! Now I would like to reduce all distances to be near to you, and all to tell to you! My girlfriends, and relatives were very glad, when have found out about our feelings because you already became for them the friend! I have found sense of the life, I love you, and I without you melancholy my dear. I can receive 48 days of rest with my work, and we should start to plan my trips to you. I spoke today with the chief that we could define date my vacation from work. And he has told that it will be in the beginning to the next week. I never was abroad, and it will be improbable trips for me! Can to you will seem strange, that I write to you about this, but it is all so..... My love Steve, me will be very much, very much, painfully if I am mistaken in the choice (in you). But if you tell to me "YES" I will be the happiest person in the world and to a smog to make you the happy man!!! I could give you all love, caress and care. I very good housewife also will create a house cosiness. I very much would like to wake up every morning near to you and while you sleep to make a tasty breakfast... Then I will awake you with a gentle kiss and when you on work I could clean the house. On holidays and days off we could go with you to the Cinema, go on the nature, go on walk on fresh air. I am ready on all difficulties of a life if I will be near to you. I am ready to divide with you all good and bad moments of a life. And also I will be for you the good friend and the good wife. At me very good speciality and I could be arranged for good work to fill up the family budget... From these all thoughts my head goes around and I cannot wait any more for our meeting I very much it I want!!! My love I has called on last night mum of my best girlfriend and was late at it!! I already wrote to you about my best girlfriend which also have got acquainted with the husband through the Internet and now lives in Spain!! At her now very amicable and happy family!! Her parents live absolutely near to my house and as I them very much know for a long time that has decided to come to her to mum and will share the female secrets!! :) She has very joyfully met me as I very much do not have free time and I very seldom visit her!! She has invited to come into the house and to turn grey to have a drink coffee with sweets and to talk about our female affairs!! We with her have very lovely sat and have frankly communicated!! :) I found out much from this that happen in their family!! And also I her have told about ours with you to correspondence and about our serious relations!! She very much was delighted for us and even had a joke: She has told that soon in Russia there will be no Russian girls because all girls will be taken away by foreign men and will take away to itself abroad:0))!! Honey I found out at her a lot of the interesting information concerning departure of citizens from Russia!! There is it not so difficultly as I thought!! She has very in detail explained all to me and even has given the travel agency address in which her daughter made all papers and did the visa to a trip to Spain!! Still she has told that this travel agency very good, and economical and is better will address for registration of all necessary documents and the visa there! I have spent yesterday very pleasant evening and have very pleasantly communicated!! :) My sweet I think of our meeting constantly, and very much I wait when this wonderful day will come. I want to tell you that tomorrow I will go in travel agency and I shall start to make documents and visa for your country. I promise that we shall together very soon. I love you very much!!! And I so wait day when I can tell to you these words looking in your eyes :) Ok I will stop now but will write to you again soon.
My most kisses for your sweet lips and my my warm hugs for you!!!
Know, that I the happiest woman, and you of the composer my happiness!
I love you my sweet man!!!!! You always in my heart! Always yours Elena P.S. My love I has brought today new photos. I very much would like to make to you pleasantly and that to you on soul it became pleasant and warmly!! :)...
Letter 3
Hi my love Steve!!
Now I can tell to you with the big confidence, I love you, I love you, I love you, and only you Steve. I am it is ready to shout these words of happiness for the whole world my love. I''m fine, but only strongly I miss on you!!!
My love at me is very good news to you, I hope that you will be very glad. Excuse that I could not write to you earlier at me it was not simple possibilities, I went also all did for a trip to you!!
My love today I all the day prosecuted subjects of a trip to you!! I went to travel agency, and spoke concerning trip to you, they have told that I can arrive to you, and receive necessary documents, without special problems as I not when did not leave Russia, and for people which not when did not go abroad have very big privileges. Then the manager has suggested to conclude to me the contract on rendering to me of services in registration travel documents. My love the travel agency has asked me that I have concluded with them the contract on granting of their services as now at them very good discounts, and now they have already started to make to me the visa and the passport, my love they have told that it will be ready approximately in 1-2 weeks. My love in travel agency me also informed how many it will cost, my love my visa and the passport will cost to me of 560 dollars, when I has heard it I has been upset and afflicted, as I have no such big money. Before travel agency I went to shop and bought beautiful clothes for a trip to you, I wished to look beautifully for sew meetings... And also I bought some gifts and souvenirs for you. And consequently I have spent a part from the money from the salary which to me have given out. I has signed the contract and could pay in travel agency only 140 dollars from the salary. But I do not know where to take other missing sum. Then I at once have hastened to my to the grandmother, and spoke with her about this sum of money, my love my the grandmother has told to me that she has savings which make only 30 dollars, and she can give it to me, but I did not begin to take it as it is a shame to me, the grandmother the pensioner. My love I is now very strongly upset, as I have no completely all money so to pay my visa and the passport, my travel agency has told to me that to me will be already necessary to pay all this on following weeks, my love I very strongly worry, and I do not know that to me now to do. The grandmother at first long to calm me. As I to to cry and could not stop myself. I long to sit and think where to me to take this money but so could nothing. And then the grandmother to tell to me, That I should ask the help from you as we love each other also you almost my future husband. The grandmother has told that you very good person and will help me... My love it is very a shame to me to do and ask it you this money, but I very much hope for you that you will help me and will not leave me in such trouble as you also very much want that I arrived to you. I need 420 dollars from you. I very much hope that you will help me withit!! My love I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa, it will be valid within 90 days but when I shall arrive to you that I I can even prolong it. My love when I talked on work today about it to the chief he has advised and has told that it is possible send money through system monetary translations.
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