Romance scam letter(s) from Susan Franck to Ron (USA)
Letter 1
Hello there,its nice to hear from you..i just attached a picture of me for you to see and i will tell you a little about me now.As u know i am 32 y/o..5'9 tall,about 130 lbs,hazel eyes and brown hair..mixed race..i was born and raised in Birmingham AL and lived there all my life until i moved to wisconsin to live with uncle couple of years back..My dad was a caucasian American and he passed away about 5 years back.Mom was black from Nigeria and she passed away few weeks ago which is why i am in Nigeria now for the just concluded funeral of my late mom and i will be back to states by next week or sooner hopefully.I am seeking a serious relationship on here,someone,honest,caring,loving Godly and open minded..someone i will love and that will also love..someone i can spend the rest of my life with..i have never cheated or burned a man before but i have been hurt many times and i wouldnt want any man to cheat on me again...i just hope u want to have a serious relationship and not here to play games like some do...please tell me more about u and and ask me anything u want to know and will tell u have yahoo messenger so we can chat?well bye for now and i will be waiting to hear from you.
Letter 2
Hello again good to hear from you again..thansk for your concernabout my loss,i am trying to get over it now anyway..i will be going back to wisconsin when i leave here but i am planning to move backto alabama soon.I know about the age difference but age doesnt bother me,all i seek for on here is true love..everything isnt about beauty or looks on here,its justabout finding the right person and that is why i am on here..not to play games.I am looking for a good man to love and spend my life with..i do have a son and he is 7 but i want to get married and have more kids when the right man comes my way i mean if things work out for us.I do own a house back in alabama and lived there with my late dad and son before dad passed away so we moved to wisconsin and will live there for a while maybe.I use to work in a clothing store back in states before i cameto Nigeria here but i am going to get another job as soon as i get back home until i can raise enough money to start my own clothing business.What do you do for a living there and for fun?what are you looking for in a woman?do you wantto get married and have kids?ask anything you wantto know about me and i will tell you ok..Bye
Letter 3
Hi,i dont have all my pictures on here bu8t had few and i already sent them... i am staying at hotel here in Nigeria and i think i told you before...yes my son is with uncle in WI but we will be moving back to Alabama soon...i need to get to Wisconsin first though and get my son and then we will move to Alabama...i dont know the exact date when i will leave here...actually i was suppose to have leave here since but i an having some problem about gettingback to the states and i think i should be open and honest with you know i cameti Nigeria here for my mom's funeral and i have been staying in the hotel since i got here...i have been keeping up with the hotel bill right since i got here but after mom's funeral i realized i have spent all the money i have got on mom's funeral and i couldnt pay the rest of the hotel now i am oweing the hotel some money...i should have leave here since but the hotel management is holding my travel documents because of the money i owe and i need to pay the bill as soon as i can so i can get back home before the bill gets to high for me...i and just in big mess here and i dont know what to ask about my ex.. we werent married...we lived together before we had a son together but we broke up since James was a kid...he is not a part of my life anyway...he met another lady and they started using drugs...what else do you want to know? ask any thing else and if you want to chat let me know...take care...bye
Letter 4

Hello, i found one of my pictures so i attached it for you...i stayed long after the funeral because there was some arrangements i had to make after the funeral and i was trying to fine out if my mom left property/estate but couldnt fine anything so i need to get myself home before i owe alot of money uncle knows what i am going though here and he is so sad about it,he lost his job and hasnt been working or he would have sent me the money i nedd to get home... he is just spending the little he has to take care of my son and himself...i have tired to contact the ambassy couple of times but they couldnt help...they said they couldnt help on this kind of issue and i needed to pay the bill and get myself home...i dont know if you could help me but i would be glad and forever be grateful to uncle was able to raise a $100 for me but i an still oweing the hotel $575 now so i still need $475 more to pay the bill...i really need help here because i need to pay the bill and leave here before i owe alot more...hope to here from you soon..bye
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