Scam letter(s) from Maria to Dee (Singapore)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you my new friend!
My name is Mariya, im 27 y.o., I live in small city in Russia.
I would like to tell you the reason why I write you, I want to find good and interesting man from your country, I have plan to visit your place in nearest future, because I heard a lot about your country, but I would not want travel alone and I want to have man such as good company from there.
I am not married and I have not children, I am open for new relations, but I would not want hurry events, I would like you will write me only on this my privat address:
I will tell you more about myself. I want you will tell me more about yourself too.
Please use only this my e-mail address
because I use and check up only this.
I hope we will have contact and I will try to reply on all your questions.
Don't forget that nice, pretty, ****, Russian lady wait your reply!
Letter 2
Hello, not sure how your name?
Thanks for the letter. For me very important that you write me.
I search man, who can be very good and interesting company for me and also I am free and I am not marry, so I will be happy if relations will have continuer in the future.
I have dream to visit your country and I have thoughts that I want to have there close friend, that is why I asked marriage agency to help me to find man in your country, and I really don't know how they make this, it is secret of agency, but I received your address, I decided to write you!
I would like that you find out about me more. My name is Mariya. I am 27 years.
Mine height is 170 centimeters, weight is 54 kgs. I was born and has raised in small Russian town Yurkino and I still live here.
I do not have parents. They died. I have only cousin, his age is 28 and he lives quite far from me, in another city. I shall tell you about him and his family later.
Here in Russia all people study at school 10 years, and I made the same, and after school I decided to study at University, for this I went in big city Kazan, I received good profession, I am economist and also I have some knowledge in legal issues.
After University I came back in my town and I received here job in one firm, which delivers wood.
My firm communicated with manufacturer and after that search buyer for the wood.
I work such as economist here.
Tell me please about your work, ok?
Do you have big family and a lot of relatives?
Now I live in flat, it has been given to me from my job. I do not smoke, and do not drink alcohol. I believe that it is pledge of youth, beauty and health. I hope that you agree with me. I will help you to learn me.
First of all I want to have good friend in your country and I want we will be friend with you, but also I have not relations with man here in Russia, because of this I am very lonely, And I would like to find the man, with who I will feel good, Who will love and respect me and my opinion. In turn I will care of him, give him tenderness and love, tenderness and - warmth...
I feel so sad each evening come back in a cold empty flat. In the evenings, when I do not like to go anywhere I sit in front of the TV, and I look movies and TV-programms.
I am very independent, because since children's years I did and made all by myself. In life I got used overcome all by myself. No one did not helped me and with all difficulties and troubles I coped independently.
My dear friend, I like to sew and knit.
I like nature, I am in delight of beauty of stars, brightness of the sun. I have some principles and I follow them. I will never smoke cigarettes or take any drugs, because it will be reflected on the health.
My friend, I hope you have not tired to read my letter? Simply I wanted to tell you a little about me and my life. Please write me if you want to continue our acquaintance. I want to know more about you. About your habits, friends, place where you live. Please send me some photos of you, I will save them!
I will wait very much!
Sincerely, yours Mariya!!!!!!
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