Scam letter(s) from Anna Smorodinova to Rex (Brazil)

Letter 1
Ola meu amigo Rex!!!
Estou tao contente de receber sua carta de hoje. Meu humor e bonita, e tudo e que algo mudou na minha vida. Mas eu nao quero nao fazer qualquer conclusao rapida, porque eu quero construir um relacionamento serio. Estou contente em saber que voce tambem me grave. E eu vou tentar fazer com que nossa relacao de forma mais clara. What's your mood? Como vai voce? Aqui eu tenho um dia muito bom porque eu tenho a carta e os meus dias seria otimo. Agora espero que a cada dia que vamos conversar mais uns com os outros sobre si mesmos. Laishevo eu vivo na Russia, na Republica do Tartaristao, na aldeia nao e grande.
Vou lhe dizer imediatamente que eu nao tinha casa de seu computador, e eu uso a Internet para a Internet - cafe, ou o meu amigo. Estou muito satisfeito que voce me disse sobre si mesmo. Eu so quero aprender mais sobre voce, sobre sua vida. Mas tudo isso sera gradual. Ao olhar primeiro, a atrair grande interesse. Voce me interessam, voce gosta de mim. Eu espero que possamos aprender mais sobre si, para Rex. Nessa carta, gostaria de dizer sobre seus hobbies. Aqui no meu tempo livre eu gosto de desenhar, pintar, mas eu so para mim. Alem do desenho, eu sei muito bem como cozinhar refeicoes diferentes. E eu faco uma vida saudavel. Eu nao fumo e so bebo champagne em feriados. As vezes, nos fins de semana eu gosto de ir ao ginasio, ou sentar em um cafe com os amigos. Muito muito shopping. At the disco eu nao ir, mas eu sei dancar. Em principio, tudo que voce precisa saber como eu faco. Rex E voce me diga como voce gasta seu tempo fora do trabalho? Qual esporte voce gosta? Que qualidades em uma mulher que voce gosta e nao gosta? Aqui, por favor me responda as minhas perguntas. Bom! Envie-me sua foto.
Portanto, espero que voce tambem diga-me, que eu lhe pedi. Seria otimo. Desejo-lhe muito bem humorado. Vou olhar para a frente a sua resposta. Anna
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend...
How wonderful to read your letter in such a beautiful day. It is so wonderful, so extraordinary. We recently met with you, but I am beginning to feel some kind of warm and positive relationship between us. As if we had been so long familiar, and if we so well know each other. I can not explain it in words, but really it is so unusual. I did not think that the Internet can become acquainted with such a wonderful person like you. My mood today is beautiful, and everything possible. And how do you feel? How are things going? I'm here is there for you one question, which I would like to hear the answer. Why do you answer me? Only because of my appearance? Or something else? I am very interested to know that. I have never been in Brazil and I do not know anyone there
Also I would like to tell more about their work. Because my work is not an easy one. As I told you that I Accountant, I process all documents that come into our office. I work not in a large office. The name of our office "Everest" I really like my job, but sometimes I'm very tired of their affairs. And of course there are those moments I have, that did not even go hunting for work. My working day starts from 7:00 am until 17:00. Sometimes when I'm going to work on earlier or later.
I'm here, too, will be very interesting to hear what you do, and learn about your profession. Tell me more about it. What is your earned fee??
You are very pleasing to me, you're such a wonderful man, and I see in you a lot of confidence, a lot of tenderness and love that you can give any woman. I got a very beautiful view of you and your character. And that's what you do you think about me, what do you view?
It would be great to listen to you again and to receive your letter soon.. I wish you successful day. I look forward your answer. Anna
Letter 3
Hello my friend Rex!!! I'm so happy every day to receive your letter. I'm starting to get used to what you tell me, I get used to you. And as if every letter, I better understand you, and try to show their interest in you. Every day I think about that very soon you will write me again. And it is so wonderful. This raises my mood. Today, I have everything in order, and my day is very good. And how is your day? How's your mood? So surprisingly, we do not yet know each other, but we feel so good to each other. I am very glad that I was able to get acquainted with you. During these days, which we'll write to each other, my days are brighter, lighter and warmer. And this is so cool. I chose you out of thousands of men, because to me that you like most about you. And when you and I exchanged our first letters has become increasingly evident. I realized that I should go with you further to know one another. Of course, I must tell you about my family. I live in Russia in the republic of Tatarstan in the village is not big Laishevo. My family consists of 3 persons. This is my mother, grandmother, and myself. My parents have aged. I'll start with my grandmother. My grandmother named her Rose is 68 years old. It does not work any where as it is already retired. Previously, she worked as a seamstress. It is very good at sewing, knitting. My mom name is Valentina. My mother is a very remarkable person, she works at the pasta factory .. My mother 47 years. I have a sister, but she lives with her husband. Father, I have no I have not seen him even once. My mother says that he lives with another woman. Our family is very friendly, cheerful, and of course in life is very serious. Now you know part of my family. Rex And what can you tell me about your family? How do you live, what you deal with parents? That's me all this will be quite interesting to know. Thank you, what I have you, I am very pleased to share with you what I know. I wish you a beautiful mood. I'll look forward to your response, as well as new photos. Anna
Letter 4

Hello Rex!!! So great to see your letter. My mood is very good. I am so pleased to see that you say to me today. Once again, I felt that some force on your part.. I was very attracted to you, and I want to talk much with you, but this I can not. You must understand me. My day today started very well, and everything is so good. And I think that with your letter will be even better. I too was so pleased to hear about how you tell me about your family. I know all this perfectly well. The weather today is cold, and still very cloudy. Rex As your mood? You get interest from my letters? Dear I would like to see you and I from the beginning were open to each other, because it's you and I will create a very strong relationship. Do you agree with me? All that you say to me, I take this seriously, because you are precious to me, and I am interested in your life, and so what you do every day. If we all be so relatively, I think that we have all of you should be good. you agree with me? Or do you think with all of the other? How is the weather with you? What will we do next? I now think that we should not hurry with anything, because it can affect our relationship. I'm not here when not traveling, I am here only once been in Moscow, and then, when we passed the school Olympiad in mathematics. And as I visited the exhibition in the city of Samara.. Do you know or heard about this city? In the city of Kazan is also a lot of attractions. But I have never been outside of Russia. Have you ever traveled?? Which countries have you visited?? If you can tell me about your city?? I will be very interesting to know. With this I conclude my letter. I just want to wish you all the best. Your friend, Anna
Letter 5
Hello dear friend Rex!!!
Every day more pleasant for me to receive your letters. You stir up in me my heart. I now represent, as if I were you already know a long time. I so interesting to read each your letter. Your letter does give much warmth and tenderness. Dear how are you?? What's your mood?? I hope that all is well. Thanks to your letters, I'm good.
Rex I would like to ask you, suddenly you have formed such a moment that you will not have time to write me a letter, you at least write me a line, so I'm not worried. Okay? You promise me that you will always warn me? I will do the same. I have such a desire that happened between us, because we are interested in together, we are well together. We are already beginning to talk more closely with you. I told you we need to try more open to each other. It will be good for us with you. That's like we have with you the need to fully trust each other. Because we have not met in real life, but in the virtual. Rex You agree with me? We must always share our views, because you or I might need it in the future.
I was very pleased to hear that you too seriously for me. If all goes well on, then we will achieve our goal.
But to prove the credibility of each other, we would like something to talk to you over the phone if you want it. Can you tell me to leave your mobile or home phone? As soon as I will have the opportunity, I would call to you.. Okay?
Rex You become for me a close friend, and I do not want to stop everything that we have. You are very pleasant to me. I wish you good day. I will wait for your letter. Your Anna
Letter 6
Hello dear Rex!!! So wonderful that I again have the opportunity to read your letter. My good mood today, as your letter gives me strength, charges me with positive energy. This is so cool. I feel and I feel like our relationship blossom, and that we rejoice in each other. That's fine. Now when our relations with you, go further and we are trying to achieve with you more. I have come such a time that I sometimes remember the day when we'd just met and greeted each other. It was great. We even in his first letter to you, not so much talked about, not so much open to each other. But now see how we are sharing with you our joy, and all those that formed between us. How are you? What's your mood? All you got good?
I'm so used to you, and you see yourself what I have to do with you. I take very seriously to you, and I wish that all this was not just for us, and that all this was for you and me value. Just when all this will be an empty place for us, our meeting here in the Internet, it says that those of us cheated. Do you agree with me? Rex I met you in order to truly realize what we want to create relationships. Only now understand that our Internet is largely limited, and now we are only just communicate and share our letters, but I think that on this and you can lay the beginning of the relationship. We can not even show our real feelings for each other, and though it seems so simple. But this is only a word. What do you think about this? And at the moment, we can believe only in the words of each other, because they do not like does not prove more. What do you think about this?
I'm so happy that I chose you Rex, and sometimes I really try to forget that I am alone. I'm starting to realize that you really serious about me. But all this really be justified in the actions, not just in words. Here you are ready to change their lives with a girl of another culture? What are you willing to go for the sake of personal happiness?
Rex I do not want that in our relationship was sad and it was lonely. We met each other and we need to prove all converse and move forward to make real. Do you agree with me? I hope you read my letter, and you'll understand what I wanted to express. I look forward to your answer. Anna
Letter 7
Hello my dear man Rex!!!
I am so happy that our days are brighter with you, what you and I met each other. I believe in destiny that you and I showed the way in the future. I'm so glad that you and I share this joy of life in the place. My mood is very good today. At home, I'm good. Here's the weather outside is not much cold today. Rex How are you? How's your day? What are you new? I'm so happy every time you talk about my feelings, about me, about how I passed my day. I am very pleased that we can be divided by all that we have between us. I am very good with you. And what can I say about this? You just think of me? Dear time difference between us about 2 hours. I'm now writing a letter and we have 14: 20 time. And you have now about 12: 20
I'm used to you, and I can really be open with you. You know my serious intentions, and you know what I want to pursue their dreams. I know that you also have serious intentions, and what you want to also realize their dreams.. But if we go with you on, then I think that we achieve our goal. Because who wants to achieve something either, it just should be obtained. Rex You agree with me? And I respect those people who can really achieve its goal. And you can always get what you want to do?
But if we met in reality, it would be very cool because we could talk more, it would be easier to recognize each other. But I do not regret that I met you, I can rejoice that I have such a wonderful man like you. And I trust you, and I believe that we can develop our relationship more.
That scares me more is that what if you write to anybody nor be but me? Tell me honestly you write more other girls? Make your choice, because I would very much like to think that suddenly you have another write the same thing. Do you understand me?
Rex I hope you tell me the truth. I do not want to lose you. I finished the time, and I must finish my letter. I wish you successful day. I'll look forward to your answer. Your Anna
Letter 8
Hello, my dear man Rex...
I am very pleased to receive such a beautiful letter from you. My mood became much better. Because in the morning when I awoke, I was not a very good mood is because I do not much not enough sleep. But when I read your letter, I had a smile on his face. My day today began not as good as I would like.. I hope that during the day everything changed for me. Rex Tell me how is your day, and how are you? My dear, I hope your day is also taking place today perfectly. I'm so happy to hear what you say and I hope that I believe you. For me it is very important that the relationship with you now as well built. With every day that something is changing in us and in our relationship, because we now seek to do to you much better, so we can feel and see our relationship to reality.
At the moment, and all the while we are with you will talk about our future plans, we will see what we want to build, and more we're with you through letters will not be able to understand. I do not want to hurry with anything, because for me it is very important to know all your relations to me, and whether you are serious concerns me. Rex You probably all know. Tell me your opinion about this!
And I have very big news that happened yesterday evening. Just when we are with my mom watching TV, I decided it all currents to admit that I have you Rex. Yes, I told her all about you, about how you live, doing what, and how old you are. It certainly was very happy for me, it is you and I wish all the best, and that our relationship is very good. And I am sure that we can reach each other in reality. What do you think about this? Rex, And you already told his family about me??
I think about you constantly, would like you to understand that I am to you very seriously. It is waiting for your letter. Your Annaa
Letter 9
Hello my dear Rex!!!!
I am very glad to see your letter. Gives me great pleasure to read your letter. Dear your letters really give much warmth and tenderness. My dear how are you?? What's your mood?? I hope that all is well. Thanks to your letters, I'm good.
I've now been with her friend on a visit we had tea and cake. We talked with her on various subjects. I could not suppress their emotions and I talked about you about you. She is very pleased that our relationship with you razvivayutsya very well. I just told you about my mother. My mom is just glad that I met you. This is all very well, then we get letters from each other, but I think that for such relationships that would not be enough. What do you think about this?? I would like to see your eyes, ears to hear your words, touch you, what would all this was real, and not in the virtual world through the Internet. But I do not know whether you are willing to meet with me?? Tell me your opinion about this, what do you think about our meeting, and whether you are now ready to meet with me??
My dear to me with you, well, I trust you, and I have not any doubt in your reality, but now you around me, too, must understand. I am very sincere with you, my soul is empty, and I want to make it filled with your love, beauty, goodness and warmth. It will be very cool. Right now I only dream about our meeting, because the distance separating us. But I want our meeting! We need it in order to prove each other all the things to which we went and tried. What do you think about this?? Dear write me your letter. With love yours Anna
Letter 10
Hello my dear Rex!!!
I am just now going home from the store. I went for groceries. I am so pleased to see again your letter. When I looked at my mail, I immediately drew the attention of your letter. I was very glad when I saw your letter. Gives me great pleasure to read your letter. Your letters really give much warmth and tenderness. I'm so happy when I see your letters. But yesterday I could not sleep. I have the whole night thinking about you on our relationship.. I think that you and I will be so good as I think. Dear how are you?? How are you feeling?? I hope that all is well. I am very good at speaking English. My earned fee is 290 euro per month.
My dear Rex I am so happy with you that our relations are developing very well. I now want to talk to you about our meeting. Dear Just before the arrival to you, I would like to know you have a few things. These data do I need to I could go to a travel agency and learn everything that I need to travel to you. Here I write the following.
1 city, where I shall come
2 Airport, where you meet me.
These data do you need me to tell!
My dear, before our first meeting, I feel not a lot of fear, but I think that just as I sit in the plane, I got it all will pass and I will have a great attitude and the fact that the show you all what I said writing in his letters. For me it is very important that you know what I really want to create long-term relationship with you, my dear.
My dear on this I will finish my letter because I have to go home. I just want to wish you all the best. With love yours Anna

Letter 11
Hello my dear Rex!!!
I am very glad to see your letter. Gives me great pleasure to read your letter and understood everything that you wrote. Dear how are you?? What's your mood?? I hope that all is well. My things are going very well.
I am very pleased with you that our relations are developing very well. I am so happy that I met you. Dear I am here today was a travel agency and learned everything I need to travel to you. Here I was told the following.
In order for me to get a tourist visa, international passport and international insurance, then I need to first write a statement to the agency. Then the two completed questionnaires.
6 photos of 5x4 (color, on a light background).
Help with work indicating position and salary.
Documents confirming the solvency of the applicant.
Copy of the internal passport (all pages).
A copy of the original ticket on entry and exit from the country.
I'll get a tourist visa, which will be issued to me for 90 days. I just get a visa the first time and at such time give it to me, but after those 90 days I will be able to obtain multiple-entry visa and can stay in your country at any time. For execution of these documents do I need to pay 487 euro. Within 4-6 days to be ready all my necessary papers to leave the country. As for my ticket, then I need to be well booked my ticket in the same agency for another card but the cost of the ticket 635 euro. In general, I have to pay for his trip to the sum of 1122 euro.
Dear when I say that amount of money that I have lost all the mood. I do not know what I do, I have no such sum of money. Dear Rex I can not pay for his trip to you. I really want to come to you and be with you. I do not know how to tell you. Dear I want to ask for your assistance. Dear you can help me with arrival to you?? I really need your help. I am very ashamed in front of you but I have no one else to turn for help. Dear you are very dear to me I'm very accustomed to you and I do not know if I can live without you.. I can not see without you later in life. Dear Rex I very much hope that you will not leave me in difficult moments and will help with the arrival to you. And when I shall arrive to you then I will give you all the money. I'll get to work. Dear write me your letter that you think about it. Your forever Anna ...
Letter 12
Hello my dear Rex!!!
I am very glad to see your letter. Gives me great pleasure to read your letter and understood everything that you wrote. Dear how are you?? What's your mood?? I hope that all is well. My things are going very well.
Expensive but how much money you can send me?? Dear I will be able otpravit500 euro??? On the design of my documents. Write me your letter. Anna
Letter 13
Hello my dear Rex!!!
I am very glad to see your letter. Gives me great pleasure to read your letter and understood everything that you wrote. My day began with a good mood.. My things are going very well. Dear how are you?? What's your mood?? I hope that all is well. The weather in the warm. Way I worked for the company "Robek" My full name Anna Smorodinova.
Dear if I come to thee at first I could come to you for 90 days is 3 months.. My dear, if you can help me with arrival to you it is to make the transfer of money to me then I'm going to do a visa the first time and I will give only 90 days. And then I can get a lot of multiples visa and I could be you how many I want. Do you understand me. Dear you did not understand the words to send. It means I had a mind to make the transfer of money to me. Dear you can make the transfer of money to me?? I really want to come to you and be with you. Dear if you can help me with arrival to you I'll write you in the next letter your data where you can make the transfer of money. Answer me this question. Ok. I'll wait for your letter. Your forever Anna
Letter 14
Hello my dear Rex!!!
I am very glad to see your letter. Gives me great contentment read your letter and understood everything you wrote Thurs. Dear how are you?? What's your mood?? I hope that all is well.
I am very pleased with you that our relations are developing very well. I am so happy that soon we will meet in the real world.. Dear, my mother e against that I will come to you. Expensive but unfortunately I have no photo with her mother. Dear as I told you that I have no computer at home I use internet cafes. Dear if you want I can bring a photo album. My dear, I so want to give you your data where you can make the transfer of money. Here is the exact details of my bank card. I think it would be better if you do transfer money to my card. Bank Name: VTB 24
Address: 21/-30 Gagarin Street
City: Kozmodemyansk
Republic of Mari-El
Postal code: 424000
Country - Russia
Name: Anna
surname: Smorodinova
Bank account number 4272290980361240
SWIFT: to calculate: - CBGURUMM That is my exact data. I very much hope that you will not leave me in difficult moments and will help with the arrival to you. If you will be able to send me a copy of the form. That's when we meet in the real world, then we are the best days. My dear I have to finish my letter. I have to go home. I wish you all the best.. With love yours Anna
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