Scam letter(s) from Lilia Woznaja to Piergiorgio (Italy)

Letter 1

Dear Giorgio ! I received your email and I do agree with you hole heartedly in what you have written on all subjects and my feelings are much the same as yours, you to have made my heart beat so fast and and I know that I will be dreaming of you each and every night from now on, I shall be saving all of my love for you, I feel like I have finally found my soul mate, I hope that you can hold on to our thoughts and together we can make this work. Even if this takes a little time before we are together, just think of the long and lasting happiness for years to come once we are together, and you can Trust me as I would be a fool to lose an opportunity of true love with someone as lovely as you, in nature, intelligence you have every thing that a man could wish for and if we can make it happen I will always make you feel loved, Wanted, Desired, Cared for and contented. I will see you in my Dreams, and love you in my dreams from here on until our next communication and for ever after I hope you do not mind if I say these things it's the way you are making me feel. Giorgio it is fine idea concerning travel to your country. I can arrive to you if you can help me. I can issue the trip for New year and we can be together this day. I can go to travel agency and ask the permit to Italy for 5 days the permit cost of 340 dollars for 10 days of 510 dollars. I arrive to you in the country on December, 30. As soon as I can pay the permit, I can inform you flight of the plane and an arrival time. You can send me of money through the Western union. Money for entrance to the country I have, it is necessary, it that have not thought that I go to be engaged in prostitution. It to me have told just in travel agency. I shall finish the letter. Write to me as soon as you can. I shall go with a daughter to walk and come in the Internet of cafe to write to you. Love always Lilya Ukraine
Poltava area
city Kremenchug
2 Lanees Vesenii home 6 ap. 1
Woznaja Liliya
Letter 2

Dear, I so am happy that you have repaired the Internet and now to you will not be come to go to the Internet of cafe. My love, I so for a long time waited for your gentle and tender letters, I so much wanted you to tell. Giorgio, the first that I wanted you to tell, this many thanks to you for the help of our girl in hospital. For a month of illness of our daughter I have spent 1030 dollars. At once as soon as we have got in hospital Liza have put branch in reanimation and for this branch I have paid 130 dollars day, Liza was in this branch of 5 days. Liza already all is normal, smiles, eats, still drinks vitamins and a medicine. When sees your photo, speaks that it " my FATHER " and takes away from me your photo. Which I have bought doll Barbi from you for New year our daughter does not want to let go, now asks a small house for Barbi. I have told that as soon as we shall arrive to the father, we shall buy a small house for Barbi. In hospital Liza of the beginning it is better to speak, can because many children, it is a lot of dialogue, but our daughter speaks all words and sings all songs. He/she is very cheerful child. Giorgio, on February, 5 at mine mother Birthday, but my mother is a little upset, because yesterday have told on work that will send on pension. Mine mother of 56 years, but perfectly consulted with the duties and was the fine worker, I try to calm my mother, but I think that is necessary to give some time. Dear, I so would like you to tell much, my ideas all were mixed. I so want to see you as soon as possible. I went to travel agency, I shall fly in land to Forli, that can what airport closer? I have talked to the agent of travel agency, she is the fine woman who wants to help us. I have talked to the mother, my mother has told that it will be the correct decision, but you should solve itself. I have explained that we have got acquainted with you and we like each other, that we very much want to meet and that to us has prevented to meet for New year. Same has understood my position and I speak can help to open the visa for 90 days, cost of all package of documents is the visa, return tickets (1940 dollars and 100 dollars for service to this woman). To me have told that now a great demand for permits during spring time, tickets and now cost of the permit 1120 dollars with return tickets have risen in price will be approximately. Giorgio, think, a difference of money not big, but we can be together 90 days. My mother speaks that for this time, we could better learn{find out} each other and then arrive and take away our daughter. But first of all you should think itself. If it is the big cost, I shall not insist on it. I want as better, I want to be all these days near to you, to feel as your heart knocks, to feel your breath, yours of caress. I want to present you the sea of tenderness and ocean of love. I want to prepare you for a romantic supper and then to be engaged with you in love all the night long. I want to feel your passion, to test sweet of your kisses. Giorgio, I so love you, I so want you, that I cannot wait that moment when I can embrace you. Write to me that you to think of it. I with impatience shall wait your answer. Yours Lilia
Letter 3

Giorgio, thanks you for your letter. Really now it is very hard for me. My grandmother lived far from us and I could not come to Russia frequently. I yesterday have learned that the man with which lived the grandmother already for a long time lives with other woman in the other city. My grandmother even could not be buried except for us. Yesterday I again spoke with neighbours of my grandmother and it to me informed. I have been very much upset. I do not know what prices now in Russia. Whether I very much to experience money to funeral will suffice us. The mother's friend has given us some sum, but it precisely will not suffice on funeral. So much all happened for this time, to me it is terrible. I think that I have bothered you with the words and requests. Giorgio if you can have left to me though 100 dollars to be reinsured. For today we could not take the ticket, we have taken for tomorrow. All of us eat together, mother, the mother's friend, I and a daughter. I cannot leave the daughter here, I think that I can ask the grandmother of neighbours that have a little looked after for Liza. Giorgio, yes it is now very difficult for me. But all soon to be adjusted and we shall be together. I shall wait your letter. I love you, yours Lilia
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