Scam letter(s) from Anna to Steve (Finland)

Letter 1
I am glad that you have not rejected my letter and very happy that I am writing again tebe.Ya really want to know about you as much as possible. I will try to write you about myself in more detail. I want you to be studying me as best as possible and not mistaken in his choice. I would really like you to be just the man whom I sought all his life. I think if two people in all honest to each other and they have a mutual understanding, they ensured a bright future and long love. I can only fall in love in a frank man. Write to me more about yourself and your life. How much you get up, how much time you spent on work that you like to eat, how you spend your spare time.
Now I want to tell you more about myself and my life.
I live with my mother. My mom worked all his life in school in the elementary grades. I have brothers and sisters, but I have a cousin.
I'm born and raised in the city where I live now. My city is called Sovetsk. This is a beautiful city. If you want I can tell you about my city in the next letter.
I worked as a salesman in a store. My work is very interesting .. Of course, my job takes me much time and effort. But it is for me the only way to earn money.
I do not have the time, that would find their true love. Now the Internet for me the only way to find the man she loved. I'm not long ago began to use the Internet to find love. You're the first, whose profile I liked. I am very glad that you answered me. I hope the Internet will help me to find love. My dream is to create semyu.Ya very tired from loneliness. Most of my girlfriends have already married. Communicating with friends, I see that family life is different. Life my friends - everything. In the life of my friends is a lot of different events as bad and good. I have a very boring life. My whole life is spent at work. Now I am alone. Hard for me to be in this state. Now I am fully prepared that would establish a family. Can I sacrificed for the sake of a good family life.
My typical day goes tak.Ya get out of bed at 6 o'clock in the morning and go to the bathroom. Then I'm going to lunch, for breakfast I eat sandwiches and drink coffee with milk. At 7:30 I leave the house and go to stop. I go to work by public transport. Sometimes at the bus stop is a lot of people, and I'm going to work on foot. Generally I like to walk up to my work. My working day lasts from 8 to 17 hours. After work I come very tired and just going to take a bath. After that I feel restoration of forces.
I hope you do not seem boring my letter, you'll continue to write to me. I hope that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I will try to answer all your questions. If I do not answer your question, so I could not understand him, not get mad at me and write it again. I think that you understand that the main goal in my life - is to find friends and possibly, my second part of me that I can overcome all the difficulties of life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, raise them, cared for, give them a happy childhood, I dreamed about it! I think you understand me and your life goals are similar to mine, in my heart I hope that someday our hearts will meet.
At this point I want to finish my letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Sorry for my long letter. I hope I did not take a lot of your time. I would describe my life. I hope you were interested.
Your friend from Russia A!
Letter 2
Hello Steve!
Thank you for your letter! I am sincerely glad to each your letter.
I am pleased to communicate with you. I often think about you. I am glad that you talk about their lives. We need to know each other better. I hope our letters will help us become closer. When I write a letter, I imagine, as I tell it to you personally. I hope you understand what I mean.
I want to just be happy and live like a normal person. I want to be happy with a man and hold him for life. This person must be older than me, so he could teach me and my future children. I expect from a man of understanding, I think that is the most important and, of course, a great love and care about me and our future family. I myself will try to make a man happy. But without his help, without his love and understanding it will be difficult to do. I want to experience the feeling of love. I sure hope so. Steve, I think you understand my words.
Now I am alone. My only hobby is flowers. Steve in my apartment are so many different plants. Plants require constant care. I like to care about someone. In the past year I have even flowered cactus. It blooms once in 10 years. What's your hobby
I love red roses. Red roses a symbol of love and passion. Steve many times I've seen men give flowers to women on a date. This is the best gift for any woman. I think the girls in your country also love flowers. Do you think Russian girls differ from girls of your country
Tell me about the people in your country.
Steve I am interested to know everything about you.
I wish you good mood!
I am waiting for your letter.
Anna !!!!!
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