Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Rusinova to Gene (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, as you. Thanks that has paid me a little the attention and has answered my message. We have hardly got acquainted also to me it would be desirable to learn you more. It certainly difficult gets acquainted in such a way, but nevertheless we can try. In your profile it has been told, that you to search for love and serious relations. I want love and the most beautiful, pleasant, unforgettable relations. And I am final is adjusted seriously in search of my man. With which I will create the most ideal, beautiful pair constructed on love and respect, trust and understanding. If you really want serious relations I with the great pleasure to speak with you. My name Nastya, me of 30 years. I live in Cheboksary city in Russia. I hope, that you are not frightened that by me from Russia. I heard about swindle, deceits and games. But I here not behind it and me all it am not necessary. Because I simply do not have time for any nonsense. And I ask you, that you did not play with me in these games. I certainly love jokes, but not the such. I trust in myself and I hope, that all these difficulties will not prevent our acquaintance and the further dialogue. Who knows, can to meet it my destiny you here and to begin acquaintance. And only one god knows for what we have met here. I have put pair of the photos, I hope that I am pleasant to you and you as can see as I to look, if you on a profile have not had time to look. I as would like to see your photo and as your present name. I would like to continue to speak with you, but I need to run for work. I again to write to you soon. I hope to see your answer very soon. To me it is pleasant with you gets acquainted. And I will be glad to see your answer. While Nastya
Letter 2
Hello Gene I am glad that you have answered me and I with the great pleasure to continue to communicate and learn with you you. Dear I wish to tell now to you little bit more about myself. I rent apartment in Cheboksary city and I work here. I the seller in shop. My work is pleasant to me. My parents to live in village, from a city it about 100 km. I to go to them on days off. My birthday 19.05.1979. I the only child in a family. I do not have brothers and sisters. I when was not for the husband and I do not have children, but I would like to have children, from the beloved. To create a family and to live in love and happiness. I think, that you as to want it. You wish to have children? From meal I prefer house meal but if there is a possibility, I not against to eat the Italian and sea meal. I am very good to prepare. You are able to prepare, I am assured that was pleasant to you my preparations. On days off I like to leave for jog or driving on a bicycle, rollers or the fads. Thus to listen to vigorous music in ears. I love all types of music. I am rare when I become angry or take offence. I the purposeful girl and I am very adjusted to find the love. Become possible it you can, after all you to me are nice. But I do not want hurries up, because I have hastened once also it have caused me a pain. Yes I understand, that experience comes in the course of time and I am assured that now I understand and I know as to construct good relations. With such man as you. I think, that in you as there is an experience. Tell you it is romantic, affable with girls. What do you think of girls and about me? Where you would invite me for the first appointment that you spoke. Present, that today our first appointment, but only instead of appointment we to write letters each other. State me as though it has passed in the letter. And you would make to me pleasant. I did not hear so a long time such pleasant moments. Simply I do not have time to leave to walk. I seldom to leave and leave I with girlfriends. You often to leave with friends on rest or something similar. I hope, that it gives to you of little bit more knowledge of me. I understand, that it is better if it to speak and see all the eyes, but time so the destiny has disposed and we are familiar now we can while to speak so while once we not to meet somewhere. Probably you could arrive to me. I have put pair of the photos. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. I as wished to see some your new photos, on work or with friends. All the best and good mood. Nastya.
Letter 3
Hello dear Gene as your mood? How there has passed your day yesterday? Tell your work occupies time much. You can write to me from work? You have a phone number. I think, that it would be easier for us to speak by phone. Nevertheless we can hear a voice of everyone and understand, whether it is pleasant to us. We would like to hear these voices every day, when we together. As I to you have told already I to search for serious relations. I would like to create a family and to start to live together once, but also hurries up with it it is impossible. But speak we about it we can also to me it would be desirable to talk to you about it. Tell what relations you would like, if we were together, that you to expect from me. Also that you would want, that I did, as your girl, the wife. It would be pleasant to you if I you name a seal or something similar. As often you would give me flowers or simply did small surprises to embellish each our lived day. Dear to me would be very interesting to know about it because if we continue to communicate and suddenly in all of us it will turn out. And I will know about you already many. It as will allow us to learn internal our qualities and our romanticism. And that it was easier to you to write on these questions. I will tell a little more on myself and as I will answer the same questions next time. My favourite flowers, red roses, but I as love all other flowers. Not very well what flowers to me to give, the main thing that it was in all sincerity. My favourite colour dark blue, colour of the sea. It is calming colour for me. I more as liked that you were shaved and well-groomed. I like a smell of man's sweat, it is raising. I love surprises and small draws, only if it for the purpose of pleasure and to deliver to the person a smile. I do not love lie and treachery. I do not love when me deceive and I do not give an occasion will doubt me. If I to promise something I try to observe it in the nearest terms. I on a life the optimist also look at the world ripened and it is reasonable on all things. I as before to make something, I to consider. And at present I have considered about you. To me you are very interesting and nice. I would like to spend with you of more time. I hope, as you pleasantly my presence. Tell at you still there are girls with which you to correspond? I to finish the letter and with big impatience to wait for your answer. I think it will be amusing. Good mood to you Gene.
Letter 4

Gene I am glad to see your message. I with the big pleasure to read your letters. It is pleasant to me to speak with you when you to speak me pleasant words. But when you to speak me words which afflict me, to me becomes not on yourself. Dear I understand, that now on the Internet it is a lot of deceit and it is difficult to trust. But understand what not all people such. I not such and you will be convinced of it time and again. And I hope, that you too the such. Because if we move ahead further in our relations and we want that in us relations and love we need to talk and understand about it each other have turned out. We need to overcome feeling not trust and the truth. Certainly for this purpose time, especially through letters is necessary. If we were together, it would be easier for both of us. I hope and I believe, that all will be good. Because I the fair girl and I to feel behind myself the truth and honour. I am assured of myself and the intentions.. I wish to love and be favourite. To love the man, for that what it is with qualities and lacks. As two loving hearts to supplement each other in all and to be as a single whole. From last relations I have understood much and would like that the such repeated. And I would like, that my relations were good. Because what we would not be, ideal relations do not happen, but it is possible to live in love and in happiness, with small problems and lacks. But it is all our love can close. I wish to tell to you why I do not wish to search for the man here. Because here there is nobody to search. Here men to search for girls, but not all agree on it. Because the Russian man needs to be understood very long. And when you understand it. He simply throws you. Because all of them to use us. And happens with me. My feelings have been touched also my heart has been broken. I loved it and did all not to lose it. But a life here malicious and men too, they are artful and dangerous. At me is not present to them what trust. Therefore I now to correspond with you and I like to speak with you. Because you to me are nice also I would like that in us all was good. But before to build relations, we should speak much and on various themes. Gene tell about what you you wish to talk, because I all to ask you and I ask on some themes. You about what would like to talk and learn something new about me. I would be glad to hear from you something new. As your mood, as at you there weather. At us it becomes cool in the evenings. I have put some photos for you. I hope, these images will let know a little about me as I smile as I put on. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Good mood to you Gene.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Gene. Your letters give to me pleasure in reading and a smile on the person. With each your read letter you inspire me, and I to feel something new, unusual to me. Probably it is correspondence us very much I pull together also I feel each told your word. As if I am near to you when you it write all to me. Such only happens, when both persons to feel each other on distance. As if I know you very much for a long time. As two friends who have left because of vital problems. But I not only concern to you as the friend, for me you are more than the friend. You the man with which to me are interesting to spend time. And I am assured that at a meeting to me was much more interestingly to spend with you time. Dear as still we cannot speak Gene it to a thicket because I to write to you about the cafe Internet. I do not have house Internet. If it was, it would be little bit easier for us. And so I after work to come and write to you. Sometimes during a dinner. I work with 8 to 18:00 evenings of 6 days in a week. My work very much is pleasant to me. Here again I have some friends. Time I have started talking about friends, I wish to tell a little about the friends, and that they think of me. I do not have many friends. I try to spend time often with friends, but because of work it turns out only on days off. We like to leave together on picnics, in campaigns. In cafe, on discos. We spend time cheerfully. My friends would tell about me, that I very cheerful and vigorous girl. I seldom take offence and always I help the friends. I not harmful and not the captious. I often agree with friends, but also the opinion at me is also friends as to listen to me. Because I always to speak the truth. I will better keep silent, than I will tell something superfluous. I love the friends. And I can tell about the feelings only to the close girlfriend or mum. I need to run now. I hope, that you will answer to me. The most excellent mood to you Gene.
Letter 6
Dear greetings. How at you business? As you have spent days off to me pleasantly with you to get acquainted. I wish to continue with you acquaintances. You to me are very pleasant. I with impatience look forward to hearing from you. Nastya.
Letter 7
I was very glad to see your letter. Thanks for good words. It is very pleasant for receiving, when the man speaks to the girl good and beautiful words. Dear Gene I wish to tell to you, that I when did not travel yet abroad. I did not go abroad. But I visited some cities in Russia. I when was not on the sea and I very much wish to see the sea. I know, that once soon I will see the sea. And I belief in that that we will meet once and we will be together. I trust in it because I trust in myself and in you, in our relations which now develop. I when did not meet such man as you. And I would like to learn you more and more, to speak with you. I would like to spend with you of more time. As would be good if we were together, nearby. As we to leave in the evenings on street and to spend time. I dreamt yesterday of it and I would think to you was interesting to hear it. We have met at small cafe, had a drink coffee, lovely talking. And you to me have told that you have a surprise for me. I did not understand where we went, only one you knew about it. While we went you all asked on me. And I see that we have approached to a place where it was very beautiful. We were at a beach, nearby there were some trees. In the sky the moon shone. We have sat down, you have embraced me and we kissed. I do not know from where you took sparkling (wine) and we have started to drink. YOU have kissed me and have departed nearby, but before you asked, that I have closed eyes. When you have approached to me and have embraced me, speaking open eyes the darling. What there was my surprise. On sand not far from us, all in candles has been written I LOVE YOU to heart. It was so perfectly. It was really romantic. To me to like when the man is romantic, and the most important thing that it was not simply romantic, but at a chalk to show the care and love to the favourite. And I am assured you such man. I have understood it from your letters. Gene understand I to write to you about such things because I very much did not have for a long time a man. And who did not care of me, did not love me. I and most would like to love and take care of the man. At last to create a family and to live as a family, as the husband and the wife. I hope, that you as want it. And we could try once it. But for this purpose we should speak about it and certainly will meet and to be together that not only to know each other, but also to understand, how we will conduct ourselves in a life when we will be together. To see as we to feel and emotions at different conversations. I very much would like to feel as you you kiss, as you embrace me also all the rest. Tell to me, I approach for your future girl, the wife? Would like to see you me every day, to wake up together with me and to fall asleep? To do all together. Tell to me about it, it is very important for me, I think and for you. If you want serious relations. I will wait for your answer. All the best Gene. Yours faithfully Nastya.
Letter 8
Hello my Gene today at me very good day develops. I woke up in good mood.. Had an easy breakfast and left to work. The sun already shone and was warm, when I went to work I thought of you. While I went, I represented us together, different places and smiled. I thought, that on work I will distract, but I should think of you. All the day long you accompany my thoughts and all you with me, you in my head, in my thoughts and in my heart. I do not know, how to you it to explain, it is similar to love, is faster on amorousness in the person. When you see for the first time, and in you something occurs the unusual. You start to think only of the man, and cannot to do that. And I wish to tell, that I that I can not do, I cannot go against the will and the feelings, yes feelings to you. I to test to you such feelings which I for a long time already not to test. And I understand that now to me without you as. I as if live you. I wait for the moment when I will receive from you the letter and with the great pleasure to read it. I so would like to hear your voice. I think, that it at you very pleasant and beautiful. Also I think, that you as will like my voice. And you as can estimate my colloquial English. And as you can tell, whether I can with such colloquial to be in. You would like that we now were together and had walk or a supper at restaurant. Easier to do something together that our feelings were mutual and we could see everyone as we smile, and even we kiss. I very much with anybody to kiss for a long time. You like to kiss. You would like to touch my lips. As though you have kissed me for the first time that it was remembered for all life. Gene tell that you would like, tell to me. State to me, open to me, open to me the soul and heart, and to you it will be easier. Something can you torments or you wish to state me that you are afraid to tell. I with the great pleasure it will hear that and I will understand you. I finish the letter and I wait for your answer. Yours Nastya.
Letter 9
My greetings dear. It is pleasant to me to correspond and learn with you each other more. Why you do not write to me I wait for your answer. Our relations are serious also I do not understand why you do not answer me letters. Dear write to me I very much I miss on you. Yours Nastya.
Letter 10
Hello my Gene. Thanks for good words. And I am glad that you understand me also it I very much I appreciate. Dear understand I does not hurry up and I do not wish to hurry our events and relations. But also I cannot keep the feelings in myself. I will better state them to you. As you know also I repeatedly spoke to you, I am not able to say lies. I am better to speak the truth, and as though people have not reacted to it. The truth, than lie let will be better. Therefore I have stated the liking and feelings in the previous letter. In a life always so, one person from pair all the same loves more, than the second. But the mutual love as exists. Simply it appears later. When one person loves more, misses more often and thinks of second half. And when the love and feelings already arises, people I start to use the best efforts to keep the precious love. I that wish to tell, that we do not need to keep each other, because we and so are far. It is necessary for us that the love pulled us to each other. That weighed to our feelings and hearts. Dear tell to me when you last time loved also what your feelings when you love someone. Also tell, to me you love me or you have a liking to me. That you to feel to me. For me love this sacred. If I love the man, it on always. But that such love was, it should be pure, without a deceit and is sincere. It when I will be assured of the man, that it when will not betray, will not change, will not shout at me. When will not look towards other girl, when I nearby. I hope, that you such type of the man. How to go your days Gene, that new at you, how is the weather, as your relatives live. Tell you already spoke to somebody about me. I have told to the parents about you. Has told, that we got acquainted with you and already we correspond. More I that did not speak. Mum has only asked me, whether you like me and I have told YES. I wish you all the best. I think of you, yours Nastya.
Letter 11
Dear why you do not write to me I I love wait from you the letter for you.
Letter 12
Gene I cannot hide from you that that I to feel to you and I wish to tell. Yes, I the open girl and you for certain have already understood it. I the simple girl, but also I with the big mind and uneasy character, as well as all girls in me am a riddle. I hope, that you understand me. I do not wish to lose you now when I only have found you, such man with whom it is interesting to me and with which I would like to spend all time. As I spoke also you to me wrote. But I not only would like it. After all we with you adult people, I would like serious relations, passionate love and a fine future life. Yes, certainly and sex too. I would not like to have for years correspondence, knowing that we remain simply friends. Now when, I so to feel you, at me to you of feeling and while these feelings have not outgrown in more strong feelings, yes I to speak about love. We need to find out it. Whether really you want me for the life? You are ready to accept me such what I is. Such what you know now. Yes I understand, that we still did not see at all and I ask you about it because both of us understand, that it is necessary for us will meet in the near future. But before it happens, I should be assured of you, as well as you in me. Therefore I to ask you about it and as I wish to inform you, that I am ready to speak on the phone now with you. When I asked you a phone number, I wished to look, as you will react to it. And now I am ready to speak on the phone with you and very much I wish to hear your voice. The truth at me is not present the cellular. I hope it to buy, when to receive wages. Dear send to me again number and give we will agree about time so that we could speak by phone. After all in us different time. I hope, that you can count up it and tell to me when it is better to call. Today for me there was very unusual day. I weigh day thought of you. I seriously reflected over that. Whether I am ready to leave the country, parents, friends for the sake of the man whom I will grow fond. I am done not left by this question. Also you know that the most interesting, that I was defined with it. All that it is necessary to speak it with my parents. But before I to speak with parents, I should hear your answer, under the relation to me. Whether you are valid is serious to me and whether love me? As I to receive the answer. I will inform on the answer. Good mood my Gene. Yours Nastya.
Letter 13
Hello my Gene. I am glad to hear that that you speak to me. And now I am really assured of you and I trust in you. Yes you really man who is able to make the decisions especially connected with feelings and relations. And you the man of my dream, my life and I very much would want will meet you and to spend all our time. I very much would like that we lived together and looked at, whether we can live as the husband and the wife, as two loving persons. In happiness and pleasure, in a grief and grief to worry different vital difficulties of pleasure of a life. I very much would like to look, as you concern me and to look after, as you kiss. Much is interesting to me, but only having met we can learn each other more more deeply. I hope that you understand it. In the previous letter I have written you about the the decision, to leave the country. I wish to tell to you, that it will not simply dare at it, but for the sake of the beloved and for the future happiness I can make it. Yes, I would like to leave the country. Therefore I to learn you, I cannot simply take and go to the unfamiliar country, in which I that I do not know. It is many girls to follow border behind happiness and to get to slavery and there is a prostitute. It is many transfers to show and even is in russia travel agencies which are engaged in it. Therefore for me it in the first, but I am ready to go to the man which I to love and the nobility what it. I knowingly it to speak all to you, because I have grown fond of you, have grown fond of your image, that you wrote to me about yourself. And now I wish to hear your voice. And I wish to understand you really, whether you love me, can grow fond, not looking at that that we while are far. That between us such big distance, but not looking at this big distance, it is possible to love too and I have understood it. Not looking at that where we now are, to love and feel these emotions it is possible. And I would like to see you and to spend time. Whether it only is necessary will be defined now you want it and when? I finish the letter and with big impatience to wait for your letter and that you will tell to me on that that I have written. Whether you think as
Letter 14
Hello the darling, as you? As your mood, I hope that all well at you. Because at me as all is good, except one, I very much miss on you, I do not have not enough you and your love, your care. You are not present nearby and I to long and think of it. Gene I spoke with parents about us with you. And I wish to tell to you, that my parents were happy to hear about us and our relations. I have told to all of them about us and about you. And as to them has informed on the intention to leave the country to you. My parents have been surprised by the heard. They as did not expect to hear from me such. After serious conversations they have given me the consent and blessing. I have simply explained to them that I love you and that I not to leave yet, and simply I am going to inform important also to me to you on it. While we will speak about it, there will pass yet one day. My parents wish to see you and as you to look. But I have explained to parents that is my life and this my future. And I wish to live it in love and happiness, it is not important that about me people will think. The main thing that that we can be happy. And if we are happy and we will love each other. Parents and my relatives will understand once again, that we are created for each other. To me the nobility is better than you and we will be still studies over our relations. My parents to transfer to you big hello. Gene I wish to tell to you, that I love you. And if you could notice I is serious in the words and intentions. Even parents know now about us. You know, that I cannot deceive. And for the happiness and love I am ready to struggle and is ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of our happiness and love. For the sake of our meeting and that that expects us in the near future. Remember Gene that here to love you the girl and very much misses on you, thinks every minute and dreams of your sweet kiss and a fast meeting with you. With love, yours Nastya.
Letter 15
Dear Gene I wish to admit and tell to you with all my heart, that I LOVE YOU. Yes I love you for that what you is, for your qualities of the worthy man. I love you such what you there is also such what I now know. I often represent you and your image, our image, when we together. And I understand you, such sensation, that I know you very much for a long time. Dear I understand what to love on distance it very difficult. But I that cannot do. Dear I am not guilty that I have grown fond of you, and I do not wish to run with the feelings. And I am glad, that you to feel too most. Though it it yet love. But when we will meet and we will be together then you will see my love and you will understand, why I so to write to you. I will be glad to do you happy. And I am glad, that you are happy, when read my letters. And I am assured that on a shower there is a pleasure and feeling of love. Gene I wish to tell to you that we can long correspond, years and we when we can not grow fond so strongly each other because we do not see. It is necessary for us for strong and strong love will meet and to be together. Also understand I not simply I want with you will meet and to spend with you couple of days. I want you for other life. Dear we can try to live some months together and I am assured, that having lived these months, our relations will be even stronger also you will understand as strongly I love you. We with girlfriends left today to cafe. We have drunk a few wines. And my girlfriends very much asked about our relations. I did not begin special to speak that not to run in before. Because ourselves yet do not know. But I have informed them, that if in all of us it will turn out also we want will meet, I will go to it. They were happy to hear it. They even advised to me to go to you, They simply said, that here in russia to do not that and they wish our of good luck and the big love that in all of us it has turned out. And there you are waited by the beloved and the new future. And they were right Gene. Here there is really nothing to do, therefore I and have agreed to go to you. And if you really want that I have arrived to you we can discuss it, but give we will not be all hurries up also we will easy discuss. By the way tell, you spoke to the parents, the relatives about me? And if yes, that they to think of me? And even if they will be against, you will go against their will, for the sake of the love and the happiness? After all at you the opinion and the life. After all you will not live every day with them and to spend every minute with friends and with parents. I love you and I will fall asleep with thoughts on you. Yours Nastya.
Letter 16
Hello my love Gene I am very happy to see your message. It very much pleases me, when you always quickly to answer me. I feel, that between us there are feelings and love. And I see that you show the care and the feelings. Though we also are far, but I feel it, the heart. Yes you give me so much energy the letters, that this big distance seems to me absolutely small. And with each your letter I want to you, in your strong and gentle hands, to your sweet lips. And with each letter received from you, our distance decreases also we all we become closer also our feelings find the good bases. I cannot describe, how strongly I wish to see you, to embrace more strong and to kiss you. You so roads to me, as who in this world. I did not feel such feelings of love still when. Probably it of that we are far and did not see never and all that unites us it our letters and our words which are told with all my heart and with the naked truth. Now it seems to me, that the god has affected our meeting as if it has pushed us that we have got acquainted. I as think, that it is our destiny for further our life. Today having woken up in the morning, I have understood, that the love took upwards, and that it is more without a small portion in day, at an o'clock, per minute, I simply will not live. This that feeling when in elements of pleasure if not you constantly are required to be, I never would test this not clear to me a condition. In the beginning of ours with you of relations I very much would like to glance to you inside, to learn what you? But the more deeply I learnt you, the more strongly to me was wished to shout, shout for fear, to shout with happiness, to shout and call to the aid from a magnificent condition in which plunging, I could not see myself, hear myself, but only unconsciously to understand that to me very well, and that I test that it is impossible to describe words is it is possible to feel only. All it, is called love. I thought of you two minutes and forgot at three o'clock. But gradually began to get used to you and has got to full dependence on you. And then I thought of you three hours and forgot on two minutes. If you were not a number I tested the same, that the addict, the deprived next portion of a potion. If the person though time has enjoyed a love elixir not to get rid any more of it, it remains in blood. And that I do all, I will do, all reminds me of the first drop of love which has got to my blood together with you. Pursues me everywhere, follows me, until then while I do not feel completely devastated and helpless. And only then I turn around back and I understand how many tortures mixed with pleasure I could go through. Therefore I so strongly LOVE you! Yours Nastya.
Letter 17
Hello my love Gene. You mention each cage of my body, and each cage moves me to speak to you as I love you and I wish to see you. And to have your kiss, to feel your embraces. To feel each your touch. You will hear that you to speak to me. As it does not suffice me dear. I so long did not have a man and now in my life there was a man whom I love to which at me such strong feelings without which I cannot live now and minutes. It you my love Gene. I very much wish to see you now. Yes I understand, that it to us would be easier for learning each other if we see each other. And you spoke to me about it. Here therefore I have decided to write to you now about it. If you want, that I have arrived to you I will arrive to you on so much, on how many you want. But I would like to arrive to you and to remain with you for ever, to begin a new joint life. And I would like to talk about it and to discuss about everything if you as want it. I am lonely here, lonely because my love Gene lives far and you are not present near to me. And with you I will be happy also we will be together. Write to me, that you think and as it can occur. Gene my parents transfer to you big hello. They me to ask now each time, as I to come about the cafe Internet about our relations. My mum has told recently, that as I have changed, She says, that I as if have revived, began to live on the new. That I to shine every day, that as if have looked younger. Gene also it is all with your help, your love, our relations. Therefore I wish to be with you. And I have already talked to parents you already know about it. My parents now not against that I went to you if we solve so. Now I will wait for your answer and that that you think concerning a meeting. I love you, yours Nastya.
Letter 18
My love I am very happy to see your letter. For me it is the greatest pleasure when I see from you the letter. Because I do not see you in live and so I wish to wake up with you, to have a morning kiss. A breakfast in bed to spend all the day long with you. And to walk under the moon in the evening or to enjoy caresses in bed and to fall asleep on your breast. To see as we are happy with you together as you smile, to see as you lovely you sleep when to bring a cup of coffee and to kiss you on the mouth that you have woken up to enjoy fresh coffee. It would be desirable so much, but it is possible only when we will be together when we will meet and we will be together in one house and to live as the husband and the wife, or you wish to live to begin with simply as the guy and the girl? Tell to me because not only I want it, but also my parents to ask about it. What intentions at you to me. Though I have already told, that serious … Gene I love you and I wish to see more soon you. I live now only you, your love and I should think of you. In my head only you, in my thoughts only you, in my dreams only you, my conversations with parents only about you, washing the future life only with you, my love Gene. Dear I do not know, how many I still can so to live so to live without you, without your love and care. I at times have moments when I start to long, it occurs when I understand, that we are far and I do not know when we will be together. But I do not despond and I trust in our destiny that we soon will together. Because from letters that you wrote to me and said, that you too wish me to meet. And if you are valid as wish to meet me and to look at our joint life. I am assured, that in all of us it will turn out, because we to feel each other, we to know each other and we very much with you are similar. And I am assured that we with you will be excellent pair and your friends will envy us because we will be happy, and I will try to make everything that and was. After all our life is very short also we should live it in pleasure and in happiness. And if we want all it we should will meet. And I am ready to take off to you. But I do not have documents. And if you want that I came to you now I will learn about travel to you. And I hope, that you will support me. Because I when did not travel yet. Especially so it is far. I even do not have passport for travel abroad. If I gather to you I all the same need to learn about it everything how you consider? Or Gene you are going to arrive to me, inform me on it? Gene as your mood also what you think concerning told by me? I love you and very much I miss on you. I will wait for your answer, yours Nastya.
Letter 19
As at my favourite Gene today mood. You thought of the girl? I only also think of you my love. I think of our meeting. And I want that we have met and at last were together and began our life and love. Thanks for good words in the letter. It really pleases me and I understand, how you strongly love me and wish to be with me. Gene I spoke with parents about you and our meeting. They are glad for us, that we are fine. They asked about you what you and whether can for you be trusted much. Because they worry about me. They will be happy with you gets acquainted once. And they transfer to you hello. love I wish to tell to you that I need to go to the grandmother to visit it. Dear I cannot write to you some days. I will answer you as I will return. Dear and we will plan our meeting. Dear Gene I as talked today to girlfriends, about us with you. Also has told, that we want a meeting. To me was interesting to hear their opinion on it. It is important for me, for us with you. Nevertheless it is our future life. Therefore I to listen to girlfriends that surrounded me all my life. They are very happy for me and to wish us the big love and good luck. They have told as to me, that we need to meet. Also speak, that I have gone to you that at me the new life has begun and that all was good. They to transfer to you hello. I wish to ask you about what Anna you have mentioned in the letter. Dear I think that you write to me and not to whom more. Our relations serious. I will wait now for your letter my love Gene and your answer. KISS, your Nastya.
Letter 20
Hello mine dear! First of all I wish to ask pardons for so long silence! The matter is that I have slightly caught a cold and have not given it special value. As a result there were complications. It is very a pity to me, that so it has turned out! But I ask not to worry for me as my health goes on the amendment! Soon I will recover and I will necessarily answer! I very much miss. Nastya!
Letter 21
My greetings dear Gene To me it is very pleasant that you worried about me. I have recovered and is completely healthy. I can write to you every day. Gene we can make our plans further. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Nastya.
Letter 22
Hello my love Gene. I am very happy to see your message. I always rejoice, when I see your message. And I would be the happiest if each time when woke up saw you nearby. When went to bed together with you and to spend all rest of the time with you. As though I would like it, and you dear. Tell dear you you represent our joint life, I am assured that at us it has turned out also I wish to be a number and to begin a new life, with you. We together as one family, as the favourite husband and the wife. I very much to want it, and to want with you because I love you and I is ready to arrive to you if you certainly support me and will help me. My parents asked me about it because they worry about me. But we with you too adult people also can take care about each other. Dear if you want, that I arrived, I to go and learn tomorrow all about travel to you. That how many costs and that is necessary, how many to wait. Because I when did not go yet abroad. I even never flied by the plane. Yes I understand, that this distance far, but I to overcome it. I hope, that you will support me. Dear and while all it will occupy some time, we as can write each other letters and set each other serious questions. I love you and very much I wait for our meeting. For now I wait for your answer. With love, yours Nastya..
Letter 23
Hi my love Gene, as you? Dear I have visited today some travel agencies and have learnt about travel to you. To visit you, I need to have at itself the passport for travel abroad and the visa that at me is not present. Because I neither when yet was not abroad. I nor when did not travel yet. The passport for travel abroad is given for 5 years, cost 296$. The tourist visa is given for 6 months, cost of such visa 198$. Registration of these documents to last 6-7 days. I as need to pass medical examination. Dear as to me have told, that I can already prolong the visa at you, therefore I can be with you long time. As I will receive these documents I can take off to you. I hope for you and your support. Thanks you that you will help me so we very soon will be together. And I am very happy to it because soon we will together and in all of us it will be good. Dear inform me when you can send money for documents. The more likely we it to make, the more likely I to arrive to you. Therefore I will wait for your answer. For now I learn, how you can send money to me, or you can pay itself at once for it in agency. I will ask about it and I will tell to you. I love you and I so is happy, that soon you I will see, that soon I will near to you. I think of you my Gene.. Whole, yours Nastya.
Letter 24
My lovely kitten Gene, here again I write to you! Now behind a window a rain, a wind, and I all think of you! I very much miss on you! I think of you every day, every night, every minute! You know, to me so how I strongly love you much would be desirable you to tell, tell! My feeling will not break neither time, nor distance. My heart cries that you are far, know, I have grown fond of you at once, I cannot present the life without you, you became sense of my life! And me it is pleasant that you wish to help me and soon we will together. Dear Gene I write to you once again that to me have told in round agency. It is required to me. The passport for travel abroad is given for 5 years, cost 296$. The tourist visa is given for 6 months, cost of such visa 198$. Registration of these documents to last 6-7 days. I as need to pass medical examination. Dear as to me have told, that I can already prolong the visa at you, therefore I can be with you long time. Mine love it is necessary for me 494$. Dear I think that you will help me and we will be together. Gene when I will arrive to you I to live at you and we will sleep in one bed. Dear I love also wait for you that moment when I can embrace and kiss you. YOU At me the BEST the MOST FAVOURITE MOST DESIRED ON ALL LIGHT! I LOVE YOU very much I LOVE! YOURS NASTYA.
Letter 25
Hello my love Gene. I am glad to see your message. Dear I wish to tell to you, that I have learnt as you can send money. The agency accepts payment only cash. Gene you can send through system of remittances Western Union or MoneyGram. It easily and quickly. Dear all that it is necessary to specify it my data. Here my data. First name: Anastasiya Last name: Rusinova City: Cheboksary Country: Russia Dear as it will be necessary for Gene me your full data and control number of transfer that I could get your transfer. I hope for you now because now on you depends we will meet or not. There will be we together and to love each other. I love you and very much I miss on you. I wish to be near to you and to enjoy our joint life. To spend each happy minute near to you. Dear I so am happy to that that we soon will together and is glad that you will help me. It gives to me, that you will really care of me and I with full confidence to go to you. Dear I will wait for your answer. Also tell as you you can soon send money. If you to make it one of these days I can go and submit tomorrow necessary documents for registration the visa and the passport. I love you, yours Nastya.
Letter 26
My greetings love Gene. Why you do not write to me I look forward to hearing from you. I very much want a meeting with you. I very much miss on you.. Dear answer me please. Yours Nastya.
Letter 27
My greetings love Gene. Dear I do not understand why you do not answer me. That at you happens. Dear write I worry. Nastya.
Letter 28
Greetings dear. She is yours love so to me it is shown. What for you played with me I in you trusted and you so arrive. Why you do not write to me. I only want love and reciprocity. Write to me I wait for your letter every day. I love you. Answer. Nastya.
Letter 29
My greetings love. I did not receive from you the letter. Answer me I I wait I miss on you. Answer me please I wait. I love you. Nastya.
Letter 30
For a long time did not dare to write to you, however, has come to conclusion, that it is necessary to make this step. We with you adult, serious people, and perfectly realise, that together to us it is better. Now our life has found sense. Being realists, I think, both of us realise, that our meeting could not occur casually. And our relations develop not as relations of simply familiar people. At them definitely there is something more. I long reflected and have come to conclusion, that we need to make the following step, I think, you understand me. Yours faithfully, loving and understanding you, Nastya.
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