Scam letter(s) from Gloria Sasu to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
I an in Ghana currently, my dad died in a gold meaing in Ghana and my mom have always been taking care of me but i can do that on my own now. I mom took me to Ghana when she was transfer to Ghana in her missionary work to Ghana. that's what leas me to Ghana and i use the influcnce to get my accounting in Ghana. I have finished my college when i was 26 yrs. My mom had moved to Holland due to anotherretransfer, but i am still in Ghana. I am currently working as a employee and they sell blenders, cooling in tensiles. I love my job so much because it's base on commission payment and it gives me time for there things, though i don't earn much but i always have a lot of free time. I do come to the state more often and the last time i came to the state was last yr january and i spend 3 weeks in cypress motel, winter haven, that was my last trip out of Ghana and place i have visited in my like are: auburn in NY, bradford in texas, mocksville in NC, granvills in Georgia and winter haven is my birth place. i love kids but do not currently have any of my own, butactively hoping that will change in my future. Most people would describe me as being a honest trust-worthy and very dedicated person. i am very easy going, open- mined and liberal person. i am true romantic at heart and have a very sensitive and gentle heart and have not in to head games and always believe honesty is the best policy. I will be happy if u can leave ur cell phone number in ur nest letter okay... as far as intersets mine are many: football, baseball, billards, reasing, cooking, dinning, art and craft fairs, concerts, great conversations, hocky, walks on the beach, wine tasting etc.. when i was young my parents took me to england which i truly loved. would someday like to see new zealand, scotland, italy and ireland. Oh... at last not least...must love animals I will also like to meet a man who has similar/computable attributes. who is smart likes to share who he is and what he is about enjoys laughing, has patience, and likes to kiss and snuggle when the chemistry is good. one who is not arrogant or judgmental? i would that you would be good hearted with good soul, turst-worthy, honest and sincere. this is more about me and some pictures of me. life is hard here and want to meet my love is a serious man and can help me to him andmarry me cos i can't be single any more okay. i hope to keep on touch with you and learn more about you bye now have a nice day Gloria
Letter 2
hello dear, how are you and nice hearing from you infact i am so much happt to have a man like you in my life and i am impress of you i wish i am with you to share rest of my life with you as i have been single for some yrs now you are nice and wonderful man who i would really like to be with and treat him like a king how lovely it will be when we are together having a good living making each other happy always. be sure you have found the right women now and i am very caring understanding humble and who is very easy to live with.
you are so sweet and lovely. i am comfortable doing or trying anything one least once, i have beem told that i and an excellent lisitener and problem solver, which i think is a plus. do not be shy about asking any questions you have of me that i may not have answered because that is the only way we learn about one another. i really want to share my life with you ok. you have brought much happiness in to my life.
i can't wait to establish a permanent relationship that would grown more and more to a highest level so we can be together. mere words could never completely express my fellings for you!!! to show you the ture depth of my feeling!!! i would have to be with you holding you close and looking deeply in to your eyes as i told you of my love for you. so i must tell you here with these mere words. never in my wildest dreams did i think that i would fine someone like you. especially here in the internet!!! i am so glad fate has brought us together, i cherish our time spend together and when we are apart i am counting the seconds until we are reunited once again. my love my mine is always filled with thoughts of you!!! youare so very special to me!!! you bring me so much joy and happiness!!!
when i feel angry you make me laugh. when i am sad you bring me cheer. sweetheart, i may not say this often, but please know that i love you with all my heart!!!
your future wife Gloria
Letter 3
Hello sweetie i am so happy when i have your email and i feel touched any time i read it. i really thank god i have you in my life and i promise you are the only man that i love and will till enternity. i only choose to be with you. created in this world to have you as a husband and compion. being my friend, husband confident hero and lover till death do us apart. you are my dream come ture baby. to me you my best friend you are the love of my life you are the soul mate of my life and forever i will be in love with you. thank you baby for making my dreams turely come ture...i love you much i can't wait to be with you. darling i and so glad that you have come in to my life. well, what can i say apart from Woooow!!! ever since you walked in to my life i have been smiling there hasn't been a day when i have gone to sleep with a frown on my face. i have always wanted the love of my life to be understanding and who would accept me for who i am i knew that you were Mr. perfect, thank you honey for everthing, i will love you till the end of time. i will not have to think twice if you want me to be your wife. i thank god every day for bring you in to my life. always and forever your Gloria
Letter 4

Hello sweetie nice hearing from you agian i am so much happy having a man like you and i feel very touch each and ever time i here from you. it make me feel like i have dream come true very soon, baby!!! i will be happy to have you in my life. i can come to you when ever you want me to. i only have to get my american passport renew. i really love the man you are i can't describe tis feeling i have within my soul, you came into my life with the help of god and he has given me the best gift i could ever receive, your love means more to me then life it self. i am ready to take that step in life to be youe most happiness wife in the world. Love, your Gloria forever hugs and kisses to my future husband, i love you babyyyyyyy!!!
Letter 5
Hello Sweetie
Good morning and how are you doing, i really miss you so much aand i can't stop thinking about you, Baby i will try as much aand call you if i have your cell phone numberand it doss't cost a lot in ghana Baby i will be very happy if you could get me the ticket and the name of my airport is Kotoka International airportbut Bsby i am having problem with my passport and i don't have that much money to get it renew. it is going to cost $360 do that sweetie i will be very happy if you could help me with the funds to get it renew. so you can send me the infor of the ticket so i can fly to you after i get my passport renew, be sure i really love the man you are and i will do everything i can to make you happy always and you will never be tired of me, you have really show me you love me so much and i really love that from you, i can't wait to be in your arms very soon and tell the whole world how much you really mean to me, i love you so much darlling... hope to here from you very soon have a nice wonderful day...kisses Gloria
Letter 6
Hello sweetie how are you and nice hearing from you once again i am so much happy to have a man like you in my life. I really miss you so much and i can't stop thinking about you. infact you have bring much joy and happiness in my life and i don't really know what to do with out darling. I will be so much if you could give me your cell phone number it will work when i call but you can't call me. Darling thank you very much for the ticket and this is my date of birth and full name Gloria Sase date of birth 19 may 1972, and baby it is costing me that much of my passpot is because it is an American passport and when i get it renew it is going to take me 6 years before it will expire again.
Baby you can sent the money though money gram you will need my full name and country and zip code. this is my information to send the money full name? Gloria
country? Ghana
zip code? 00233 i hope you so much and i can't wait to be in your arms very soon and share the rest of my life with you. try as much and send me the infor of the airplane ticket so i can get in the plane as soon as possible. when my passport get renew. and thank you uncle for me so much. and i can't wait to see your family and welcome them with much joy, i love you so much Baby and i need you in my life so much...a lot of kisses to your lips and good night Baby your forever love Gloria
Letter 7
Hello Sweeite How are you and nice to hear you once again i really miss you so much and i can't stp thinking about you, baby try as much and send me the money as soon as possible so i can get my passport renew. this is my full name and address Gloria
P.O. box 541
Accrsa- north
Ghana, Weet Africa i hope to hear from you very soon
your love Gloria
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