Scam letter(s) from Irina to Jason (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Jason,
I jump from happiness. I doubted a little that you write to me, I do not love unilateral communication, seems to me that not correctly.
The person leaves the message and he does not know, other person will read its message or not,
But we shall reject sad ideas, you have answered me and this main thing!!!
In my message I promised you that I shall send you a photo and will inform more about myself,
I do not want that you have told that I do not carry out the promises.
I shall send necessarily to you a photo with this letter.
I want to tell to you a history as I has sent you the message,
I think that it will be interesting to you. I never used e-mail earlier
Also has decided to use it only because I promised the friend.
She has left and asked me to write to her necessarily.
I long did not find time for this purpose, or possible, I am afraid to use
something new, but I arrived to the Internet of cafe that to write to friend the letter.
I never used the Internet and have asked help of manager
To me have helped with creation of mine e-mail and after it I have successfully written
The letter to my friend. To me have offered one more service,
Me have told that I can find the friend on correspondence or more. It became interesting to me,
And I have decided to send the message to you,
I once again want to thank you that you have written to me.
I want to tell you that my profile was filled quickly and consequently
I tell about myself more detail.
I live to Russia, city in which I live, names Volzhsk.
My name is Irina. I am 25 years, height is 5 ' 4 ' and my weight is 110 lbs
I am single. I have no brothers and sisters. I have not children. I nonsmoker and drink sociality.
Hair - black. Eyes - green. but it only "characteristics", (smile)
I think that for you it will be more interesting to find out my outlooks on life and that I want from life.
I the open person and I like when people with which I communicate are open also.
I can not bear lie even if it from good promptings. I not like when there is a roughness or a rage.
I want to construct relations. I want to have the friend or even to have love.
If me will ask, that I search in relations, I shall answer:
My deep wish is to find my Loving man and to build a family together,
to enjoy everyday life together, to share all pain and all happiness,
to have broad shoulders next to me, to feel secure with this man.
I can give my love, trust and care. I can be best friend.
I am quite strong to support in difficult situations. I just
want to be happy like everybody, to love life and to live for love.
Write to me your ideas about it, ok?
I hope that for you will be interesting to read my letter and it will not tire you.
I ask that you tell to me about yourselves, it will be very interesting to find out you better
You can ask me, I shall try to answer it.
I hope that you the responsible person and will not leave my letter without the answer.
Letter 2
Hi Jason!
I read your letter and understand all.
I think at us there are no problems with dialogue.
It was very interesting for me to read your letter.
I very badly am able to use the computer, therefore sometimes I do errors.
But I promise, that I will use the computer, and I will not do an error.
Why I write to you? You very interesting man for me.
I want to get acquainted with the decent man.
I want, that he was honour attentive to me.
I want, that there was a mutual understanding.
I had sad experience with the man, but he deceived me.
Besides he began more to drink and to strike me.
I was disappointed in our men.
I not want, that it to repeat.
I know that the people everywhere are different.
Besides in our country very hard to live.
Here a lot of criminals and narcotics.
I not want to live among it.
I never visited the other countries.
But I not want to make mistakes. I want to find out about you more.
I think we to remain the good friends in any case.
I want tell you about my family.
I live together with my mum and daddy..
My father work in militia(police), he the inspector.
It is dangerous work. Our friends and relatives respect him.
The mum working the cook in cafe. She prepares various and very tasty dishes.
I have learned much from my mum, Therefore I can independently cook various food.
I like to eat various salads. Also, certainly I like to eat sweet,
but I do not eat a lot of sweet because I look behind my figure. You love what food?
I love and very respect my parents.
I work in shop, the seller of female footwear.
I love to listen different musics. I also to listen music from your country.
More I like to listen to creativity of the singer - Madonna.
What you love to listen?
I also to be engaged in sports.
I very to love swimming.
Also I very much love a camping.
Concerning my favourite color. My favourite color red and dark blue.
Red color is similar to hot passion. Dark blue color is similar to the sky.
I very much wish to continue to learn you, and I want, that we continued to
write letters to each other, and continued to learn each other.
I shall wait with impatience the next your letter.
I would like to learn more about your life.
Letter 3
Hi my dear friend Jason!
Thank for your answer, I very waited it
I think constantly of you in free time of the work.
I in a hurry in the Internet cafe to read your letters and to respond on them.
Yes, I write you from Internet cafe. I have not computer in my house.
Because the price of the computer is very high for me.
It is not a pity that I can not visit the Internet of cafe very much frequently,
I very much would like that we corresponded more frequently.
With each new letter we became close to each other.
It is correct ?
I hope that you agree with me because I like you very much, and I hope that our relations will be only closer.
It is pleasant for me to correspond with you, I very much want to write to you more frequently and I hope that I can do it.
I have not telephone in my apartment, It is very bad, because it is very important thing in an apartment.
But I want to talk to you on the phone, and I want to hear your vote very much.
I think, that the phone conversation helps to learn each other better.
Also in a word it is possible to express much more than to write in the letter. What you think about it?
I shall search the way that we can communicate on the phone.
If it will be even short conversation but for me it will be very important!
I want continue relation with you. I want believe that all may be very well.
Though between us the big distance.
But some people meet to the friend to the friend really.
I also wish to meet my happiness. I would be very glad to build happiness with you.
What do you think of it? While it only my dreams I also should return a reality.
But I also think, that people should aspire to execute dreams. You agree with me?
To me it is necessary to finish my letter, and I want to wish you good mood these days and not forget me (smile).
I also hope, that you understand my English language. I always very much liked to study English language at school. Therefore I without problems can write and read in English. Also, I can talk in English.
To me also it will be pleasant, if you correct my errors in words.
I shall wait with impatience your letter and miss you!!!!
Your Irina
Letter 4

Hi favourite Jason!
I am happy to read your letter.
How are you ?
How mood? I think that you all right.
You ask me, what I do, when I have a free time? I very much like to walk in park.
Also I like to go to a cinema, or in theatre. Sometimes I go to cafe.
I want it is very strong.
I shall ask to god, that you to be healthy and happy.
I frequently to go in church.
It is very important for me. You to visit church?
What you ask the god?
I always ask him that all shall be is happy and healthy.
I know he hear me and make only good for people.
Each man in the world should live well and happily.
You agree with me?
I want know your opinion on this question.
I want tell about that my heart began beat more often when I think of you!!!!
I want ask you send me all photos, which you are have.
They will help me feel your presence near me.
I want feel you, your gentle sight, yours a smile, your hands.
I so I need in heat and care and I think that I ask not so much.
I search clean love and romanticism in the relations.
I love when all is beautiful, perfectly, is gentle and it is romantic!!!
I want have love-man.I want have with him family. And I want to feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, that aspire each man in life.
I was think that I have happiness in the past, but my heart trust was break .
I should to trust the man with which I have all life. To trust his each word, gesture, sight, smile.
The world have now a lot of meanness and deceit. Because is necessary to know the people with we near to speak everyday.
Do you trust people, that to surround you.
I not speak you, that is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, the man so is simply necessary know, be completely sure in him.
we are know each other it not for long time, but I trust you. I think I can love you and you me too.
My mum tell me, that I should be always open to other people.
I tell her, that our relations develop successfully.
And she is happy for us.
She dream that I at last should be not alone. And I can have family.
Also I spoke to my daddy about you. I does not speak to the daddy many words concerning feelings. But he was very glad to hear about you. And my parents speak to you: Hello Jason!!!
I now very much want talk about you!
I so want be with you pleasure personally, when I see your eyes and smile from that, that I am glad.
I want see your pleasure and share it with you.
I want know, what make you happy?
And I shall try all, because I wont to see you happy.
Please give me chance to make it!!!
Give me chance again feel by the favourite and fond woman.
I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of you each minute.
With love Irina
Letter 5
Hello my perfect Jason!
It was pleasant to me to read your letter.
Today I want to describe my working day :
Per working days I rise very early, at 5.00 in the morning.
When I am not rising yet from a bed I think about you and, how it would be wonderful to wake up near to you, kiss and tell you " Good morning, my love! "
With this dream I lay in my bed approximately during 5 minutes and I then go wash and clean my teeth.
During these procedures I dream of you again and I present you in a bath with the razor in a hand and it raises me very much.
Then I go to prepare breakfast.
Usually I drink tea with a lemon, but sometimes I allow myself coffee, only it is not so strong.
My breakfast consists of easy food, as I do not like to fill the stomach since morning.
I make sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs.
During breakfast I think of you by all means.
It would be pleasant to me to sit with you at a table and look how do you eat.
We would plan, what we shall do together after work.
After breakfast I go a work in the order.
I brush a hair and slightly emphasize of an eye by ink.
I do not use a lot of cosmetics and I do not like to paint the person very strongly.
It is badly influences a skin.
At 7.30 I go to my work.
To a place of my work I reach by a bus, because of I dont have the automobile.
My work is far from the 30 minutes of driving from my house.
At 8.00 my working day begins.
I come for work, and I start to place the goods. You remember, that I said, that I sell female boots. A dinner I take together with me from the house. Sometimes I go to cafe which to be close to my shop. But, usually I bear meal together with me by which I do independently. I finish my work in 5 pm.
After work, I am very tired and go home to take a shower and a little bit to have a rest.
We have supper by all family and tell each other about past day.
After supper, if I am in a condition to go, I go in the Internet cafe to read your letters and to write the answer.
Then I go home to sleep.
Before to fall asleep, I dream of you and about that, how it would be perfect to lay with you and caress your body by hands and lips.
With these ideas I fall asleep and I sleep till morning.
In the free time from my work I sleep.
I go in the Internet cafe to write to you.
If it is a good weather, I go for a walk in park.
Sometimes I go with friends to club or in cafe.
I also go in a cinema to watch a film.
I also have a rest at home.
I read the books, I continue to learn the English language and watch TV
I erase the clothes and prepare something tasty.
Probably it is all.
To me it is very interesting, how passes your day.
Now it is time to me to go home and to prepare tasty supper.
I shall wait for your letter.
Your Irina
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