Scam letter(s) from Angela Jose to Trevor (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Trevor.

Thanks for dropping me a line and sorry for the late response,I have been quite busy.Actually this is my first time of trying out this online dating stuff,I was introduced to it by a colleague .
Well,I 'm a missionary working with CARE, whose work entails helping out with less priviledged kids mostly orphans and we equally help out with sick kids around the globe.My work has taken me to so many parts of the world mostly third world countries.I have been doing this for quite sometime and just resolved it was time for me to help out with myself.My job has taken me to India,Chile,Peru......I was posted about 6 months ago from Bulgaria to the Western region of Africa,which is where I am presently NIGERIA to be presize.

I was born in Toronto,ON but had to move to Finland with my mom when I was about 2 years due to the fact that they got divorced.It was not so easy growing up with mom,because she was going through the trauma of divorce,but we managed to live a happy and contented life.

She was my world.She is the nicest of persons,always ready to lend an helping hand and very supportive.About 8 years ago she was diagnosed with cancer,but she still stayed strong through her illness.It's sad that she gave up the battle 3 years ago.Her death was the most devastating period of my life.But God gave me the strength to move on.I miss her till now,but I know she is with me everywhere I go.

Well there was so little I could say about him until he came to see us in Finland.He got our contact from my aunt who kept intouch with us through the years.He came actually to apologise for making us go through all we went through(to me it was rather too late because mom was dying).But it's not what he did that makes me not want to forgive him,it's about never even cared whether we lived or not.But nevertheless,he is still my dad and I pray God forgives him.

Well since this is my last trip for now,before I come back to CANADA to live in the house where I should have grown up with a loving family(dad passed away and left me the house in ON).First thing on my agenda is to meet that special someone,definitely we have to be friends at first and see where it leads.I see myself living a happy life with my man and hopefully kids.My Ideal man should be Honest, Gentle, old Fashioned, Passionate, Romantic, Kind, Open minded, Determined, Focused, Independent, Loyal, Straight Forward and most of Love. Someone whose heart is full of Love to share.

This has been the most affecting aspect of my life infact it turned my life upside down but led me to Christ(talk more on it as we get to know better).I have had some relationships,at first they tend to be the perfect one for you,but as time goes by,I find out they are not what they seem to be.The only thing that eludes me is love, I have the heart to Love, am really for Love, but its just too hard to find one these days. Am putting all that have got into this. All I want is a loving caring man that will always be by my side. I need to be open to you right from on here, for every relationship that is build on trust, honesty and truth will definitely stand the test of time. This only thing that is online thing offers is a great opportunity for us to get to know ourselves better and eventually if we both fall in love and feel the chemistry, it will be easy for us to get along. I hope you agree with me on that.

I like being with the kids and putting smiles on their little faces.My work takes me around the globe,so I tend to see so many place and meet so many people.I like outdoors and listening to music,gardening and the general outdoors.

Dishonesty.....I hate it when you tell me you'll be there and you are not.

Hopefully this will give you an insight about me.Anyway to cut the story short,I will be getting home soon,finally, and I want to meet a soul mate who will be there for me at all times in life....Its my first time of doing this online thing,and i hope it works out for me.I will be back home in some few weeks but in the main time I need a company, someone i can always communicate with while i am here cause.. I get bored most times after the days work, then see where it goes from there.


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