Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Zaytseva to Michael-Graham (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Graham,
Before to write to you, I was overcome with doubts - whether you will understand me correctly?! I wished to be silent, because I was afraid to push away you, but I can not. The feeling stated Let will be better, rather than hidden it is deep in itself - then they would not have sense … And to me that you Graham for me absolutely especial, I love you would be desirable to tell only. Believe, it is the truth, only, the truth, and if you do not trust in sincerity of my recognition, it will appear it is not right. You know, strong the passion can be what, whether the feeling of love is familiar to you? Whether you will give me hope for reciprocity which I at all do not demand though I can wish? But, as to me to be assured, whether you will concern to my recognition with irony, a sneer, in that case it would deliver to me a pain … Understand me Graham, understand my words which not in forces to constrain. Whether you will deny, that relations between us are inconceivable, whether will begin to object all above written, anyhow I cannot agree with it. Whether you trust in mystical law of events, what all in our world not casually? And, whether you trust what occuring to us often is beyond usual understanding of a reality? Unless it is possible to constrain the words of love passionately torn outside, to resist which in forces? I would like to understand you Graham, and, it seems to me, I would manage … Certainly, all it is too complex, but I hope, you trust me? Believe, to me it was very complex to make this step. Not because I hesitate of the feelings but because I was afraid. I am afraid, that you will push away me from yourself, because you are very dear for me. Because I have grown fond of you Graham. I very much miss under your letters. And I wish more and to know more increasing about you. I miss, very much I miss, when I have no an opportunity to read your letters. And I think of in what you now are engaged and whether you think of me. Or you busy and you do not recollect something me. I even sometimes represented you and me, sitting together in park and talking with each other. I thought, how you Graham will concern to that I shall tell to you about the feelings. I thought, that if we were face to face to make it it would be much easier. Is not present, most likely, probably, it is not easier. If I have decided to make it I finally would stand and you waited that about what will tell and waited, waited for a recognition from you. Probably, would try to hint you somehow. But nevertheless I would wait. And now it to make easier though and not so it is simple. I hope, that you will understand me, will understand my feelings to you. And here I finish the letter, and I shall wait now for your answer. I shall look forward, because much will depend on your answer.
Yours Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my love Graham!
To me it is very sad and it is sad also, that we did not meet yet, etc. But I should tell to you. That I against your arrival to my country since it is very dangerous to you. In the first, for me that if with you something to happen will be very insulting. And consequently I do not presume to fly to you to my country, in my country now it is a lot of crimes, and their victims become basically tourists! I saw it as that in news which were from us in Russia! And all this became very a pity to me of that person which has gone through, at he have taken away all of money, jewelry and documents, have left only clothes which was on he! After that he could not leave home in current of month, but nevertheless he could leave, he from hes the countries the embassy has helped with Russia! Only on it I do not want that you came to me to the country, I very strongly do not want that with you something happens as I shall not go through it! I wish to tell to you, that I worried, when wrote to you last letter. I did not know, that you will write to me. But now I am assured, that I dear for you and that I can always count on you. My dear Graham I love you! I am am overflown with feelings now and I am ready to shout about it for the whole world I LOVE YOU! I would like to tell it so loudly that you have heard me! Today when I shall leave from the Internet of cafe I shall go on quay of our city and I shall tell for the whole world as I love you! Please, listen! Perhaps, you will hear? It certainly a joke my love Graham. You do not represent, as I would like to appear now now near to you, to embrace you to kiss. You my most dear and the most favourite for me Graham! As it is a pity that we now far apart. You represent, how it would be good to appear now beside? We could touch to each other, you could press me to yourself, kiss. I very much wish to kiss you. You my love Graham! You do not represent my love, what feelings at me now. I now would give all to be with you beside. I dream of how we with you shall be together. I would like now that we together with you now went on park. It is very romantic. We kept for hands. Joked, had fun, ran one after another on park. And then you will press me to yourself and will kiss. It would be top of pleasure, then we would retire somewhere … It is a fantasy!!! I dream of you Graham! I love you!!! My love now I wish to talk to you about serious. Graham I have solved that you that person with which I wish to live the life. I speak now seriously. I thought of it and have made a decision. My love I shall arrive to you! I very strongly want it. Now nothing will stop me. I want to you, and I want you. My love Graham I already spoke you, that my sister has left abroad, and I know that for this purpose is required. Today I shall go to travel agency and I learn that is necessary for me for travel to you my love. Inform me, please, exact your data and the airport in which I should arrive. My love Graham I is assured, that soon we shall together with you! I LOVE YOU! Your love Olga!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Graham!
I am very glad again to read your letter, your letter really fill me with great and powerful energy, which is called love! Graham dear, I am very glad that you admitted to me in love with me, I am also very fond of you. Graham dear, I understand your feelings now, I am also very much want to come to you, but I do not have such an opportunity, because, I do not earn so much money, and I can not afford to pay for their journey to you, and I was very uncomfortable to ask help you, because I really well educated woman and I can not take such a step. Of course I do not want to wait for that moment when I can come to you, because this would require four (4) years, and I'm not sure that you'll wait for me for so long. I can take you through just in case if you do so agree, but not otherwise! I urge you to think about what I wrote to you earlier in this letter. Graham dear, that you fear that you're testing me I'm a crook or not, it is absolutely normal, because it's really bad when a man upset because a woman just because of money. When these people do not realize that they are mostly destroyed the lives of men from another country. And on this I totally agree with that, sooner or later these people will get their just deserts and to the full extent of the law. Maybe I'm not much behind the curve, but it's so easy not to leave, I wonder then, where watched the power of those or other countries? In my opinion of my government or the country simply do not care about what is happening to civilians. The citizens of your country, give huge amounts of completely unknown people from my country, and only because this could start a third (3) World War I, and our country will not be in the union, because the inhabitants of our country, specifically its waste did so much pain and distress to people from your country! You might be wondering why I called the people of our country's garbage, it is only because that's what people in which nothing was left of the human and not possible to call people! I hope you did not have such cases, when a woman from my country will rob you and do not come to you, even though she promised that she will come to you? Perhaps in this I will end my letter, and ask you to think over everything. I told you! With impatience I shall wait for your letter!
Your love Olga.
Letter 4

I'm sorry, but I can not tell you "Yes!" I really do not want to you that either happened! But this does not mean that my family no one can take! I'm just very afraid for you and your health! As I've said before, we have a lot of crimes in the country, and therefore I can not allow that to you that something happened! Perhaps you do not understand, but I can not so much risk with your health! If you come here, and with you something happens, then I very much worry for you will not be able to live with this problem! I really would like you to give up their ideas! Today I can not write you a great letter!
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