Scam letter(s) from Kristina Barova to Hatem (Tunisia)

Letter 1
Hi, how are you? First of all i want to tell you that i am very pleased to meet you! So, i guess i should tell just a little bit about me, right? My name is Kristina, my last name is Barova. I live in Ukraine, please don't miss it with Russia because they are two different countries. What about the town where i live it's on the west of Ukriane, Vinnitskij region, Tulchin town, the populations is about 15 847 people, so you see it's actually not that big. You know, i am really interested in our communication. Of course it's not so easy to tell you in two words why. I can tell you why i am here. A few month ago i had finished relations with one man, it's a long story, if you want i will tell you later. He was from my country and after i tried to start new relations but that was all wrong and so, when i went to school for learners of English language there i met one Ukrainian lady, who was married with a man from abroad, so she said that men of all countries are very different, so may be my prince is somewhere far away from me and i should try to search for him. The best way is the Internet of course, that's why i am here and i am writing you. I am happy that you are interested in me and i really hope you have a serious intention ; ) So, also i want to tell you that i am 24 y.o. and i study at the university, the major is journalistic and linguistics. I am graduating the next year. Even i am still so young, i really got tired to be alone, i really want to make a family, i want to get married, you know what i mean. I think that i am ready for this. Don't worry, i know that doing such a step like writing to a man, who is far away from me i can fell in love and i understand that in this case we will have to meet. And even i can have a choice to stay to live here or to leave everything and to go to live abroad, i want you to know that i am ready for everything, as i am a grown up girl enough and i do understand everything. Well, ok i think that we have to know each other better first, ok? So, i am really pleased to meet you, i will be waiting for your reply impatiently! your new friend Kristina
Letter 2
Hello Jalel! Thank you very much for your reply. I am so happy to get it from you. Today, i was exited to open my mail box and to find your letter Well, i am ok thank you, i am happy to know that you are also good Let's continue to get to know each other better. So, i hope you are interested in what i am doing in my free time and what my plans for the future. As i told you before, i am studying to be a journalist, i do it successfully even it's not very easy, but i am doing my best! I am not that career concerned, i think that family plays the most important role in the life of all women. I am not an exception, i told you that i really want to make a family and to find for this a decent man. Also, i want to finish my education. So, what about you? What is your goals in life? I really want to know you better. I know that it's not that easy, because it would be better to hold your hand, to look into your eye, to hear your voice, by the way, what about phone number, if you want i can give it to you and you go ahead and call me, so we can hear the voice of each other at least +380995649912 here it is. I will be waiting for your phone call. By the way, i should tell you something, i don't have my own computer and that's why i can't use the messenger, because i usually use the Internet in the Cyber club of my university and there it's not allowed to install any kind of messengers, they have very old computers here. But, of course i want to talk to you more, that's why phone conversation is the best for me. Well, i also should say that, i live with my family, with my mom and dad and i have en elder sister and two wonderful nieces, the youngest one is also my Christian daughter, she is only 2 years old. Well, i also should tell you that i am very religious and every Sunday i go to church to pray. Also some years ago i was a member of the church chorus but i am done already, i am very busy with my studying. Well, i hope that you will be glad to read this letter from me, i am waiting for your reply ; ) I wish you all the best ; ) your Kristina
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