Scam letter(s) from Elena Saukina to Oguz (Turkey)

Letter 1
My dear Oguz. It is very a pity to me, that at me so it has turned out.
It is a pity to me, that you have denied assistance to me.
I not to know, that to me to do at me there is no money for entrance to the country to you and there is no money to leave home. I not to know, that to me to do.
All right, I will sit probably at the airport and to wait, I do not know that to me to wait.
I not to understand, why you have given up to me. With love Elena
Letter 2
Hello again my dear. I till the evening was engaged in replacement of tickets,
I am very tired. Then I still to go to make a x-copy of the ticket for you.
I to make a x-copy because I could not make a picture from the camera.
I to send you a copy. You can send tomorrow morning to me of money.
I should to have time buy tickets for Moscow. I will look forward to hearing from you.
I hope, that you now trust me. With love yours Elena
Letter 3
Hello my dear. How are you? I'm fine. I to draw out money.
I today since morning to go to airline to my girlfriend.
I to take from it tickets and to give money. Everything, tickets at me now on hands.
But she to me as has told. That it is necessary for me to have at itself money for entrance to the country.
At me at customs in Moscow will check my money. She to me has told, that it is necessary for me to have for every day 50 dollars, it turns out, that I should have at myself 350 dollars. As my start will be from Moscow and it is necessary for me to fly to Moscow, tomorrow morning. I should be at the airport at 10-00. Money for arrival to Moscow makes 350 dollars.
I should have 700 dollars at myself. I tried to borrow at friends and native, but nobody could help me.
I do not know other exit how again to ask money for you. 700 dollars more are necessary to me to arrive to you to Turkey. We have not enough time. We cannot hesitate.
You can send today to me that I tomorrow early in the morning or tonight to draw out money and to go to Moscow.
Understand, this money is necessary for me to arrive to you. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Elena
Letter 4

Hello my dear! Very very happy to receive your letter! When I go to work, I just think that to get your letter. And the first thing I include in the work of the computer and check whether you have written me a letter. If I get a letter from you it means for the whole day I have a great mood! I feel very comfortable that we met. You are a very interesting person and I love you. It is a pity that we live in different countries. I have a feeling that as if I know you very long.
You do not have such feelings? I already told you that I wanted to create a happy family. I am so very lacking. And you would like this?
Because the family is to ensure we live on this earth. I met yesterday with his girlfriend and told that to meet you. She is very jealous, I)))) because it is also one. Well I need to go to work will be very wait your letter! I wish you a nice day! I will think about you))))
Yours faithfully Elena!
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