Scam letter(s) from Inna Gatovtseva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear!
I am happy that you wrote to me. I think you are very interesting and charming man.
I want to tell about myself. My name is Inna.
I am 32 Years old.
I live on Ukraine. My hobby is cooking, sports, and music. I like to paint. I like visit museums of modern art.
I love nature and open air picnics with my friends.
I am very sensitive, cheerful, communicative, kind person.
I work a manager. My job is interesting and fascinating.
I have daughter. She is nine. Her name is Maria – I call her Masha. I love my daughter; she is sociable and a good child. She loves sports and computer. She loves painting too.
Tell me about yourself. What are you doing? What is your hobby? Do you have children?
I dream to meet the man who is kind, candid, and mellow to me and my child.
Good-bye, hope for your soon answer.
Letter 2
Hello dear!!
I am happy that you wrote to me. I think you are very interesting and charming man
I would like to know more about you. It is difficult for me to start our communication in such a way, as it is not so easy to tell you about myself. But in any way in this letter I will try to express the main thoughts to become closer to you. I think the beginning of our correspondence will help us to become good friends.
I often think about my life. It is difficult to tell what is better - to be alone or to search to itself for pair. You and he are two independent states with a huge stock of physical, emotional and spiritual treasures. But it is pleasant - in the summer on Sunday to leave on the nature and to take a walk with children, to receive visitors on house holidays. From childhood I was surrounded by love, intelligent, well-being of people.
My inner world was shaped by the music of Bach, Scriabin, Stravinsky - I played the piano as until 20 years, but once I focused on - economic - in higher education. I like to travel, learn other peoples' culture, to visit theaters and exhibitions. I have good benefits and pay attention only to the worthy subjects of any field.
I also care about my appearance, which is scheduled for daily my diary. I am very energetic.
Now I work as a manager. My greatest treasure is my Masha. I will never live apart from her. What is the name of your son?
I look for serious relationship with a strong and capable to love man. Like every person, I dream about a big love, about a feeling like in the clouds, about soft kisses and warm candle light and so on, and you?
Dear Reggie, I don’t play here, in the Internet I search for the love, the man, the native soul. Unfortunately, here in Ukraine I have not met such person. I work much, after job I hurry home to the daughter after all it is necessary to help her with lessons, to prepare a supper and simply to stay with her. I haven’t time to go to clubs, restaurants and other places where people usually get acquainted.
I dream to meet the man for whom the most valuable things will love and family, and this time I'm sure it will be forever. I want to devote myself entirely to my beloved man, love him, care for him, to rejoice with him, to die of boredom when he's not with me.
Also I like your intentions, in my opinion you're serious in finding girl for life, but dear let's not hurry, let's know each other better, and perhaps in the future we will go together, and I’ll be proud to be able to say to hole world - my husband and I’m his woman, his wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can assure you that I'm an honest girl, but before you ask me my full name and address - you had to give yours. when we know each other better - of course I'll tell them, may in the next letter.
Kisses Inna
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!
I could not answer your letter earlier - all of us were ill with a flu.
You probably heard about that that a situation at us sharp? Training at schools yesterday has begun - they have been closed throughout 3 weeks.
I would like to clear at once a situation - I wait and I search only for serious relations!
Therefore I at first should see you in skype - I was registered my login Inessa7880. I should know that you real and (forgive me for this word) the normal.
I watched many transfers on TV about that as foreigners entice our girls.
Some girls become slaves on farms or ****** slaves. Another someone cuts out and sells in the black market a liver and kidneys, sometimes a **** brain.
I ‘m clever woman also know what dangerously to give the address and my co-ordinates to strangers. When I will see that you are the real person when I will hear you - you will receive my address and all the rest. I never would began to go to the stranger to the unfamiliar country!!
Don’t think I’m rude please - - I am simply very cautious.
I came to this site only one purpose, to find my love, my happiness, my man to join him go away forever into the world of happiness, love and understanding. I know what happiness is and I am ready to share it with you
I wish to create a family similar to a family of swans. Yes, I was not mistaken, I admire with these birds. After all they find out each other, as well as people - in the face. The swan does not release the spouse.
Their touching attachment to each other was included for a long time into a saying.
Somehow I have read, that the British scientists have made experiment, whether checking by means of the special gauges installed on birds tails, - are they so faith one to another as it accepted to think. The result has appeared quite expected: yes, the swan which lost the partner, of course, does not rush, as in romantic histories from huge height to break about the earth. He is not inclined to suicide, but for a long time or forever remains the widower.
The unions of these perfect birds - is evidence of strong family relations. Divorces and quarrels don’t happen. The swan family is never separated for a long time: they together float, extract food, build nests, bring up children, and depart to the far warm countries.
And the grown up kids remain with them till the spring. I want, that in my family with my beloved man were the same relations. You can count me very romantic, even silly a little, but I will say to you - I dream about it, I very strongly want it, and I am assured, that when the person dreams about something very strongly and represents it - it happens obligatory. You agree with me?
My cousin has only a webcam, but she has no microphone - I have checked up already. Therefore we can see each other and correspond. It is simply wonderful!
At Thursday and Friday I end my work at 18-00 p/m. I can be in cousins home at 18-30 19-00 – I’ll be waiting for you in skype! We can discuss all the things!
Kisses from Inna
Letter 4

Hello my friend. Thank you for your letter and you noticing this strange profile.
I end to write you letters because I have already meet person whom I like very much.
I'm sorry but he is still more suited to me in age. I use skype now for speaking with him only - I dont want he knows that I speak and write anybody else. I really like him!!
But you have found a very strange profile - because it it not my sername, I live in Lugansk but not in Kiev!
and it is not my Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)!!! and Weight: 136 lbs (61.5 kg)!!!
I'm very miniature woman - 157 cm and 49 kg!!! Its trouble me!!
And this profile has only 3 photo of me - I have send them for several man with whom I haved corresponding a mounth ago.
I saw that there man can call me for money - someone wants to make money on me. I can not do anything because this profile is not mine - someone is using my photo! Can you advise me what to do? If the man whom I met see this profile?
Can you write to this woman and ask her for more fotos and letters? or ask her to send you photo in kiev - I have never been in Kiev - its interesting what ther say to u?
this is my only e-mail.
You can send me answer here.
I wish you found your soulmate as I have found!!
He will arrive to me soon maybe in spring - I'm happy now I wish you the same!
and please write me answer on this letter!! Inna
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