Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Yourieva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hi It's very pleasant for me that you have written me and many thanks. I really see, that you are interested in me and want find out me better. I also would like to know about you much, but I shall not accelerate event of our acquaintance, let all takes its normal course.
You agree with me? Before to tell about itself, I want to tell where I have found yours e-mail. I think, you will strongly not be afflicted on me because of it...? My good girlfriend worked in agency of acquaintances earlier and I have asked her that she has acquainted me with the man from other country. She has given me your address and I have decided to write to you. Earlier I never di it and it was not necessary for me. I at all do not know a computer and recently began to study to work on a computer, it seems to me, that it's very interesting also to me necessary to find out for a long time computer and to study to work on it as now in our life it very much helps. I want to tell at once that I look for man who wants to create strong family, dreaming about loving honest wife who wants to leave work easy and come back home, where love and wait him. I do not look for fun. Now I will try to tell a little about myself. I am 32 years old, I was born 17 January 1977. My childhood was not cheerful and happy - I am orphan, the most part of my life, I lived in children's shelter, I know nothing about my parents and never saw them, I do not have opportunity to find out about them. I tried to find something about my parents, but have not found any information. Till 18 years I was in Joshkar-Ola, but it was necessary for me own apartment, I dont like to live in hostel, and I have left for small town which names Zvenigovo. It's in heart of Russia. I have moved back recently as here have employed job in children's clinic. Now Im live in Joshkar-Ola. You can have question why I looking for dating for men in Internet, I will be fair with you: I want to leave from Russia always, this country have brought me much burning and sufferings, I want to find man who can present me caress, love, family heat. It's a little about my hobbies: I am fond of aerobics, I go some times on week in sports hall, each woman keep up her figure and appearance should seems to me. I do not smoke, I prefer weak wine or champagne from alcohol drinks. I very like to read, look good, qualitative cinema. I adore pets. In summer I like to leave on nature and spend some days there. My profecy children's doctor, for this purpose it was necessary me to be in university 6 years, I work little bit more than 1 year, I was arranged right after endings university, I like to help people, and I do not want to change my profecy but if I should change my work, I can work on another work too. One insulting only that in Russia doctors receive one of smallest salaries when all over the world it's prestigious profecy. It's a little difficult for me to tell about myself, I hope, you will ask me questions, and I will answer them with pleasure. I hope to receive in the next letter from you some information about you and your life and I hope to see your photos. Smile My daily email: please write me there. With the best regards and wishes... Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hi. Thanks for photos. Now I shall try to answer your questions, it is very pleasant for me to write to you and to speak with you about our life. Thanks, you have written letter and the main thing you have told me the truth... About internet... yes, I heard from another people, now here in internet it is a lot of attempts of deceit and monetary frauds. And its disturbs me too very much. I want to tell you at once, I do not want and I do not pursue given purpose to play game with feelings of another people. I have explained and have stated my purposes and I hope, you will understand me. I deny any sort deceits and I condemn those people who do it. Yes, I know, it is very difficult for you to be engaged in this searches and you need very seriously and attentively concerns even to my letters... I understand you and your excitement, but I do not know that to you still to tell in this occasion, I shall not be justified because I of fields than is not guilty, if my compatriots are such mercenary in the intentions. I shall not justify anybody. To you to decide, that will be farther because I cannot order to you something or insist on the opinion. I also think, injustice, hypocrisy and lies do not do person better in opinion of other people. I think, is necessary to concern with understanding to people and to all things in our life which us surround. There is huge quantity of people which dishonourableness cover with shadow positive and fair people for whom vital principles above all. You talk me about difference in our ages. Usually it is older man with younger women in marriage in my supervision. I believe it has to do with women being more mature earlier in life. Therefore age concept relative in marriage. In my opinion, the main thing not what age of man and what he keeps in heart, his character, vision of life and pleasure by life. For me it has no huge value, I know that I can construct marriage with person who is more older than me. He can tell me in what I have no life experience and we can find the common in our hearts faster. What do you think? I think, that age in this case is not of great importance, it's much more pleasant to me have dialogue with more senior for itself the man which can help and understand a difficult minute, to be a near when poorly on soul both on heart and as a whole with such the man it's possible to go safely on a life, to know, that a near is the true, serious person. I shall be glad to speak by with you to phone. But I do not have phone as in the house where I live there is no telephone line and it is impossible carry out phone in all my house where I live not only I, but still set of families. Probably you also have such houses, with set of apartments, usually they are under construction in cities. I live in such apartment house. Ok if you will write to me the phone number, I shall try to call to you from familiar. But I shall not promise, that it will be fast, because all people have problems and efforts and a free time it happens very little, you should understand it.... I yet absolutely well understand in it and I can not even know, that such and how to talk on a site, for me all this new and not clear. Can be later when to me all this will be clear, I can adjust or ask something someone that to me have adjusted programs. While I in it understand nothing, probably for you it looks very ridiculous.....? I think, that we can write each other letters and find our dialogue in letters. Its my adress:
Yoshkar Ola
Sovetskaya street 140 Yourieva Ekaterina In the following letter I shall tell to you about myself more, it seems to me, that we shall find common language during our dialogue.
You not against? I with impatience wait from you for the answer.

Letter 3
Hi. I am glad that you to me have written also to me it pleasantly, but unfortunately at me all is not absolutely good... Thanks for photos. I today do not have any mood that or to do and me it seems that for me today as a damnation, with me there was what I in any way did not expect. I as always having woken up with morning, have washed and have made an easy breakfast before going for work have decided to put the washing machine on a mode of automatic washing, have included and have gone for work. All went well, there have not arrived yet neighbours to me to a polyclinic and have asked to arrive urgently home when I have risen to myself and has gone to a bathroom, at me it was not simple words and I was in a shock after that that have seen, on a floor dampness and places water, but it not the main trouble, later when I have gone down to neighbours I was simply captured with a panic at a kind of their bathing room... (at me tears on eyes) have appeared. The ceiling places was in cracks and everywhere a stain from dampness, a corner and adjoining to it walls wet and were crumbled... I for a long time could not come in myself and the most awful will be ahead, within the next few days there should arrive the insurance agent and show me the account for repair by a bath of neighbours... I should pay damage to them and to this it is necessary to cause the master for repair of the washing machine and to do in a bath fine repair, I am simple in horror and I do not know as me to be??? What to me to do??? You ask me why I not so am interested in the moments of the structure which you have sent me.... I to you once again can tell your words which you wrote to me in each letter. You are not confident who I saw a lot of deceit on the Internet. You do not believe anybody. I also leave behind myself the right to doubt in something and why I spoke you, that the most serious acquaintance will be not in our letters, and in real our meeting. Everything, that can be written in the letter, does not give full confidence neither me, nor you. Can happen so..... In your letters, you write to me pleasant words, and actually to realities absolutely another. I have told to you, I not against if you arrived to me. If you think that I cannot receive the visa, you know more me, I shall not argue with you. And in general why you think, that I ignore your letters.....? I attentively read them and to me all is clear, because you in detail tell about all. I should not ask again something you more. Concerning your child if so it is possible to tell..... You should me tell about him if to you something because I wrote to you my attitude to children as a whole is necessary to tell. I hope that at you all well and there are no serious problems in a life at present and you will have desire to write to me the letter and which will lift to me mood, on extremely measure I on it hope... Yours faithfully Ekaterina
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