Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Mityakova to Gene (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Gene. You gave me your e-mail and I am very pleased to write to you. Do you remember me?
My name is Tatyana. What is your full name? I am a single woman. I am looking for man for friendship and serious relationship. I want to find our chemistry. I send you my photo.
I think that it is you enjoy! I will be glad to see again your letter. Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello Gene! I am glad to receive a letter from you. I am glad that our acquaintance continues. I think that we have the same goal for dating and we need to know each other. I want to tell more about my life. I live with my parents in the village. I work as a hairdresser. I worked 5 days a week. And I have a day off Saturday and Sunday. I have little free time. All I spend my time at work. I have no sisters and brothers. I have no man more years. I am not able to get acquainted with a man in my village.
And my friend advised me to seek man on the Internet. And now I go to internet cafe to write to you Gene.
I have little understanding in computers and need some help in the Admin. Previously, I never had any acquaintance in Internet and computers. My free time I usually carry at home or with friends. I love to read magazines and watch the serials on television. Gene How do you spend your spare time? I ask you tell about your life and your hobbies. My birthday is November 15. I will be 27. In this age I want to have a family and serious relationship. Gene. When's your birthday? Dear Gene, I want to tell you that I also do not like music "rap". I think that this is a very wild music. Tell me how is your mom Gene?
You told me about their daily lives and it is very good. This is probably tiring to go to the car so much time to the city.
I send you my photo. I think that the photo you like. I want you to write me every day and as often as possible. But Saturday and Sunday I can not write you. I wish you good mood and more smiles. Bye Bye Gene!
Your new friend Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello my dear Gene! I am very pleased to again receive your letter. My day went as usual. Morning I go to work. I told you that I am working barber. I do various women's haircuts. After work, I usually go home.
And now I go to internet cafe to see your new letter. I am very pleased that our correspondence continues.
I am very glad to learn more about you. I beg you to tell me more about your life. I shall be very glad to hear all the details of your life. We must be open to each friend in everything. Then we will be good friends and learn our compatibility. Gene, what more do you want learn about me? I have no particular hobbies. I am also fond of sports. And you Gene, you love sports? How you do you like sports? My kind of sport - aerobics and athletics. I want a special sports club. I love to look good. I think that we will one day be able to talk on the phone. What do you think? I beg you to take seriously our correspondence and answer my questions. My letter and the questions do not tire you Gene? I like to write to you and to share with you thoughts. Gene, I am sending you more my photos. I think they will like you and cause smile. I beg you to tell about your relatives. You have a lot of friends? Dear Gene, you asked me about our weather now. We are now very cold.
It was still autumn, but we have already snowed. My health is good. We have a very cold and I hope that I do not get sick Gene. I sleep enough. I try to go in time. To sleep and get up for work. Kushan I'm good.
My mom and I are preparing a very tasty Gene.
I want a serious relationship with you. And you Gene, you want a serious relationship? I want our correspondence continued and brought us pleasure. I kiss you Gene! I want to see your letter very soon.
Kiss Tatyana
Letter 4

Hello my new friend Gene! I am very pleased to again write to you. I love to read your letters and write to you. I think that you also love my letters. Gene you like my letter? I am writing to you with all my heart and I think that they bring you good mood and smiling. I think that you're a very good man.
And I love to spend time in an Internet cafe and write to you. What more do you want to know about me?
Usually I always lonely. I had a friend. Its name is Kristina. But now she's married and lives very far away. She met the Internet with a man and left Russia. I am very glad that Kristina found her love.
Recently I wrote a letter to Kristina. I got soon response from her. She told me that she is living happily with her husband. They are very fond of each other. And they will soon be born child. Now she has a happy family and I am very happy! I also want to get married and live with my favorite man. Perhaps it will you Gene? =)))) But we need to figure out our relationship with time and should not be hasty. Do you understand me Gene? Gene, I want one talk to you on the phone and hear your voice. I have no home phone. But I have a cell phone number: +79177066160. I do not know whether he could make international calls. Gene You want us to talk on the phone? I beg you to give me your number phone. Your home and cell phone number. I think that I myself will be able to call you one day. I think that an international call is expensive. And I can not call you often. But I still want to talk to you over the phone. Dear Gene, I actually agree with you that it is better to have one close friend than ten bad ones. You certainly delicious cooking. And I'll be very happy to taste your food. I also love to cook. But I can not make such an elegant dish as you cook.
Dear Gene, I do not mind that you have very good relations with your neighbors. It's very good that you are so hospitable with your neighbors. You know I have very little. Even we can say that I almost do not know anything about America. You tell me that we can together find a hobby. And I will be delighted, Gene. You know we have such a holiday. But Russia did not attach significance to this holiday and did not celebrate it.
Gene, I very much enjoyed our conversation. I want to see your letters every day. Also, I send you another my picture. I think that you it likes you! Do you have photos of your friends? Or your new photo? I wish you Gene, good humor and a lot of joy! Bye bye Gene! Tatyana
Letter 5
Hello dear Gene! I am very pleased to see again your letter. My day today was as usual.
I am happy to go to internet cafe to see your letter. Gene, how was your day? How are you?
How your mood? I really want to communicate more with you. I want to tell more about yourself.
My height is 166 sm. My weight 56 kg. My eye color - green. Gene, I take seriously to our correspondence. And you Gene, really like me. Gene, you have a web camera? I think it would be very good talk on the web camera and see each other! What do you think about this? I asked an administrator at an Internet cafe. And they told me that very soon the Internet cafes will be web camera. I'll tell you when it happens. Ok?
Gene, I am very glad that you carefully read my letter and gave me your phone number. I understand that you're serious about me and I am very glad! Dear Gene, you know I'm not very interested in politics. But I can tell you that our economy in Russia is not so good. I can only say that I know that we have now are still people laid off from work. We are now very cold weather. And we have snow fell. Now everyone wears a warm jacket. My family is very good. I feel great. Thank you Gene that ask me about my family I am very pleased. You know my girlfriend went to France. It is now very happy living with her husband.
I want our relationship continued. And I want in the future must meet with you Gene. And you Gene? But we must hurry. We should be confident in us. We must trust each other. I do not want just a friendship. You know I Gene? At first we were friends, and then time will tell what will happen next. And we learn our compatibility and love. But first we must necessarily meet. Only then will we find out our relationships and feelings. Gene,you have more photos? I Kiss you, my dear friend Gene. Tatyana
Letter 6
Hello my dear Gene! I was very write to you again. My day passed as usual. Nothing new. My days of dreary and boring. But when I go to internet cafe, my mood rises. And I like dawn of your letters.
I feel warm and cozy with you Gene. I am encouraged by your letters, and you Gene, I like you very much. How was your day?
My parents are now retired and not working. My mother worked at the factory. My dad also worked at the factory. The plant is located next to our village. At the factory, which produces chemical industry.
Because of this, in our village is very bad environment. My Village located in the republic Chuvachiya.
I think you will find my village in the maps google. You should write: Russia, Republic Chuvachiya, Village Abashevo. I tell you that it is very a small village and not as a city.
I always wanted to leave my village. And I want to find better paid jobs and marry. Do you think I can find a good job as a hairdresser in your country? Gene, what do you think? I have never been in another country and I was not in the big cities. I think that in time my life changed, and I find my love and live in his house. This is - my dream. Gene, what is your dream? I think that in a few weeks or a month - a long vacation. And I think that in my vacation, we can meet. What do you think about this Gene? Do you want us to meet? Maybe I can visit you? I think it would be very nice and unforgettable time! I very much want to visit you and your country.
I kiss you Gene! I am sending you a photo of my parents and also my photo. Do you like my photo? I ask that you write me a letter tomorrow. I will be very waiting! Tatyana
Letter 7
Hello darling Gene! My day went as usual. My mood is good. I think that we have a lot of each others know.
Then we can say for sure - we are very good spiritual friends. I think that first you need to know good man. And then you can trust him. What do you think Gene? I could not even imagine, I could find in the Internet such a good friend. Such a good man like you Gene! With you I can talk about many things, feeling free. You feel as with me? I told you that I am serious about our relationship. And I want serious relationship with you Gene. In Russia, I have very few friends. Few people I can trust my secrets. The only people whom I trust is my parents and grandmother.
They closest my people. Also, I can trust my friend Kristina. Now I met you. And you Gene, for me to become part of my life and I am very pleased. I think that I can also trust you Gene. I am happy that you Gene entered my life.
And my life has become more complete and bright. And you Gene, a lot of people whom you can trust? Can you trust me?
Or do you think that we still know little about for this?
I told my parents yesterday about our correspondence. And my parents pass on to you Hello. My parents are happy that we found each other and became good friends. Gene, I want to ask you. Are you with someone of the women's correspondence on the Internet? Or am I one with you? For me, it's important. After I found you - I stopped my search for men. And I want to know better just for you. You Gene, the only man and I want to try build our future together. I also want me to be your only woman. Dear Gene thank you very much for your compliments to my mother. I tell her about it and it will be very happy. Yes my parents know about what I want to leave Russia. And they support me in this. Of course in our village emit chemicals. But people who live here do not get sick from it. I just think that I will be able to see you sometime to come as the time comes.
Gene, I have a gift for you. Now you can see my video. I am sending you my video and virtual kiss! Also, my new photo.
I think that you'll be glad to see them! I also want to you're just sending me your photo. I really want to write you more.
But today I must come home earlier. Gene I wish you a pleasant evening and a good mood. Kiss Tatyana
Letter 8
Hello darling Gene. Today I am at work and thought of you Gene. I'm waiting for when the end workday. To go to Internet cafes and see your letter. I began to understand that I started dependence on your letters. I often think about you Gene.
Gene, but do you think about me? How at you affairs and mood? You Gene all right?
Dear Gene thank you very much for your photo. She is beautiful. Yes, I sleep well.
And I just eat normally. Thank you very much for your excitement. We now winter and very cold in the street. I unfortunately no warm jackets. I can not yet afford to buy a warm jacket.
Gene, I apologize. But I must finish my letter today. My grandmother needs my help tonight. And I must go to my grandmother. It is very old and in need of care. I think that you understand and forgive me. I must take her medication. She lives in town and I will later return home. Because of this, I must go as soon as possible. I kiss you Gene. I really want to communicate with you more. I beg you, write me as more often.
I'm sure tomorrow I'll write you a long letter! Your Tatyana
Letter 9
My darling Gene, I am very pleased to again write to you. I apologize for my past letter. I could not last time a lot of writing to you. I had to go to the aid of my grandmother. I'm in a hurry to catch a bus. My grandmother lives about 60 kilometers from my village. Now my grandmother very ill. She has a bad heart and a heart attack. And I am very worried for my grandmother. My grandmother lives in Cheboksary. In the past, I my parents and lived in the city. My grandmother in the village. But it was difficult to live in the countryside and we took her to the city. And themselves moved into the village. I help my grandmother around the house and we also bake cakes together with cabbage. You ever Russian eating pies? I want to confess to you - I love to cook different dishes. I as a true master in this case. Everyone says that I have obtained very tasty pies mushrooms, cabbage, eggs and potatoes. Also, I love to bake pancakes with a sweet filling. You tried to Russian dumplings? This is a very favorite dish of all Russian. Dear Gene, I also love could you bake and cook Russian dishes. I think that you Gene loved my kitchen. What do think? I want to give you pleasure and have our dinner together. You want to have dinner together? Gene, I really like you and I want to meet with you in the near future. You Gene, want that we met a few weeks? Gene, I really like you and I need you. I I think that I can trust you Gene. And you Gene, you trust me? I think that we have with each day become closer to each other. I prepared for you my photos. I look nice in the photo?
I really want to write you more. My thoughts are overwhelming me. But I must stay on today. It's late and I must go home. I kiss you my dear Gene. Your Tatyana
Letter 10
Hello, my sweet Gene! Gene, I can call you so tenderly? I feel like a lot to tell you. I am happy to write back with your letter. I am very glad that I can communicate with you. We are so far apart. But I have a feeling that I am, we are close. And to bring our letters and relations in the letters. I come in Internet cafe with great pleasure to see your letter. Your letters are waiting for me, if you are waiting for me Gene. And after I read your letter, I became very good and quiet. It is well with you Gene. Before we were not familiar, I was very lonely and unhappy. But now I feel better - because you have me Gene. I mean, my future with you Gene. Gene, you want that we have a future? I am very sorry that we now can not really talk to each other. I think that in reality, when people see each other, communicate more brings joy. I really want to speak with you and you became my very dear. Do you understand me Gene? Of course I understand that we are still not being familiar, but I feel as if I knew you before our meeting. And I was looking for it you Gene. My parents tell you Hello! My mother noticed that I changed. I began to smile more often and I was often a good mood. I think that you are Gene, as well affect me. And you gave me a breath of life. And my life has changed. Prior to our acquaintance, I was like a gray mouse. I am not in touch with the people and I do not see any white light.
I only see my work and after work, my house. I'm not where I want. After all, our village have nowhere to go. And I do not have time to go for a walk. And now all my free time I try to hold you Gene.
Gene, I really want to write more to you. But I think that you do not have much time to read my letters. That so? You always have time to read my letters? Or my letters are too big and a lot of questions? But these issues, we know we are closer. I think you know me Gene.
I ask you reply to my letter as soon as possible. Because it may happen that I go to internet cafes at night, and you have not yet had time to write me a letter. And I will pass your letter on this day. Do you understand this situation Gene? My dear Gene, I must finish my letter.
I need to go home. Too late. And you need to cook dinner at home.
I kiss you, my sweet Gene! Your Tatyana

Letter 11
Hello, my only man Gene! I am very pleased to again receive your letter. Your letters give me a new life, hope and faith. My life was full and happy. I thank you Gene! I thank you Gene for all that you gave me. Are you Gene, I have changed my life became complete. And my mother thanks you. She says that her daughter has changed dramatically and became a life of joy and happiness. I want to thank you, Gene - you gave me back my hope and belief that there are still real men, real gentlemen, for whom honor and conscience are not empty words, and you can believe in everything. Now I understand that you Gene - my only man and you really need me. I think that we should be linked to the same fate and one life. I thank God that he sent me to save you Gene. Gene, now I can not imagine my life without you. I'm very accustomed to you. And I think that I can not go on living without you, Gene. Gene, what do you think about this? You are very romantic and caring person.
And I think that I should tie my life only to you Gene.
Today, I have a very good mood. I often smile and I'm very friendly. And I am happy to go to internet cafe to re-read your letters. This is not just a letter. And this is our thoughts and our lives. And the letters we are getting closer and closer. And I think that we must meet. It is our goal, it's our future. You Gene I can tell everything and I do not have any secrets from you. Do I like very much and I wish that we continue to continue to write to each other and in the near future must meet. I give you Gene, my other photos. My mom asked thank you. She tells you Hello. I must finish my letter.
I kiss you Gene! I wish you today, sweet dreams and pleasant evening. Your Tatyana
Letter 12
Hello my dear men Gene Today I have a very bad mood. Today I came to work and heard from the director is very bad news. Hairdresser's salon in which I work is closed forever. And all those who worked in it on the streets without work. All are subject to downsizing. And that means that I soon will not work. I'm very upset Gene. Can you imagine that now means to remain without work. It means that stay without money to exist. Salon closes in 2 days. I do not know where I will find work. Currently there are no work anywhere and all businesses are reduced. I was very bad. When I worked, I helped my parents. I have a lot of what is currently denied - for the sake of parents. To buy them medicine. And now I can not even help them. I'm very upset and my tears ....
I apologize Gene. Probably because of me you have become a bad mood. I apologize, but I had to tell you, and I felt better. I thank you Gene for everything you did for me. I must go home and think how to live on without working. I Kiss you Gene. Your Tatyana
Letter 13
Hello my sweet Gene! Night a long time I could not sleep. I was thinking all night about us and our future.
Gene, you think that we ever meet? You never leaves my thoughts wherever I was. In the morning when I wake up my first thoughts about you, what are you doing at this moment, remember it for me. You never leaves my thoughts wherever I was. In the morning when I wake up my first thoughts about you, what are you doing at this moment, I remember of me? Gene, I want very much to our relationship and the feelings were mutual. you understand me?
Gene, you feel me? How do you treat me? For me it is very important. Gene, you could make my life bright and vivid. I want our future was common. My love Gene, I was very happy to talk to you on the phone yesterday.
I was glad to hear your voice. You did very glad when we talk to you Gene. And you have very reassured her voice Gene.
I want a family and love relationship with you in the future. Do you understand me Gene? I want to always support and trust from you. Gene, we must trust each other. We should not be jealous of us. The most important thing in the relationship - is trust. Trust a person completely and understand that he will never disappoint you.
He will not leave you in a difficult moment, and always will. And if we trust each other, we will be one soul and one body. And we will in the future, one strong family. Gene, you know on what I say? I think that marriages fail because of the fact that people do not trust each other and doubt. Because of this, there are conflicts. And then divorce. And if we trust and always all talk. And we will not be any secrets. Then we become a strong family.
Gene, I entrust you all my secrets. I trust you and I am confident in you. And you? Gene, you want us to have children? I believe that children do not help to break up a marriage. They strengthen the relationship. Gene, I want us to have kids. But we'll just deal with only when we'll be together. It is very serious. Gene, now I'm in a very difficult situation. Tomorrow is my last working day. And the salon closes and I will not work. But I want to try to find a job. After all, I need to support themselves and help parents and grandmother. My mom says you hi. She is very pleased that we have correspondence. Gene, I am pleased to send you my photo. I think that you'll be glad to see them. I kiss kiss you Gene!
Bye bye love Gene. I beg you to write me as soon as possible. Your love Tatyana
Letter 14
Hello Love Gene. Yes Gene, you are my love. I think I love you and these feelings we have are mutual.
Do you love me Gene? You are to me like a second wind. Gene, you really need me and I want to link our fate and our souls. I really want to meet with you as soon as possible. I want to come to you and stay with you Gene. Do you want me to stay forever with you? We must meet and check our compatibility. I wish that we in the future become a family and got married. And I wish that we lived together. I want to go to bed and wake up together. Gene, you will be my husband? When I have you, we will be able to marry? My love Gene, you have dreams about our meeting? I think that if we can marry, then I can stay with you forever. I really want to come to you and I do not want to live in Russia. Gene, my dear you do not how not hurt me. And what do you want me sexual relationship is very good. And yes indeed we'll have to be honest with each other. Of course I want children, my dear Gene. I am very fond of children. And I really want you to have children of my Gene. My love you know I really is not convenient to ask you my dear for your help. But I do not know else to turn. I'll be out of work and I end with the money for Internet cafes. I have to hold lucrative to write to you my dear. And I do not know what to do. so do you know that my grandmother was ill. And she wanted to buy pills. And they are very expensive. Of course, I'll try to call you again. But the call is very expensive for me. Iya postorayus borrow from someone to once again call you my love Gene. We are now going all the time the snow. And we have very cold. I certainly need to buy winter clothes and a warm jacket. But I can not afford it.
I would hope that I do not get sick. Tell me please, my love Gene. Can you help me with something? I very much appreciate your help and I do not even know how I would be grateful for is my Gene.
Gene, my sweet, I want to meet you very soon. But I do not know how to come to you. I have never left Russia.
And I never cattle in another country. And I do not even know that it is necessary to leave Russia in your country.
My friend contacted a travel agency. And through the travel agency had gone to her husband. I think I should also apply to the travel agency. I think I'll go soon to a travel agency and find out everything. My love Gene I very much want to merge with you in hugs and kisses. And feel the warmth of our body and spend the night together. I want a romantic date and stroll under the moon. Kissing with you a long long time and enjoy our presence. We can have dinner together and drink champagne. My head is spinning round on this idea and I fell in love with you. And I do not want to lose you Gene. I love you Gene. I beg you to write me as soon as possible and to respond to my letter.
I Kiss you Gene! Your love Tatyana
Letter 15
Hello my love Gene. My sweet Gene, I really miss you. I really want to soon come to you.
I constantly think about us and about our meeting. Gene, I want to fulfill our dreams. And I want as soon as possible to come to you. My angel Gene, I do not want to wait a long time before our meeting. After our meeting depends on how soon I'll order the documents.
I went to travel agency again. I talked to a counselor and explained everything to him.
He told me that I need a tourist visa. The visa is 90 days. And most importantly, that I could easily stay with you, you Gene, if we get married. My application will be considered and within 7-10 working days I will be able to obtain all the necessary documents. Ticket for me to be picked up later, staff agencies. I was told that the ticket should I order and pay for them necessarily. This is in terms of the contract travel agency. During this time I will have to prepare all necessary documents and papers, to pass a full medical examination.
All these services will cost 670 dollars or 620 euro. Must pre-pay the money on hand to document processing has been initiated. If I have the money soon, it means that in 10 - 12 days I could have found you my love Gene. The number of our meeting depends on how soon I will pay documents and time'll order a ticket. My dear, I can not now say the cost of the ticket. I can ask that I picked up a provisional ticket. My love Gene, I just do not know how I can get your money. Maybe you Gene, you know how to send me money? Perhaps there are systems of remittances? I beg you to know about it. I am also going to ask. My sweet, I really want to hug and kiss you. Gene, we have so long walked to our meeting. And I want that our meeting was realized as soon as possible. And I want that our meeting is not delayed. I love you my future husband Gene! I kiss you 100000000 million times, my sweet Gene.
Your love Tatyana KISS KISS KISS you Gene
Letter 16
Hello my love Gene, I'm very happy your letter. I love you very much and very much want to be with you my Gene. you're my only love. I badly want to be with you and that we had one happy family. Tell me how your day spent tons of my favorite Gene. I miss you and always think about you. My parents very much for you and me happy. They are glad that we'll soon be together and we will have a happy family. My dear, we talked with her mother.
And she told me that we have the Western Union. And I can through this system of money transfer to get your money. I give you my data Gene. Western:
name - TATYANA,
surname - MITYAKOVA,
city get - CHEBOKSARY code - 428000,
Country - RUSSIA, In order that I was able get your money for you: your full name, departure city money, full your home address, the exact amount of money . I am very happy that you can help me. And I very much want children from you my dear. But we're going to decide only when we are together with you. It is a very important step for us both. Tell me Gene when you can help me, and when thou shalt send me money so I went to order the documents in the travel agency.
I love you very much I love my Gene. You're all my love. I Kiss you my Gene. I'm waiting for a letter from you. Your wife Tatyana.
Letter 17
Hello my love Gene. I went to Internet cafes. But unfortunately I do not get a letter from you my dear. Tell me why do not you write a second day. I very much miss you and want to be with you my dear Gene. You're all my love. I always think about you Gene. I love you. Why do not you write Gene? Maybe you are very busy with their affairs or anything else. Please write me, I very much worry, my dear. I love you Gene. Your favorite Tatyana.
Letter 18
My love Gene. I'm very upset that you did not write. And all look to you for writing. I do not know and do not understand what happened to you Gene. Please do not leave me. I am very worried about my Gene. I love you Gene. Please tell me what happened to Gene. I expect from you. I can not without you, Gene. Your Tatyana.
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