Letter(s) from Sanders Harding to Vaclav (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Mr. George,
I hope you are having a good day and will be happy to read my mail. I'm happy to inform you that you wife Sanders had a successful operation yesterday. We thank God for this good news and I just can't hesitate to write and inform you about it. She will be discharged by weekend.
I will try to call you when buy some credit on my phone. My regards
Mr. Samuel

Letter 2

Hi Mr. V.G.

I have just read your e-mail forwarded to me by one of our hardworking staff by name Sanders Harding. Your concerns have been acknowledged and wish I could help her to get the money ASAP so she can fly down to meet with you but unfortunately she is now only a voluntary worker and under our policy only full time workers qualify for these benefits. This is a non governmental organization and people apply voluntarily and qualify to become full time workers after some batch of working visits abroad. We got to know about her operation and yes we have agreed to give her some compensation money that's why I tried to add her name to our current staff who were provided with one way ticket to come on a working visit and she will qualify for the money and other benefits after the service. They will be here for 6 weeks and so you need to exercise patient and maybe reschedule your plans or meetings. Sanders has been putting pressure on me to hand her the claims document to sign and get the money so she could return to meet you but I have just explained the situation to her this morning as I have been very busy with conferences in the last few days. She is a very hard working lady and really deserves all the benefits but I think our work policy must also be respected. This is very unfortunate but I'm sorry I can not do anything about this in my capacity as a country director. I'm sorry for any inconveniences.


Dr. David Wright Newton

Letter 3

Hello my Slave George,
I know you are on your way to pick me up at the airport but it's very sad and unfortunate to inform you that I've been through a hell of time with the customs at the Heathrow airport here and I'm very stranded, frustrated, confused and don't know what to do now. I enjoyed a smooth flight from Accra to London(Heathrow) and have waited patiently to join the next flight and in the cue to board the next flight the customs found the Jewels in my hand bag so they asked me to produce Custom Duties or property certificate covering them. But unfortunately I did not have them with me because in Accra airport, the Customs there demanded it but I pleaded with them and they took 200 dollars from me before they allowed me to pass.
George, I have pleaded with them that am only making a transit so they should allow me to board the next flight but they are insisting that I should pay the appropriate custom dutie to cover them. They won't even get time for me to explain further to them. Ghana Customs were very understanding, but here at Heathrow they are very strick and did not allow me to pass. I've gone through a hell of time and real frustrations. Slave, their point is that the Jewels are of pure gold and diamond and worth more than 45 ,000 English pounds sterling if valued in money so I should pay the duties, get the property certificate and produce the right documents so that government can benefit. Horny, am almost in tears now writing this mail to you because I just can't imagine missing our planned big welcome kiss tonight at the airport. I can not also leave this valuable jewels behind. I did not know it's that expensive as I bought them cheap in Ghana some time ago. I know you will feel very disappointed at the airport but George it's not my intention to disappoint you. I myself feel disappointed and very sad with the turn of event here but I'm trying to reach a friend I met here during my service by phone if she can assist me out. I'm going to spend the night at a hotel here and I will really love to chat with you tomorrow and see how best we can solve this. George, don't feel disppointed because what God has put together, no one can put assunder and we shall surely meet soon.
Your Mistress Sanders.