Scam letter(s) from Rachel Mustapha to Neil (Canada)

Letter 1

I am Rachel Looking for a manthat is respectful caring loving understaind and passionate,a soulmate thatwill always want to know and care for my feelings,although my friends call methe heart desire of every men,i saw your profile and decide to write you,I have something important to discouse with you feel free thank’s MY MAIL ADDRESS (
Letter 2

I am Rachel Mustapha I went through your profile and I like it and also love everything about you then I decided to write to tell you about myself, which I believe you would be of great assistance to me like i said early.Am from Cote d' Ivoire in West Africa,and I live in the capital city Abidjan At the moment, i am still struggling with the management of my late father's Bank. So, i don't have much time to go on the net and search for friends. Moreover, i am the shy type. And i like privacy as well. I am trying to see if i can move the funds which i inherrited from my late father first and later think of how to continue my education. Because of the agreement papers signed by my late father ,the management of the Bank is feeling relunctant to release the funds to me. And moreover , the funds was deposited in a suspence account. In the agreement papers i saw with the manager at the Bank, in charge of the accounts, the agreement was only one year. Now, the funds is in its third year. And since i had shown up at the Bank as the beneficiary of the funds, there is pressure on me, to come and present my late father's friend who will help me move the funds abroad for onward investment. I am now at a cross road Darling, i don't know what best to do. Darling, i think , i have to go home now, because i am stressing myself too much on this. Probably, i have to put this aside for now , while i continue to think of a positive solutions. Meanwhile, could you send me your pix ? I really want to see what my future husband looks like. I attached here my pix. So that you can see clearly how your sweet-heart looks. I am waiting to hear from you again, my love. Yours only, Rachel.
Letter 3

Neil my love, I read through your letter and i was filled with tears of joy. Reasons being that, you came to my life at a time i almost lost all hopes. Do you believe that , it was out of couriousity that i replied your last letter? I never believed you will come to my aid. I thank God for hearing my prayers.
I am sorry, i did not give you details in my first letter to you. Please, excuse me for my negligence.
Darling, it is not as if i am having a serious problem with the management of the Bank. But, my late father deposited the funds in a suspence account, and that was why he signed an agreement with the Bank. Now, because of his untimely death, he did not rectify the clause in the agreement. He stated in the agreement papers, that the funds is being deposited for a specific purpose, and that is , oversees investment.
Darling, can you see now , where the problem lies. I am just a college graduate, and the Bank Management is aware that i have never arranged any investment abroad.
Thank God, i was able to have the support of one of their senior managers there, with the name, Mr Camara Yussuf. Fortunately for me, he is the person directly in charge of the funds. He thought me all what to do, and at the end of the day, the Bank agreed to release the funds for the purpose of which it was originally deposited.
Darling, this is why i had to look out for external assistance. But, to cap it all, i must not let Mr Camara Yussuf know that i have only gone to look out for just anybody willing to help. I have to make him understand that , i have gotten in touch with one of my late father's friend. I will send you the contact of the Bank tommorrow, so that you can contact them for me, first thing on monday morning.
Thank you for your matured understanding.
Your only love,
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