Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi! It's Katerina! I think that you have many questions to me. I'll try to tell you everything about me. I hope that you'll tell me about yourself too. Ops... I don't know what to tell you about myself at the beginning, but I hope that you'll understand me. OK. I'll try to begin. My full name's Katerina. My friends call me Katya, but you can call me as you want. I won't be offended.:)) I live in city Cheboksary , Russia. Do you know? - Cheboksary is in the north of Russia. My growth of 175 centimeters, weight of 58 kg? my age 27 years, it's normal? because for me has no value, how many to my elect will be years because I consider, that the most important, these are feelings, understanding, trust, support. And all rest, it is simple words. Which mean nothing, as well as age, between us! I began to get education in usual russian high school here. After I finished it I entered the pedagogical university. I work in school in Cheboksary. I work as a teacher of Russian language. I usually work since 8-10 mornings till 5-7 evenings. I usually wake up early 6.30 to have time to do everything, to prepare for a meal and to take a shower. I come back home in 8 evening. Sometimes I remain at school to use the internet in the evening. I'll have an opportunity to send you letters only from Monday till Saturday, because I haven't got a computer at home. I use a computer at my work. On work I can use a computer almost freely. So it's more convenient for me to write you from my work. It depends not on my desire. With a computer works another employee. I haven't bad relations with her, but she can give me a computer only when she has a free time. For this reason I hope that you understand me. And now answer my questions please, if you can: Do you like your job? Tell me about it something... About place where you live right now for example??? If you can and want certainly... What's your favorite film & kind of music maybe? You may tell about yourselves something interesting in addition also. You may not answer these questions. I think it's really simple questions.:) In my next letter I'll necessarily answer other your questions. I send you my picture. I hope it's pleasant to you. I look forward your letter and your pics too. Your new friend Katerina!!!
Letter 2
Hi Gavin! How is your day? I hope that you're glad to receive my letter because when I've received your letter I really was delighted. At once I want to tell to you about my opportunities to write letters to you. I had not time to tell about it in my last letter. I write to you from my job because I have not a personal computer. The computer is in accounting department. Lady who works with a computer will sometimes allow me to use a computer in my interests, but only when this lady has a free time. It does not depend on me unfortunately. I work six days in a week - from Monday till Saturday. It's the standard established in Russia. On this I'll not be capable to write to you and to receive your letters on Sunday from my work. We in Russia, have not enough people who has house a computer and consequently me to have to use on work as they at us very dear, Russia, very difficult country! I very much love children, age of my pupils from 7-10 years, and I like to learn them that children have grown, and much that have achieved in a life. I studied language of your country from school because to me your culture always interested, and I hope that you to me too tell more about your country. The difference in the age, for me does not matter, because I consider age not the main thing in attitudes. In attitudes the main thing that there was a harmony. The person should understand the half as they should live together up to the end of a life. And it needs understanding, trust and respect, I hope, that you think as. Thank, that you have told to me about your interests, it sounds well. I promised you to tell what music I like. Now I've some free minutes and I'll spend this time to tell to you about my interests with pleasure. I like various music. It depends on my mood. I like to listen classical music. I like Dunaevski And Chajkovsky. I like to listen simply instrumental music. Such music allows relaxing and having a rest. When I listen to such music I like to reflect on much. I like to listen to guitar masterpieces of Joe Satriani. I like group Dire Straits very much. I like Beatles. They are not similar to anybody. It's great group. I like Madonna, Robbie Wiliams and G. Michael and many others. I like many Russian musicians. For example Philip Kirkorov, Valeria or groups: Chaif, Splin. But you do not know these musicians. I like cinema very much. In Russia there are many good films and talented directors as Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky, Mikhalkov. My favorite movies - Siberian Barber and Tired by the Sun. It's masterpieces of the Russian cinema. The hollywood movies are popular too. I like hollywood movies and I like many actors. For example: Mel Gibson is good actor. I like films - The Sixth Sense, the Rainman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Gone with the Wind, the Godfather, Groundhog day, The Scent of a Woman. My favorite actors - Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, Kevin Costner, Samuel L. Jackson, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore. I think you know all of them. Whether it is a lot of at you happens a free time? At me a free time happens not so much because I am borrowed all time by work. Even at home I am engaged in work. Work of the house for me, is check of writing-books of pupils. Every day I need to check writing-books, happens that them much. In the evening I check writing-books about 100 pieces. It is a lot of, and from for it I have not enough time to spend it for myself. But when it at me happens, I go on a visit to my best friend Dasha. Sometimes I go to walk on streets. I receive holiday only one in the year. It goes under the schedule if I shall not take holiday in it to year at me it will not be. At us in Russia very complex system of work and holidays. Hmm ... What else to tell about me? I never was in other country, but I always was interested in other countries, and I dream, that I shall probably travel when that in the life. I know about other countries only through the TV. I was never married and I have not children. I'm lonely and the reason of my loneliness not only in me. However, I do not know if it's interesting for you. I live honestly, and it brings pleasure to me. I'm optimist and I like to smile, because a smile is a mirror of our souls. For my happiness is not required many things. Probably, the main thing that does not suffice me now is love. People without love cannot be happy. But when near there is a close person whom you love, that our life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and what you have. But the loneliness fills in life by sadness. But I do not want to tell about sadness anymore. I'm glad that I've an opportunity to write to you and I'm glad that you write to me. And at present it really causes a smile on my face. I shall a little tell, why I search for the guy and husband, from other country because I had a guy earlier, but it with me was very rough, and was so, that it to me changed to me with other woman and after that, I to myself have told, that I shall never search for the man in Russia more, they only are able to drink constantly ***** with the friends, and never put women on the first place. Here therefore I do not wish to have the husband from Russia. Gavin, tell to me why you search for the destiny, the woman from whom you would be happy, from other country in what your reason? I should finish my letter. Have you the big family? What do you look for in a soulmate, Gavin? If you do not want, you may do not answer my questions. I have not any relatives who live with me. But I've some girlfriends, only one best girlfriend. Her name's Dasha. We are friends during 18 years. She's a true friend. She always helps me, as well as I help her. She has very kind heart. For the sake of our friendship we can return all what we have. I'm very glad that I've such girlfriend. Have you any friends?? So I'll look forward to hearing. Katerina
Letter 3
Hi Gavin! I am frankly glad that I've a possibility to write you again. I want to tell you about my mother, because when I say about my Mum - I tell about my family. It's really so because I have never seen my grandfather and grandmother and I have not brothers or sisters. I was only one child in the family, and my family consisted of two people - my mother and I. I really feel great proud when I say about my mother because she was a very good woman. But together with this, every time the recollections about my mother cause tears and I can't keep them. My mother died when I was 17 years old. Three years before her death my mom has damage in road accident. She was standing in the street and she was knocked down by a car. Probably the driver was strongly *****, because the witnesses said that the car moved by zigzag and suddenly appeared on pavement. Mum was paralyzed as a result of it. She has spent three years in the wheelchair. I looked after her did all that was in my opportunity to make a life for which she was fated since this moment - easy and joyful. I spent little time with my friends and practically I spent near my mother all my free time. I was crazy happy when mother smiled, because she smiled very seldom. She was ashamed of her helplessness. Every time when I was going home after school I looked at the window and every time my mother met me. She was looking through the window and smiled. It was happened always. She met me every day and never forgot it. That's why I felt alarm at once when 11 years ago I looked at the window and didn't see my mother there. I understood that something is wrong. I rushed home with tears in my eyes. When I opened the door I understood that I stayed alone. My mother was sitting in her chair as usual. But she was dead... I remember how I stretched my arm and touched her pulse. Darkness has appeared in my eyes and my feet didn't obey me. I couldn't stand. I thought I would go mad. I've felt that I lose consciousness and lain on the floor. I sobbed and couldn't quiet down. I couldn't imagine that I'll live without mom. This was the person I lived for. All that I did in my live - I did for her. Forgive me that I've told you about this so in detail. But I say about my mother seldom. But when I say about her I can't do it in couple words. I loved her very much and that's why I told you little things about her. Forgive me please. I decided to share my recollections with you as with a friend, because I didn't speak about her with anybody for a long time. Forgive me that my letter is a sad, big and uninteresting. Simply, when I begin to say about my mum I can't stop. But I promise not write such letters anymore. Now I rent flat in Cheboksary. There's a one room, kitchen and bathroom. I understand that this is a little flat but I feel convenient in it. And it isn't far from my work. It takes me 20 minutes to get to the school. I often walk to my work when I'm not late and the weather's good. I get to the school by bus sometimes. But I don't like it because the buses are always full and it isn't convenient to stand there. I wanted to ask you about a nationality also. Is the nationality of a person important to you? I don't have such prejudices. I want to tell, that the nationality isn't important for me. I don't think where a person was born. I want to find a man with kind heart. I love kindness and I hate a rage. The most important for me in a man is honesty and kindness. It's impossible to create the world of harmony and love without it. Isn't it, Gavin? Roughness destroys love. I'm ready to give all my love to a man who also is ready to give me his love. I think that in any relations the main thing is mutual respect and mutual understanding. I think it's not so much. The rest isn't important for me. Kindness. Honesty. Respect. I've to finish. Sincerely and with best regards. Katerina
Letter 4

Hello Gavin! Ive a day off today. Thank for your kind letter. My last letter to you was sad. Therefore, Ill try to not write to you about sad things today. My pupils have good mood today because our collective visited a zoo. Its the Moscow zoo which has arrived to Cheboksary during one week. Its very interestingly because its the biggest zoo in our country. Its a lot of people and their children want to visit it because its extremely fascinating. Have you ever seen a tiger or a bear? I never saw bears or tigers alive. The horse is the biggest animal that I saw in my life. I love horses very much and I think that its the most beautiful animal on a planet. I always dreamed to have a domestic animal for example a cat or a dog. But when I think, that he will wait for me at home one I feel pity. Therefore I havent domestic animals. I always wait for week-end with impatience because Ive mental and physical exhaustion. Week-end its a unique opportunity for me to save up new energy. I spend week-end differently. I simply want to have a rest in the apartment. I like my apartment - small and cosy. I clean my apartment on week-end. I like cleanliness. But when I really tired, that I listen to music and I read. I like to read books, especially historical novels about ancient Russia or other countries. I don't like to read detectives though recently I read a history about Sherlock Holmes with pleasure. I like to waste time with my friends. I've girlfriends. We are friends during long time. When I've a meeting with my girlfriends air is filled by laughter. We like to go for a walk together example we go in a film and in park. If you want, I can to tell you about my friends. I like to waste time for an open nature. The camping site is very popular in Russia. I adore to go in a wood and to live in tent though now I've such opportunity seldom. I like to look at an evening decline. I like to look at stars very much. It's incredibly beautiful. There is nothing more wonderful when in air aromas of a wood, the rivers and a smoke mix up together. I'm romantic undoubtedly. Also I'm good in cooking. I know, that I do it well because I began to cook from the childhood. My mother taught me many things, including kitchen. She has told: " Lady who may to cook is good lady, has no inconveniences and lacks, because tasty meal - a way to heart of the person.:)) She was right may be. I like the Russian dishes, and my liked dish is pancakes. I'm not sure, whether you know such dish. It's the Russian national dish. A pancake - round thin bread. Probably there is it with filling and without. For filling we use forcemeat of meat, cottage cheese or jam. It depends, on what pancakes you want. What dishes you prefer Gavin? I didnt speak you about my father. Its unpleasant for me, but I should inform you about it. I never saw him.
My mother has told me, that he has left us when I was small girl. I dont remember him. Ive never asked my mother about him. And she didnt inform me. To tell the truth, I dont want to know, where he is and than he is now I love children very much. If Ill have children Ill love them more than life. I never thought of that, how many I want to have children. This decision is necessary for accepting together with the person who becomes the father of these children. It isnt important for me where to live. Not important, he has the big house or a small apartment...because It isnt main thing. The main thing - that there was a love. The main thing - to be together with loved. Katerina.
P.S. My dear, I do not know why it happened, it is possible that this happened because of the mail server! I am very sorry for what happened! I hope you understand me and forgive me!
Letter 5
Hi, my dear friend Gavin! Thank for your letter. I feel the greater demand to receive your letter and to write to you too. My mood became better, when I've your letter. I want to tell you when I've good mood my pupils have it too. So smiles of my pupils now depend on your letters:)). We were in a zoo long and there was slightly stuffy. Therefore I and my friend Dasha ate a lot of ice-cream, and drank cool cola. I like cola very much! After a zoo we have come back home together. We were cheerful and pleased very much. My friend Dasha was ill and now she lays in a bed at home. I assume that the reason of it is cold coca-cola and ice-cream the first of all. I'm upset slightly because she's my best girlfriend. In general I've two present friends only it there's Dasha and Veronika. Dasha it's that lady who is sick today. Veronika has left to the north within three months. Her grandmother lives in Murmansk. My girlfriends are single also. We are friends within many years already. Dasha and I are similar to sisters. Dasha and I like to walk. We go in park usually. But also and we like to waste time in a garden of a vegetable of Dasha in the summer sometimes. She raises a potato, tomatoes and cucumbers there for not buy them in shop because in the winter of the price of these products raise very much. Especially now in the country and all over the world crisis, the prices very highly rise so to grow up the necessary products it is very necessary. I'd finish my letter because the computer is necessary for work now. I do not want, but I should. Today, when I'll arrive to Dasha, we'll speak about you. I've told to her about you. She likes to ask about you, and I like to inform her. I wanted to ask you, Gavin, what is it a happiness for you? I'm happy to receive your letters. Also I'm happy, that I've friends. Bye.. bye and see you. katerina
Letter 6
Hi Gavin! Day's wonderful today and weather is good. The sun shines within all day. I write the letter to you and my happiness has no a limit. And what concerning your weather? Today after work I'll go home on foot. I like to go along the street and to breathe fresh air. I'm especial when weather of warm. I do not want to go home actually. At home it's very boring and lonely. I do not mention it, but sometimes when I come home with good mood I want to speak and share ideas with somebody very much. But my apartment is empty also I'd be in full loneliness. My good mood disappears at such moments. I simply sit in an armchair and I look in a window. The silence deafens me when I hear as my blood flows in my veins. I hear movement of my eyelashes. At this moment to me my heart becomes intolerable also compresses. I do not know what to do with it. I can listen to music or read the book. But in some moment I understand, that I only deceive myself. Actually I want, that the beloved person was near to me. The person with whom I might spend evenings both meet morning and think about tomorrow's day. I want to go and feel that the strong hand of the person holds my hand. I do not want to prepare for food only for me directly. I want, that someone has estimated it. But it's enough about it. I've told you, that I've visited Dasha. At Dasha everything is all right. She has not complicated ignition of a throat still. She will recover soon. She does not want to look on ice-cream :)) now.
I've brought to her a chocolate pie. Dasha and I had conversation about you. I've told, that you're very good person. Dasha has told me and wished good luck in my relations with you. She's glad, that I've such good friend as you, Gavin. I'll tell, that you're interested in her health. She will be in delight probable. katerina
Letter 7
Hello dear Gavin. I began to write the letter in the morning, but already it's 2 p.m. Do you imagine? Today at the lesson when I've asked the small boy. Why did not you do your homework? He has answered me, that did not want to do it. Also he has told that wants to begin adults and not carry out homework always. Certainly, I do not abuse him for it, I try to understand him and to direct him correctly that he has understood, that it will be necessary for him in a life.. As, his parents should talk to him, but not abuse, as when to the child speak, that it is impossible, he will always try to make it as it is very interesting to him, and parents should him tell correctly, that it not correctly to do... I think, that children need to be understood, and to be closer with them, enter trust that then I was interesting to him.. To be not only the teacher, but it is more! I recollect the childhood frequently. I always dreamed to begin adults as soon as possible. I completely believed that adults have not problems in general. I dreamed in the childhood and I dream now. Certainly, the world of dreams is the illusory world. We live in real life and may not be immersed in the world of dreams and imaginations for a long time. When the dream becomes obsession it may bring only a pain and disappointment. Actually dreams not always come true. You use all authority and all aspiration for performance of your dream. But you understand later, what not all in life depends only on us. When the dream does not come true during long time that the dream stops to be star which was a beacon at ocean of your life and light up your way. But anyhow, I think, that it's impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream life is meaningful. Dreams are that thing which make us the people and distinguishes us from others. Dreams relieve the monotony of our usual and grey life. Dreams compel to think, analyze, choose and come to a conclusion. The belief and hope is eternal satellites of our life. And it's independent because, that waits for you at the end of it, pleasure of victories and submission of tops, we remember better, than disappointment and a pain of defeats. I think that you agree with me. I'm surprised, because I write you all this. I never had persons whom I might divide my ideas. But now I've found you, and I'm very pleased with it. Forgive me for my frankness. If I've told something superfluous forgive me please for it. Do you like, when your friends arrive to your house? I like much when my friends arrive to my place very much. I like to prepare for various tasty dishes. Dasha helps me frequently. We frequently prepare for various dishes and we argue with each other that, my dish or her is more tasty.:) Also I like to observe films with my friends in my place. I have not vhs or dvd. But in Cheboksary we have 8 channels TV and sometimes we go in a cinema. Katerina
Letter 8
Hello dear Gavin! I like your letters very much and I wait their every day. It's strange, but weather influences on mood of people. People do not notice beauty which has surrounded them, but not I. It's given me, with energy and fine mood undoubtedly. I have offered Veronika, walk, when in the street it is raining, it so pleasantly and easy, a rain very much relax. I at all do not know as it to tell, but it is very pleasant to walk under a rain and to dream. But it to me has told, that it not crazy to walk in such weather. She has told, that will to sit houses in such weather and to watch TV. And then I began her to tell and describe as well to walk in such weather and as it is pleasantly romantic.. And after that she at once has gathered also we with her have gone to walk... I hope that Dasha will be healthy soon. She rents an apartment in Cheboksary as well as I but her apartment is located in other area of city. By bus of 20 minutes or 40-50 minutes to go on foot up to her. I sent the regards to her from you. She was glad. She speaks, that I've sent the regards to you too. And I send it to you from Dasha:)) Now I close curtains what to go to walk with the girlfriend, and we with her shall have good walk, only it is very a pity to me, that you cannot go with me to walk, I think, that we with you could spend well time. I like all seasons in general. Yellow leafs and gold trees an autumn. It's wonderful to go in park and to listen to a rustle of leafs under legs. The clouds floating in the sky; and birds leave to the warm countries. The sky begins to cry at night. The rain knocks on windows and roofs. It's fine. But I did not like a ***** and pools all the same when the footwear soaks through from:)) it. It would be desirable to appear in a small room with a warm fireplace in such weather. The light is low. And if will be beloved near to you it will be paradise. Romantic evening is wonderfully when in the street the bad weather. What do you think Gavin? I do not know what season I like more. I wait winter within summer, and summer within winter. Also I dream, that somebody will love me very much and will hold me for a hand, also to hug me at a meeting. It will be the most wonderful moment. Lovely Katerina
Letter 9
Hello my dear, Gavin!! I'm pleased very much, that you have written to me again. Thank you very much. You have cheer up me and have made a happy smile on my face again. By the way Gavin, I've gone on work and was absolutely sure, that you have already written to me today. Earlier I've always gone with an idea that all of you have not written probably, but today for the first time I've gone with an idea that your letter waits for me already. I continued to go, and I've smiled. I might not hide my smile. Pedestrians looked back on me. Lady in Russia smile seldom because her life is filled with various problems, cares, difficulties and obstacles. Lady has all this in her life very frequently. In Russia of lady on the same class position, as it's a lot of years back. She may do the same work as the man may. Very frequently In Russia of lady heavy physical work does. In 19-th century one Russian poet has written about the Russian woman: < The Russian woman may enter burning house, and she may stop the frightened horse running to her >. Unique things which she lacks are usual heat and tenderness which she wants to receive from the man. It's a problem of Russian people. The Russian lady does all for the person, but does not receive something from him. She requires - at least pair sensitive words and a gentle hold of his hands. Is it very difficult? I think, that romantic evening with candles it is not many problems. In Russia, as a rule, such gift gives lady for the man, but not on the contrary. When the woman bears heavy bags on the street that nobody will help her, he only will reject his sight and will go further. For this reason the Russian lady never feels happiness in her heart. You've told that I'm beautiful. In Russia I'm not considered similarly to beautiful lady. The Russian men, actually the majority of them, address lady disrespectfully usually. They believe, that the woman only should work, prepare for a meal, wash clothes and entertain persons when he wants it. For Russian men to offend the woman it there is a usual thing. I like to prepare and wash clothes, but sometimes I would like to receive simple tenderness, love and attention. I do not want to offend all men. Certainly there are good people in Russia, but there are few from them. Men frequently speak ***** words (not the normative dictionary) when speak from ladies and believe, that anything it's bad in it are not present. I had the friend earlier. We had good time together. He was kind. But he liked to drink. When he got ***** that he became absolutely other person. He spoke with me with bad and ***** words. Time has passed, and his passion to alcohol became a habit. He became other person - rough and malicious. He has the big interest in palpation of me, frequently struck me by hands, but on next day he smiled and spoke with me as though nothing had places. But, I suffered all this, but in one day, I have seen him with his mistress and then I was horrified simply when I have seen it, and then I at once have told to him that he left me.. Because I could not suffer him any more. And after that I did not know that to me to do, to me it was very bad.. And anybody did not help me, only my girlfriend has supported me a difficult minute... My soul was wounded very much. I might not strength of my mind to get acquainted me with other person after. Now I do not trust the Russian men. I'm afraid to give my love and to receive instead of it roughness. But I do not want to finish the letter with bad words. The love does not submit to any laws and rules. Many people believe to understand true love, years are necessary. Frequently people spend years to study each other, to understand, that are created to each other, try to understand love. Years will pass, life will change also people will understand, that they were mistaken. But frequently - enough one sight to understand that this person is destiny. I think also I'm sure, that the love does not happen identical. For love really there are no laws, a barrier, rules and textbooks. I feel, that with each letter you became closer, we search for the same things in the person, but at the same time I should be convinced of my feelings to you as will induce me heart. After I read your letters I become happy. And my pupils smile too therefore their teacher has good mood. katerina
Letter 10
Hello my lion Gavin! Probably, you want to ask me, why I've named you so? Every day and every night you're in my flat!!! Do you understand??? :)) WELL! I'll explain. I've the big soft toy. It's the big lion with a long tail and with a fluffy mane. This lion is very charming. It's only one toy which I've. I love my lion very much. Dasha always asked me: "What is his name?" I thought, what name to give him, but mightn't think up appropriate name. Dasha offered many names, but any name wasn't pleasant to me. I don't know, why. My lion was nameless!:)))But yesterday when I went to bed as usually, I've put my lion close to me. I looked at him and thought of you. And I've told: "Good night Gavin!" And at this moment I've understood, that I've found the best name for my lion. This name is Gavin! I was so pleased. This name so appropriate to my lion! Now he it's always close to me. I look at him and I think of you. It so is amusing. Yesterday I have told about it to Dasha. We laughed for a long time. She has told: "It's good, that your toy - a lion. If your toy would be an ostrich or the elephant this name would not appropriate, probably!" It was very cheerful. My morning today was the most funny. I'll inform you. Today I was late for work. I always wake up when my alarm clock calls. But last night I've overlooked to wind up it, and it did not call in the morning. Oh!! I've woken up with good mood, my lion Gavin laid beside. BUT when I've looked at hours, I was surprised, because I never slept so long in the morning. Usually, I wake up at 6:30. I should arrive to school at 8:00. But today I've woken up at 8:20!!! Hehe.. Probably, my pupils were very glad to my absence because on the first lesson I hadn't time. I have quickly put on and I hadn't breakfast in general. I hurried up very much. When I entered into the bus, the man has collided with me. I have dropped my bag and my lipstick, mascara, and other things - all has fallen on the ground and was scattered. ?h... This impudent the man at all has not turned on it attention and has not helped me to collect it. I was evil at this moment very much. I had not time on the bus and there were 15 minutes at a bus-stop. In a result I hadn't time on the second lesson too. I'm afraid, that if I'll think of you frequently, I'll be compelled to lay in hospital or in clinic soon.:) It's joke! Oh! If you might present that you mean for me. I think of you always. My lion Gavin. You kitten Katerina

Letter 11
HELLO! my honey Gavin! I've fine day today. The reason of it's I has received your letter at last. Everything else became insignificant for me. Today I really have not an opportunity to write much. Please, forgive me. I've enough time to inform you, that I thought of you, waited and missed, when the opportunity to write again will appear. I do not know, why, but today I've woken up earlier than I do it usually. I might not fall asleep, because the sunlight already was in my window. I sat near window and began to look at street. I've seen two small bird on a tree. It were titmouses. They played also twittering of them reached me. I looked at these birds and it was pleasant for me very much. I thought that you're sleeping now. Also has thought, that if birds were about your window - they would sing my song :)) probably. I've told to birds: My small birds, fly to my friend Gavin and sing this song for him. " Inform him, that I think of him and miss. When this bird have fly away, I've thought, that they have gone to you undoubtedly. :))) So, if you will see close to you small bird which beautifully sings, that know, that I've sent this song to you. :) Today I've happy news. Dasha has already begun her work. I'm happy, that it so it is very a pity to Me small children who have been left by the parents in children's home as their parents drank alcohol much, and they have forgotten about the children, I try to help as that to these children when I see them on the street, happens even very it to buy small meal that they attempted.. do it is a pity to me them, I would help everything, but I can not, as it is a lot of them.. But I happen even I visit these houses with children to understand them and I try to help them sincerely, I talk to them much, that they could trust me, you understand me? The dark blue sky, the bright sun, warm rain, stars in the night sky, your letters make me happy. I like to read your letters and to find out about you more. Your letters make me joyful, and force me to smile also. :) Forgive, but I should go. I want to send you my kiss if you do not object. Katerina
Letter 12
Hello my far, but dear friend Gavin. I'm really pleased, that I've found you. I should tell you, that I've ocean of emotions which I had not in my heart before. And my soul and my heart speak me that I should answer with sincerity on your steady sincerity. My heart speak me, that I should to tell you about my feelings because it's a part of our friendship and I should divide it with you undoubtedly. I should to tell, that it was required all day to write and consider this letter because I wanted to tell only rightly things to you. I don't want to offend and upset you anyhow. I usually speak from my heart directly. I feel myself a little upset, when I've no an opportunity to use the computer to read your letter. I feel satisfaction and pleasure when I think about you. I never had such relations in my life. Between us it's a lot of kilometers of distance, but I want find out that at us all will be wonderful, if it's your desire also certainly. Also I believe that pairs should be the best friends who trust and divide each other everything that they feel. It's very difficult for me to place my feelings in the printed words which you should feel and understand. I trust in God, and I believe, that I had many tests to meet persons for whom I'll spend other part of my life and my love. It's better to respect him and to cherish love which he would give. I can do it too, but it should be mutual. I don't want that my love to him was unreciprocated. I hope that my words are not boring to you, but it's more than simple words, there are my ideas and feelings and I send it to you. I want that you'll have found it in your heart and you divide your personal feelings with me. I wish to know you at closer level. I would like, that you'll divide your dreams, your hopes, and your feelings of heart with me. I want find out you at a level, which outside of simple friendship if you're ready to this certainly. You might close your eyes within only minute, think and dream that we might to divide, that it will be a fun of studying each other. I really believe, that dreams come true for people which trust in dreams because if they trust in them for a long time, that dreams might be actually. I believe, that you're shocked, that I choose this way, but here a gift of true love that is to more similar Mirage or self-deception, feeling which two fascinated people may give each other. I've so much, that I wish to divide with you, and I write each time to you, but I feel, that I haven't time to tell to you everything, that I want to tell. I feel always that I've just forgotten something important, that I wanted to divide with you. Gavin when I speak about you or I think of you, that it hasn't value for me, that someone else thinks about it. I want to tell you, that you're handsome and beautiful for me. I mean not only appeal and appearance, but I also speak about beauty which is inside you - beauty of your personal world. But this specific type of beauty very special and rare. The majority of people has only beautiful appearance, but hasn't beauty inside unfortunately. But it's the most important for me and essential in all limits of my character, my soul and my mind. Your words are filled with the much of kindness and care. It expresses your internal beauty. I don't know, whether I clearly might explain all my ideas and feelings which outside the limits me now whether or not. I want to tell to you, that I feel. We became very good friends. I really enjoy our friendship. I aspire to find out you more. I dare to hope, that you assume an idea that our relations may develop more than simple friendship. I feel that way as always I hope that my letter finds you in good mood and well health. I hope, that each your desire which you have, come true once. I'll look forward to hearing from you as never earlier. With tenderness. Katerina
Letter 13
My Gavin! Thank for your letter. My heart has calmed down, when I've received your letter because I think of you and about me. It's so wonderful. We live on the various sides of our planet actually, but we are so similar. I never was even outside of my country. I don't imagine as it's actually. Many people never saw something, except for native home. I console myself an idea, that you have the same dark blue sky and the same life. Probably, your life is more cheerful and is rich, paints are brighter, and summer is warmer. But also and as here, people cry, when they feel a pain, they are pleased to something, people suffer, when lose close people, women in tortures give birth children. It's equally everywhere. you and I've the same cares and problems. I try to imagine each day that occurs in your heart. I try to present your excitement and your pleasure, you ideas about me also. I think that I should change my style of life undoubtedly. I don't want to be sad and tiresome. Gavin, if we shall meet, would you like to fish with me? Is it unexpected question?:)) I really like to fishing. Are women in your country like to fishing? I fished frequently earlier. Probably, you think, that it's unusually for the woman. But in Cheboksary many women like to fishing. Certainly it's not similar to man's fishing, but nevertheless. I not always used the present fishing tackle. I simply took a long stick and have fixed fishing tackle to a stick. Gavin, what you shout, when the fish has grasped a worm? The Russian shout: "PECKS!!!" It's my liked moment in fishing.:)) If the fish not be caught for a long time, I lose interest. I use this employment not so seriously, as men. If the fish long to not be caught, I lose patience. :)) But when pecks well, I've the big passion. When I pull out from water a fish on a hook, I laugh, and I shout with pleasure as though someone tickles me. Are you ticklish? I'm very ticklish - the most reliable way to compel me laughter loudly up to tears. I think, that you should know it. If you will tickle me I'll resist with. :). If your beloved lady would like rare flowers which not sale in shop, would you search for these flowers to present her? or you will buy other flowers, beautiful also, but isn't her favorite? I like chocolate and ice-cream also, but I don't eat it much. It's my weak places. The way to my heart is cut by half if you have flowers, ice-cream and chocolate.:)) If I was the small girl I would like to live on a desert island with my beloved. Do you think with whom? :) With you my Gavin. And if it's the real world that I want to live in the free country and to be pleased that I've beloved as you. Katerina
Letter 14
Hello my dear Gavin. Has received your letter, and very much was delighted. It is very a pity to me, that you and me are divided with such distance. But I hope, that it is fast to be reduced I for that my further life has passed with you and I am in earnest to it very much. And I very much would like to meet and communicate with you with you in alive, instead of on a computer.I wish to be your teacher of Russian. What for to you to buy dictionaries? When I can learn to speak you on Russian and to improve the English. We talked to girlfriend Dasha about you much and it slightly envies me kind envy, that I have found such interesting friend. I too in the afternoon all am busy with children, there are educational employment and to have to find many time for work. I receive your letters. It gives to me huge pleasure. I like to read them and to answer you them. You became me the native person, at me such feeling, that I knew you very much for a long time and now I do not represent, as a vein without you earlier. For such short term, I have learned about you much and it seems to me, that you that person who did not suffice me in my life. I am happy, that have found you. You would know, how I wish to take your hands in the, to look to you in eyes and to tell All of you that has collected at me in a shower. I think the God will hear my prays and when it will occur. You the unique person who for last two years, could kindle an ice in my heart. I am very grateful to you for it. I feel happy after each your letter. I think, that you test the same feelings. Weather has strongly deteriorated. All was the sun, and now clouds. But mood, all the same good because has received from you the letter. We shall wait for good weather, I very much hope How is your family? Send the regards from me. Write, your letters bring to me pleasure. I hope that you will not force me to look forward to hearing from you long. With impatience I wait, Katerina
Letter 15
Hello my lovely Gavin! I am glad receive this letter from you. I want to tell you that I like to read your letters very much. I read, and read and read your messages, and every time it puts a smile on my face... you are such a real person with very, very honest soul and very good principles... When I received your letter, my mood was improved. My dear Gavin, what you make with my heart? Every day I feel new feelings to you and this feelings much more that was be at the last time. I never saw you in a real, but I have this fine feelings any way. And it is surprise for me. I know you not enough time, but I belive to my heart. I like tenderness and caress. I didn't love the rough attitude. I like, when someone make his attention for me. And I love when someone present a flowers. By the way I think that the most beautiful gift for a woman it is flowers. I think that the main thing for the woman attention and care, instead of a gift. Many Russian women marry with a rich people which they didn't love. They marry marry not with man but with his money. When they create a family with rich man, they have very rich life. But these women very soon understand that they unfortunate because they do not love their husband, only their money. I can't be like their cause I think that the most important things in the life, it is be happy and making happy someone else. I think that money bring only angrily to mankind, but sometime without money it is impossible to live. I want to find persons whom I really love, and it is not important for me,is he rich man or not. My darling Gavin, I can speak with you, about my feelings on my heart. I feel that you are the person to whom I can tell many things, that I can't tell to my good friends. It is surprise me very much, cause I know you very small time, but for this time I had an impression, that I know you for a long time. When I receive the letter from you, it is very good on my soul and warm in my heart. I want to read your letters every days. Any way I think that I must stop writing about my feelings and tell you about something else. In the childhood my mother told me that i must learn cause only then I can find a good work. Then I studied at the university at the economic faculty. In our country education is not appreciated. Many people, who have a high education, have very bad work. They have very small money because in our country it is very difficult and hard to find a really good work. In your country people to appreciate education? I know, that for example your goverment invite our scientists cause they think that in Russia we have very good education but how I and told you before it is very hard to find a good work here. Tell me, what opinion your people have about our country? What they think? Cause sometimes I think that some people think that here in Russia we have a bears who walking at the streets, then that all Russian man called Ivan and that our food is pancakes and that we all drink alot of *****, but sometimes it is true ;-) no in the true we not like this, and may be you want to tell me that this is not true, but please belive me that we are here and we see what other people thinking about our country.And I want to tell you that this is not true. Any way I want that you know that I am very happy to have the conversation with you. And I hope that at the one day we will meet with you in the real. I hope that it will be soon. Your Ekaterina
Letter 16
Hello Gavin !!! How a life? The my dear friend why you to me do not write... I very strongly wait from you for the letter.... What with you? Write to me, I worry. Ekaterina.
Letter 17
Hello my darling Gavin! I am very glad to receive the remarkable letter from you again and again. I like to read your letters very much. Today I have decided to make to myself a small holiday and to make to me a tasty supper, but it was not interesting to me that is it in loneliness, I so would like to have a supper with you:) but, unfortunately divides very big distance, and it is very a pity to me, that we yet together to spend so perfect minutes together. It would seem to you, washing the food has liked:) I have made some tasty salads of vegetables if you were a number with me I you would feed from the spoon, as the small child, I would care of you as I have added some tasty vegetables, but what, I shall not speak you, there can be in the future we can have with you a meeting and then I shall feed you with the tasty salads. This dish, my mum when I still was the teenager has learned to do.. I very much like to read your letters, they give me a lot of pleasure, help to live further, understanding, that I now not one, they bring to me a lot of pleasure. With each your letter I understand all more, that will gather. I already look, that our attitudes it is much more than friends. My opinion, that the most important thing between the man and the woman, this full confidence, I hate, when people lay and deceive each person. As I consider in that moment of a life which we should accept as conciliatory proposals. You see, that it is the important part of the attitude between the man and the woman. You possibly think, that I am too serious. But, I do it to be assured, in the a choice, to not repeat any more mistakes of the last days. During this moment my feelings to you already it is much more than friendship. And I understand it. Your words you write to me warms my soul and heart. It so is remarkable, when there is a person in this world to which you are not indifferent. It is pleasant For me to receive letters from you and feelings which I thus check. On it I shall possibly come to an end and with greater Impatience. I shall wait your following letter. My embraces for you. Yours Katerina
Letter 18
Hello my love Gavin !!! How are you? How are you doing? I am very glad to see your new letter from you! Your letters bring warmth to my soul.
Each time when I see your letter on a shower to me to become easier!
Gavin I wish to speak about our meeting, time goes also I very much I miss on you, I wish to understand that your words about our happiness became a reality, I wish to see you! Gavin I wish that we prepared our meeting for this time or little bit later, tell to me as you look at it??? Or probably that we could have our meeting little bit later?? I want that you have informed me when we can see, all right! I wish to meet in the near future! All depends on you my love!!! I very strongly hope that you will support me in my desires and aspirations to arrange our meeting and to understand as we strongly we love each other!!!
Yours Ekaterina.
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