Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello and wishes of wonderful day Warren!
I'm thanksful for sending a mail to me, it is really nice and kind from your side.
I like your photos, hope you'd like mine as well!
My name is Valentina, or short and simple Valya, if you want you can call me Val!
I was born in 1974 on 15 of January - late Christmas present! :)
I'm blond with black eyes, i hope you like such type, I live in Donets'k region, east Ukraine, it is about 900 km far from capital Kiev, small town Druzgkovka in rented flat. My height is 167 cm, weight is 56 kilos, I'm in good shape and keep it, as every woman i want to look nice and fit.
I've never been married and i do not have children, because i didn't meet right man before.
I work as secretary in office, as operator of cargo service, clients call me, i give tasks for work to our drivers. It is not so interesting job, but it was the best variant I've found in our town, we do not have many job offers here, i survive and sometimes relatives help me. I started dating agency on Internet because it is very popular nowadays and i know almost everybody in town where i live, but i didn't met any man that i want to start serious relations with.
I'm looking for a nice gentle kind and honest man, i would like to start serious relations, love and be loved, to care about someone really close, to start family if I'd be lucky to get preposition.
I can say that I'm intelligent lady, with manners, sense of humor, i like literature and culture, i finished pedagogical university, studied economics, on the first place for me are relations, not carrier or wealth, I realized long ago that love, family and soul are the most important in life.
I hope it is enough for the first time, take care of yourself and write to me soon please!
Valentina from Ukraine
Letter 2
Good morning dear Warren!!!
I hope this letter finds you well and in good mood, I just wanted to ask you if you're going to write me again,because I wait ...
best regards
Letter 3
Good afternoon and thank you for reply Warren!
hope this letter finds you in good mood, it was so pleasant and exciting to get your reply, i think for me it is very interesting to know you more, and i think you are a nice person, you know women have intuition, so i can be right.
Last evening i had supper with parents, so I'm in great mood today, it is always pleasant to spent time and have tasty meal with dear people, by the way i helped them cooking, we have such tradition, i come to them after work and we cook all together pasta with mushrooms and spices, and with chicken chips, have some white wine. I do not drink much alcohol, except some occasions or a glass with nice supper. I never used drugs in my life, I do not smoke, my parents brought me strict. So going on about family tradition - we cook and then serve table in guest room, calm talk without any TV or music, eat and enjoy each other's company. After supper we clean the table and go on conversation on the terrace when it's not cold or near the fire, my parents live in nice cosy home with garden, father made fireplace.
My father is a builder and my mother is designer, she is retired already, she is 58 and father is 56 but still working, women here retire in 54, men - around 60 i guess. But mother have some clients whom she can help sometimes and get some payment to help father. They live ok and happy, their eyes are still shining when they look at each other.
I'm the only child in family, but as i was brought strict, I'm not egoist and i know what is to share, i have moral principles, I respect people and their feelings, mother taught me to treat man as you deserve, stay interesting and attractive to keep fresh relations, i can cook very nice and i enjoy it, I'm a good house keeper and I'm sure that i can be a wonderful wife, i hate arguing and i prefer to find solution with compromises and so on.
I hope you are still interested in going on our communication, it really excites me and I'm sure I will wait for your answer!
Letter 4

Hello dear Warren,
sorry that didn't write you a lot last day, the reason is that i have some temporary difficulties in my life, I didn't want to tell you but i couldn't still find the solution, I was going home on the bus from work recently, with my salary in the purse, in good mood, I was going to buy some food, go to Internet cafe to send you a letter, give back my debts which i have, because i want to look ok as every lonely women, you know, and someone stole my wallet, work mobile phone, mine thank's god was in my pocket, so i left without money at all now, and my parents didn't get any payment or savings at the moment, could you please lend me some money until i will solve my problems please? I know that it's awful asking you for money, but you're dear person to me and i hope you won't left me in trouble, would you? please give me an answer as soon as you can, I'm so depressed now, i didn't have such problems before, i feel myself like lonely week woman and i need someone to protect me so much! i need your support, please don't leave me alone, life is so hard when you're alone.
yours Valya
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