Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Clarke (USA)

Letter 1
It's still hard for me to start our communication in the Internet, but surely I'm excited and happy! Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but truly speaking, it'd be easier for me to use more common way for writing by sharing e - mails. I just can't get all my thoughts together in such a short period of time and I need more calm way and thinking everything over and then relax, forget everything and write. And such dating sites are too hectic for me. So, if it'd be comfortable for you, would you please better write me to my e - mail that is kiskakiska123atgmaildotcom
Letter 2
Hi, Clarke! Life here goes fine, thank you. How are the things going with you? Mine are great and I'm really pleased to hear from you!
Thank you for taking your time to reply to me. It's always very nice to get acquainted with people whom you've liked. I'm interested just in everything concerning you and I'm happy to be able to know you as a person. But truly speaking, it is difficult to write a foreign man, whom you do not know yet. It must be the same for you but I simply start to write something about me... My name is Svetlana, I'm 29 years old and I am living in Skadovsk. A small town with 20.000 inhabitants, not far away from Kherson. I work as an administrator in a cafe. Skadovsk itself is one of the most beautiful towns in Crimea. Have you ever been in Crimea? Unfortunately I should tell that I didn't ever have an opportunity to travel abroad, to visit other countries, to meet new people, to know their culture. I always would like one day to go in some new places and may be I'll start my travel from France, it seems to me it is very romantic country. In my spare time I like to meet friends. Moreover, I like to play badminton, sometimes volleyball, I like jogging and walking in the nature. My biggest hobby is fishing, which I already do since my childhood in spite of being a woman. I like to listen to music, but I can not play a music instrument.
During my time at school I had to play several musical instruments, but without success...:( I had a few long relationships in my life, but I was not married yet.
In 2005 I wanted to marry my last boyfriend. The date for the wedding was already fixed. But the wedding party was canceled six weeks before it should happen. We (me and my boyfriend) had simply different views about the common future. Meanwhile he is married and has two children.
I do not know whether I will marry . Time will tell it. Did you intend to marry? I have a older brother, his name is Misha and he also lives in Scadovsk, like my our dear Mom. As I live together with Mom. My father has had poor health and problems with his heart and currently he i not with us anymore... My brother has a girlfriend over 8 years but no children yet... I hope to become an aunt someday :) And I need to tell you one more thing, which I hope, won't disappoint you. Truly speaking, I do not speak or write English freely and my my letters are translated to you into English by an interpreter.
Moreover, I do not have a computer and my here at the translation firm they kindly allow me to use it. I hope it's O.K. with you. I understand that our communication will continue step by step, but I'm so impatient to learn just everything concerning you! It'd be my pleasure if you always share with me your stories and memories, all your news and events! I'm truly interested in getting acquainted with you much more better! Maybe you have some questions to me :) If so, ask me please...
I would be very pleased if we continue to write.
My best wishes to you and I hope to hear from you! Your foreign friend from Ukraine,
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