Scam letter(s) from Kim Samira to Matthew (UK)

Letter 1
fMy name is kim ....single and looking for serious relationship... am honest, caring, understanding, lovely, loyal, faithful and trusted woman ....not smoking or drinking ...i don't have any kids and looking for maybe 1 or 2 i love dancing, listen to music, reading, cooking and kissing ..looking for my soul mate....i don't like to divorce once i get married am very impressed with your profile and intrigued by your integrity.
Your personality of being good and fun loving is very attractive to me.
You seem quite intelligent and have a mature perspective on life,also am very intelligent, energetic, loyal, respectful, positive, optimistic, romantic, caring, sensitive, compassionate, easy going, appreciative, monogamous, witty, friendly, sincere, articulate, understanding, straightforward, flexible, adaptable, hardworking and easy to please.
Importantly, I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh.. I am a one man`s woman . I do not do drugs, do not abuse alcohol and do not play head games. I like to look at issues from different perspectives to achieve better honesty and truthfulness.hate lies and cheat. my three years relationship got broken up when i caught my man cheating on me ., hopefully I dream about an attentive, careful, independent, reliable, kind, understanding, optimistic, tender, faithful and dependable man.. if you are interested in me.if you really do and care?,we can get to know more about each other...... Am looking forward to hear from you soon kim
Letter 2
Some people have such big dreams,but all I want is to love you,to wake up beside you each morning,to feel the warmth of your hand in mine,to share each moment,good and bad, with you,to lose myself in your loving arms.
Some people want so much out of life,but all I want is to share everything with you,for us to talk long into the night,to dream together,and experience all of the little things together that makes life worth living,Yes, I have a big dream after all,And I want so many things.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you,And I want to give you my love,and to make our home a place where you always feel warm and welcome,and for us to have a relationship in which we accept each other for who we are and always find a sweet dream in each other's arms............All I want is for us to love each other for the rest of our lives.And I do believe that dreams can come you so much and have a great day ,,,,,bye kim
Letter 3
hi matt
how are you doing ? something bad has just happen lil sister have been rush to the hospital ...the doctor said she has skin cancer ........i don't even no what to do not happy at all and i don't want are to die she is the only sister and the only family i have ..........i bet you am nobody without confuse i don't no what to do to you later i just said i should let you no what is going on ok
love you and take care of yourself
bye my love
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