Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Vrednaya to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
hello,from girl by name Svetlana!!!!nice to meet you!!!!
i am here at first and try my destiny to find honest man for real relationships or frienship!!!i hope here to meet him!!!
i am !brave girl!!!!I am family oriented, honest, optimistic, sincere, tender, romantic, with positive outlook on life. I am open mined and like to learn new things and curious about life. My hobby and interests: yoga, music, fitness, traveling.
i think that the most important it is the the inside world of person!where you can find many many ineresting treasure!!!!as for me the appearence is not important indicator!i like the heart of person!his behaviour!so if you want you can write to my personal mail "".
Letter 2
hi!i am glad to write you!!i want to tell you more about me at this letter!!!
As you know I am Svetlana! girl with positive outlook and family oriented!
i think that now it is time to create own family and to build strong stone of relationships!i grew up in good family,where always was love and understanding among aLL members of family!we are always was together and support each other!my relatives give me good support and help me in all way. i have masters of dance!i dance since childhood!i can dance rumba,cha-cha and valse!in this dance i can show all my beuty of body and all my soul!this dance very romantic,very passion and very sensire!i am an very passion person with very strong character!
i think my man will be very happy with such woman as me!because i am always have positive outlook even something wrong,because i know that life is good and always we can find the way how to solve all problems.
i decide to use this site because i decide to find a man with exotic not as our man character!with exotic voice!foreign language make me very passion, i think that last life i was living not in my country, and may be that is why i want to find man from another country!
my family are agree that i want to build own life abroad, because they know that i am adult girl and can decide myself what i want!they know that i am always reach my goals!
so please tell me how you imagine your future life with a beloved woman as me???
so i wait your letter very much!!!!kiss you!!!
Letter 3
hello!!!!how are you!!!!!????
thank you very much for your letter!!!!!
today is Friday!!!!!and i want to have good evening today!
i am at internet cafe right now and than i go to home to my relatives!we will have good dinner will communicate !
my relatives love each other very much
they are together for a long time!they respect each other very much
they like to travel together!they like to spend free time together!every summer we go to the sea-side or go to our relatives together!we have good time!my relatives do sport!1every morning my mother do gymnastic and my father do jogging!i sometimes do too!as you know i like dancing very much!!it is my life!!!!it is so good!through the dance you can show all passion, all flexibility of body and also the inside world of your heart!
so i respect in my life pure love!where all partners can feel each other easy and comfortable!who can know that you have the second half, the second hand who always with you in your mind, in your life and in your heart!
i dream to create very good life!!!i am a person who always like to go forward!!i like go ,go ,go ,go!!!
i think that i have character!i kind,honest!but sometimes i am very passion, and all my passion i show in my dance!i want to show my passion to my man and to spend with him very romantic days and nights!
as for me the age, the appearance of my man it does not matter!for me the main thing it is the inside world!the beauty of heart of my second half!
so i think you like my letter!!i will wait your letter again!kiss!
Letter 4

hello,dearest!!!sorry that i did not answer you so many days!!!!i went to my granny because she was so ill and i went to her and spend some days with her at hospital!she has problems with her heart!!!i love her very much and i am with my mother spend all days with her!today i come to home , tomorrow i will go to work!so how are you dear??have you any good news??because i am now really upset because it is such case with my grandmother!i sure that she become more better!but now i am upset really!!!
so sorry that i may be write you so shirt letter again!!!but i come to the internet cafe in such later time and want to hurry to home!i come here that i would like you to know where am i and how is gong all!so tell how are you???and which you plans have for new year???
as for me when i was at my granny hospital i dream to be near man who will be with me and support me, because i know that it is more better to be together! when the person whom you love with you and take your arms and help you to be stronger!
my father an military man in last, but now she has many work at now army, she in an pensioner now, but sometimes he works at the army because he has a great experience there. and he can not go with us to our granny.
i am now very tired because there was not good conditions for sleeping.
i wish you all best and wait your letter tomorrow very much!!!please write me!!!!!kiss!!
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