Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Johann (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello Johann! How are you? My real name Natalya:) I am very pleased to receive your response Johann! I do not even know where to start my first letter... let me tell more about themselves ... I am 27 years old, My growth of 5.6. My weight 57 kg. My birthday 10 July 1982:) I - White Russian ******* nationality. With regard to religion, Christian, I Johann, and I believe in God. I never been married, and I do not children, I am the only child in the family. I am sensitive, Thoughtful Moreover, it easily surprised. My close friends and talk about me that I - warm, funny, smart and Intelligent, purposeful, sociable. I am I would like to inform you that I live in the city Murom here in Russia. Murom it is located about 400 kilometres from our Russian capital of Moscow. Also I would like to inform you of my education. I Investigation into Murom University. In addition, I want to speak with you about I learned English when I studied at university, Can I speak in English without any problems, I think ... But I see that I do many spelling mistakes, I think I I hope that you will can understand my English language without any problems? Indeed, Johann? Please let me about this in its next e-mail, okay? Also, I would to inform you that after graduating from university, I received a diploma in specialty "Business and accounting." But, unfortunately, I do not demanded the formation of my However, as well as in Russia, as in many Other countries, it - it is very difficult to find good jobs above Good specialty. Now I work as the teacher in a kindergarten. I enjoys working here i love children. I have no computer in my house, and I to use Internet cafes. Probably, I finish my e-mail. Johann, I would be grateful if you want to write me about you directly as I did so. I would like, if you tell me, for example, about their family, whether your big family? About Yours City, where - do you live, I never was in other countries, and I I would be happy to learn about your country. Well, let me finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! Johann, look forward to your message is fast! Care Your new Russian friend Natalya
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Johann ! I am very pleased to receive an answer to my letter! My dear friend, We must examine each other more and more Please, agree with me, Johann ! Johann , I would to inform you about my family. I Want to talk to you that I do not extended family. my mother name is she works in a shop seller. As I I think that my mother to give me a good upbringing and education. I I think that this is so good, and I am proud that I have such a mom. In addition I want to tell you that I live separately from the mother, I live on a removable flat. Because I have long Time has to withdraw from the age at which live with their parents. Also, I wish to inform you that I consulted with my mom about my Friends attention to you via the Internet, it is estimated it as positively because it cares about my future life course. My Mom would like, I am happy life, and like this, I must find my face. As I have said to you earlier, I had never been married. I only child in the family and have no brothers and sisters! I do not see his father since childhood! My parents divorced, so that when I was small, drink a lot of my father and mother, not to support it! I do not I want to talk about it! So I said to you earlier, I work the teacher in a kindergarten. I am very pleased their work. I like to help children. I am very interested to hear your work O, Johann , also, that you hold off time? Besides , I want to speak to you, which I had never been away from Russia, I has never been in other countries, but I want to travel at a again, it - so romantical, I think:) It is gratifying, Johann , I must To finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will continue correspondence, and you tell me a lot more from you directly, and I will try to inform me directly as More to the maximum extent possible in the future of e-mail. I I would like to ask you about many things, Johann , and I hope that you will understand my questions and I will be responsible for it. I want to learn more on your country, please tell me about your family, your friends. I I hope to see your message as soon as possible. Natalya
Letter 3
Hello Johann!!! How are you? Thank you for your response to my last e-mail. In my opinion, it - so beautiful that we write each other because of our message, we investigate about each other more and more, really, Johann? I am interested in our correspondence very, very interesting study about you, about your life in your country, trust me, as everything I read your letter with great pleasure! Well, Johann, I hope that it will be interesting to explore with you about my enthusiasm, my favorite things, like everything: from music? I love to listen to Russian and foreign music Artists. Of the Russian musical artists I like to listen to songs the groups "Tatu ',' Zhanna Friske '," "and so on. You have heard about these bands? from foreign artists I like to listen to "Madonna ',' Scorpions', Sting ', Brithney Spears and so on .... Overall, I like to listen Good and modern music, Johann Furthermore, I want to ask kai listen to music? It would be interesting to examine me about it. Please let me, okay? Of the movies? I love to watch comedy, fantastic films, romantic soap operas and so forth. I watch TV. I have the TV, but we show only forty TV channels. I do not like horror movies. Comedies and serials - my favorite. I do not go to movies very often, it is! In addition, I wish to inform you that I like to read books, especially in literature Interior authors: Chehov, Pushkin and so on. The newspapers, comics, classic literature or poetry. In the evenings the truth I read novels. About food? Well, from the favorite dishes of food, I want to put various kinds of soups, as I like meat Moreover, I do not want to hide it from you:) I like fish and chicken very much, you are like chicken? Very tasty, indeed? In addition, I like pizza very much. Very tasty Moreover, I like pizza with cheese. Johann, you like to cook? I do not like awfully to prepare for my family and friends told me once:) Also on my favorite sport is responsible: Sport is very important to me. Without any implementation, I will become an exercise volume. I hope to die, when I - 100 years. On the morning, before the worker In the afternoon, time for breakfast, exercise and water procedure, I have enough. I am very active. I wanted to found a lot of sports, you like it? In the winter I like to ski, will be on the cooled air. Also, I like to play volleyball as well. But most of all I like aerobics, in my opinion, this sport is going to help support my body in good shape. Also, I wish to appeal to you that I love to dance dances:) Have you ever danced the dance with any girl I am sure that you want to dance a slow dance or waltz with me?:) That would be wonderful! Perhaps in the future, we will dance What do you, it would be great! Incidentally, my mother, friends and ask about you all the time:) is a special Mom, I told my mom that you are worthy and good my mother is very pleased to our conversation on the Internet And our relations, Johann. My mom would like that we have good relations in the future, and quite possibly in the future, we can become a splendid pair:), but remember, Johann! We must examine each other more and more! Indeed ...? This is very important for me, Johann! In fact in it, if you know that on statistics, most couples are separated because they know each other is not enough, and I do not want to make a mistake once, as I hope you will understand I can, Johann, really? As I have told you before, we must learn relative to each other in more and more of our e-mail. Johann, I can not trust, I wrote to you so much e-mail. I hope that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really? Johann, I would be grateful if you told me your hobbies, what music you prefer? As well as film and other? Incidentally, my mother and my friends ask again what I told you big congratulations from them! He - as usual. Johann, I will wait until after your e-mail! Johann, please write to me as soon as possible! Well? Farewell
Letter 4

Hello dear Johann! I am very pleased to receive letters from you! He has filled my day with new colors, and I was very pleased our cronyism! I really did not expect this. I really think that so difficult to get acquainted with a person from another country. I am very poorly understood in the Internet and computers also, but I am happy that I got and we get acquainted with you:) I very happy that in this world you can find such interesting people like You! I am very happy that you write to me and that every letter we all learn more about each other. I told my girlfriend about you, they inform you hello. Today, damp, humid weather here, cold wind effects, but I am happy, and nothing can spoil my mood, because I write to you. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to enter contact with you. I want to learn about you in the largest extent. It makes me closer to you. Tell me, please more about you directly. What are you doing in the rest of the time? Where - you spend your free days? I love Vacationers more natural. In summer, I and my friends go company, well you know, tents, open-air fire It - a great honour to follow in the green wood early in the morning to inject fresh Air, to hear birds singing. And if to do so together with the love of Whoever it is - probably indescribable feeling. I've said we Very beautiful places behind our city .. It is a pity, but I can not afford it often, in The summer I work also, and I release free days - this is rare. But if you and I, we Will the decision to hold a meeting to examine our approach to each other, I am ready To give way to work, for happiness, I am ready at all. Of course, at the beginning To talk about this, we must examine it again and again each other better. I Sport is responsible love to meet, meet. We in Russia have different kinds of sports meets Comply, you play football? I wanted to enter the theatre, it is - a very Interesting to find game players. I have not noticed, as time Left, and I must return home, he - too late. When I lie down on Dream, I will think of you to see you in my dream
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