Letter(s) from Ksenia Autumn to Laurent (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello, Laurent

Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you want to correspond with me.

My name is Oksana but I prefer when people call me Ksenia. I am 23 years old. I am a kind and clever girl with good sense of humor. People say that I am frank and charming. I like to speak with people and it is not a problem for me to find a common topic for communication.

I can sing and my voice is rather pleasant. I like to dance because dancing gives me the relaxation and helps to keep my body in the good shape.

I like theatre very much and I myself played as an amateur at my school theatre for about four years. And now I try to visit and watch every new performance. Theatre is my real hobby. But the artificial life of the theatre cannot substitute the real life, where I am lonely. I dream about strong, well-educated and kind man with frank heart.

So, you can see that I am very active person and I like to travel very much and I try to visit as many interesting places as possible. And in every trip I try to taste some new dishes, because I like to cook and I want to improve my cooking abilities and to make my menu more various. In my country there is a proverb that the way to the man’s heart is laying through his stomach. Of course there are a lot of other ways, but this one is very important too I think.

I am waiting for your letter and want to know about your character, family, friends, interests and hobbies.

Best wishes.


P.S. I would like you to send me some photos… Thanks in advance

Letter 2


I was very glad to get your letter. It is very interesting and now I know you better. So, I want to tell you about myself. You have seen my photo, and I am not going to describe myself. I would like to tell you about my character. I am good-natured, well-disposed and frank girl. I always try to be in a good mood and smile. And I can control any my negative emotions.

I am not a chatterbox but I like to speak with interesting people, to discuss different problems. I can tell about my deepest thoughts and dreams to my close friends. They can do the same. And we are sure other people will never know about these dreams. It is very important to keep in secret such kind of information and do not gossip. So I think I am a good company and a person whom you may entrust to.

I have never been married, but of course I had some contacts with boys. And I can tell now that I do not want any relations with young boys especially from Ukraine. They are interested only in their own problems, they can not speak about something serious and they drink a lot.

I want to meet frank, smart, honest and sociable gentleman for future happy family life. But it is the great problem to find such a man in my town. One my friend advised me to try Internet, because she herself had found her husband via Internet. . Unfortunately I don’t have a computer at home, that’s why I go to the internet cafe in order to use it. I studied English at school and I can speak it, but my English is not perfect and I do not want to have any problems and misunderstandings with you. So, don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong in some words.

I am a student of the East Ukrainian national university and I am going to become an architect. I adore beautiful building and dream to create them. I live and study in Lugansk. My parents live in the small ton in the region. That’s why I rent a flat in Lugansk. The city is not very big and situated in the east of Ukraine not far from Russian border.

Ask any questions and I will answer in my next letter.

Hope to hear you soon.



Letter 3


Excuse me for my late answer, please. I don’t have computer at home and, as you, probably, know, had holidays (the Victory day) and all internet cafes were closed that’s why I could not come there and answer you.

Thank you very much for your interesting letter and your interest in me. I am so glad to realize that I met such man so quickly. You seem to be the most unusual. I am feeling so good about you and I fell our communication inspires me. I think much about you and your words…

On television the other night, they had a show that was about Internet dating and relationships and they had several couples who had experienced just such a thing happen in their lives so I know that, if it was possible for them, then it is possible for us. Oh, one couple who met on the internet and fell in love through their letters found out that they actually lived in the same down and only a few blocks apart! They had seen each other around town before but had never actually met and didn't know each other's names. When they discovered that they were actually in the same town, they agreed to meet and the love was real! They are now married and have children and are very happy. They said that, even though they lived in the same town, since they basically moved in different circles and had completely different friends, they would have never met except for the internet! There were other couples who were from different parts of the US and from different nations who had met and also had very similar stories. I guess that this means that there really is hope for us! I hope we will also be happy thanking to the internet… That is what I think. What do you think?

Now I leave you and wait for your answer…

Hugs, Ksenia

Letter 4

Hi My Dear !

My hand is better now. It was just an accident at my work. One guy wanted to make a joke and to pinch my hands with a door. I was not enough time even to see that and to take my hand away… Now it is ok. Thank you for your concern, it means a lot to me.

Do you know, k, you are making it very easy to fall in love with you?? Do you really want me to? You seem to be the man I look my whole life for… You know I want to have the man that makes my heart melt when he enters a room, who takes my breath away each time he looks at me, the man I can love and adore for a lifetime.. A man I can be proud of, and one who I want to make him proud of me...You know when I see your letter in my mail box and I read a subject, my heart starts to beat more often and I am a bit worry while its opening. It is very strange but so pleasant feeling for me…


Letter 5


Please don’t offend I don’t write every day. Honey, you have to understand I don’t have a computer and I can’t come to the internet cafe every day. Sometimes I stay at work till 10 pm or I can be at the university very long. That’s why I don’t always have time to do everything I need to. Please, wait for my letters. I will reply… I am thinking of you all the time. You are in my thoughts. Yes, I think as you do. We only exchanged with some letters. But I am falling in love with you. I always thought it is impossible but now I know it is possible. I appreciate your attention and that you find time to write me often.

My dearest, you asked me why my name is Kas Autumn not Spring. You see my surname is Osina and it is from our Russian word osen’ which means Autumn. While I was creating my email box, I tried to create it just from my name and surname, but those different variants were not available. So I tried this one and got it. And you see my login is fall_oog. Fall means Autumn in American English and oog means my full name: Osina Oksana G. (G. – is my father’s name). You see everything is pretty simple. It does not mean I don’t like spring…

I am waiting reply soon.

Letter 6

Hello, my dear

I try to send you the same letter that could not be delivered. I hope it will reach you this time. I really don’t want to loose you because of such stupid reason as internet failure…

Again I send you my reply with delay Please, don’t be angry. You know I have some difficulties with coming to the internet cafeé. And from the end of May my exams at the university start and I, probably, will have some days free at work because of the school. You see I write you not very often but it does not mean I think of you rarely. I remember my wonderful artist and I think of him each free moment. My dearest, I really miss you when I am not at the computer and I don’t see your letters or not to write to you… My dear, please don’t write “I must stop think of you”. I need your thoughts and need your presence in my life.

I see you are not sure about my honesty or my existence. I would like you to be sure. I know we have to talk on the phone with you. But you know I don’t have one. I will try to ask one of my friends if she allows me to use her phone. I hope she agrees and you’ll be able to call me and we will speak to each other for some time.

My dear, I know there are many foreign men who seek for girls only for sex. When I created my profile, the first or the second letter I got, was from such kind of man and he did not hide his intentions, he wrote me about them in his first letter. I answered that I am not interested in such kind of relations and he replied that I am a fool and don’t understand how happy I could be with him. I was shocked. Just imagine I am in the internet for the first time in my life and I get such kind of letter. I could not write to anyone after it but then I thought and realized that not all men are the same. And of course, there are many women who just want to have money and that’s all. I think we always have chance to earn some money, not always much but we do. I work and try to save for myself. My parents don’t help me much and I am not offended. My mother is a nurse, and she does not earn much and father does not have work now. He worked at the plant but it was closed some time ago and he has to look for a job. Of course, if sometime we decide to meet some where, I am not sure I will have money to go there. I mean to go abroad but I think it is too early to talk about it. I think you must be happy to travel around the world.. I would like to accompany you.

My dream from my childhood was to go around the world on my own car. But unfortunately I don’t have a car and money to go abroad not even around the world.

My sweet, I must leave for home now. I will try to be back as soon as possible.

I send you my hugs and kisses,


Letter 7

Hello, my lovely!

Will you let me to call you “my lovely”?

I would like to call you in such way.

My dear, I don’t lie you. You must understand me… I work and study. I have much to do now because of my exams… Sometimes I can’t come to the internet cafe… But I am always with you in my mind… If I had a computer at home, I think it will be easier for me to write to you.

You write me that is not a problem to buy a cell phone… yes, it is not a problem but not for me. I am just a student who tries to earn some money for living… If it is just a small trouble for you, present it to me. I will be very happy to have a phone, to talk to you on tat phone and text you sometimes…We would be online 24- hours a day. You could send sms for me and I will do the same. Honey, My dearest, I need you in my life… you told me in your last letter that very many men can make my dream come true. But now I don’t want other men but you… Having known you nobody will want another one… till this moment I like everything in you… starting from your age and finishing with your hair style… I don’t know what will be then… but now I am falling in love and feel that love inside me. I open my email box and my heart is beating faster and faster as I imagine I will see your letter in a second…

Because i need , but what ? – you, and only you. Now I know it for sure…

Waiting for your answer, thinking of you all the time, kissing you in my mind…

Letter 8

Hello, my dearest!

Thank you very much for your letter. I was really waiting for it with impatience... I always think of you and your coming messages when I am not at the internet cafe and not write you…

I really like your letters so much, you have a special way of making me happy :) Thank you, I really like you very much too :) You are very good in understanding the people and I am sure we will understand each other. I believe that Love can make Miracles, do not you agree !!

I also believe that if both parts are clear and each one try to make himself easy for the other part to understand him better on his good and bad things, then he have the choice of accepting these bad things or not from the beginning, then nobody will come and blame the other part later.

I really like to be honest with people, because I find it hard for myself to find the understanding needed in the beginning, then later I do not find it in the same way I used to from the other part. Both should be clear and 100% sure that the other part understand the weakness of himself.

You know, my dear, your letter seems to be a bit sad. I can’t understand what is going on and why you have some doubts. Please, write me about all thought that you are not satisfied with… I really want to understand and discuss everything… I really want to realize what person you are in order to become closer to you. First you made me to like you and then your letters became cooler…

By the word, my dear, I asked my friend who has a phone if she lets me to use it in order to talk to you. She did. So, if you can, you can call me. For me it is convenient on Sunday at 9pm my time. But unfortunately I don’t know about the time difference between our counties... Please, write me if you can call and when. The number is 38 066 592 64 62

I am waiting for your reply soon.

I send you my tender kiss (do you feel it? I hope you do.)


Letter 9


You know, , some time ago many men disturb me. Then I have already made my choice in correspondence and did not answer them. But some of them did not want to realize why I don’t what to reply their letters. From that time I began to send letter to all of them. Yes, it was the second or third letter I wrote for you. When they got them for second of third time they at last understood, I will not write for next time. This time was the same. You know one man from California even humiliate me, he wrote me about dirty sex and he called me awful words. I tried to keep silent to him but he continued to mail. I tried to write rude letter, it did not help. I tried to write in warm word “please, don’t write me”. But he continued. Then he wrote that saw my photos at other ID. I don’t know how they came there.

You know my ID is A5280772 on Absolute Agency. I can just tell you that some time ago I had my own site in the internet with my photos… I was crazy about computers and internet and I tried to make sites and different advertisement for companies with my friend in order to earn some money. But it did not continue for a long time because we were not so good at computers and he left my country. And now I only try to find my soul mate online. I think may be somebody has found my photos and now try to scam people. I don’t know but I have to tell you that I am really exist. Dear Patrick, I hope you will understand everything and will continue writing me because I really want to correspond with and to be with you. If you want to be sure of my real existence, I think I can send you the copy of my passport and give you all information about myself. I hope it will help you to make sure I am real. I did not answer to that man and hope he will not write again. He is terrible. He even told one time, “If I wanted, I would be able to buy you because I have so much money you can’t even imagine…”

So, I told you the truth. I don’t know if you believe me. I just want to be honest till the end.

If I never see a letter from you, I wish you all the best. Please, believe me, I was really trying to do my best to develop our relations. You were one of the best periods of my short and inexperienced life…


Letter 10


The friend I created that site with was my childhood friend. He is a computer technician. He left the country not because he was my foreign boyfriend. He is Jewish and his family left to live to Israel. That’s all. As for earning money, we created adverts. I gave ideas and he created them in HTML. That was our attempt to earn some money.

I am not a scam girl. I don’t know what 10/18/48 means. I don’t have my own flat because I rent one with my friend. She is a teacher. Her name is Svetlana. We don’t have telephone at home because it is too expensive for us to rent a flat with phone. I study, she works at school and her salary is also small.

As for the clothes. How do you know what clothes I wear? Beautiful clothes does not mean expensive. Besides, I like to sew and often sew thing for myself… if you are interested in my address. It is

h.4b? fl. 100,
50 years of October Block,
Ukraine, 91040

Dear, if you don’t want to correspond with me, I understand. But don’t humiliate me. I was honest enough to have normal part.

Best regards, Ksenia

P.S. By the word, the number exists. My friend, Svetlana, said, sdomebody called on Sunday from Moscow and asked Zhenya. Were that you? I am not Zhenay, I am Ksenia. So. You can try again. But you must write when you would like to call because i have to ask her to use the phone. And very often she switches the phone off in the evening...

Letter 11


If you really want to speak with me. Try to call me tomorrow at 10pm my time. I will ask my friend about her phone. I am sure she will let me use it.

I am waiting,

Letter 12

I really don't know what is wrong....
I am still waiting for your call and my friend is with me...
what about tomorrow at 10 again. Let's try...