Scam letter(s) from Rachel Mutala to Nicholas (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear i called the agency today and they said you will receive an email from them today and that you must be fast in all this because the visa is open for now so i will want you to please be online latter today so we could discuss on this. I love you sweet.
Letter 2
Good day love, am sorry i could not reply as you try to chat with me i was asleep and so i was not online. Remember this is not my computer is for my boss i love you and i miss you my dear, Love You.
Letter 3
Thanks very much baby for the advise am so happy to have you in my life please don"t get sick it will be well i understand every thing you explained to me i will do just the way you have asked me to, take good care of yourself and please remain my sweet heart. I hope to chat with you latter today. Your Lovly
Letter 4

Baby am not happy on your email, but i forgive you over all i can chat with you but you have to know i dont have money to use a cafe am always at Mr Jenxiu"s office i love you and you know it i dont belive in speaking love i act love so please trust me and know dat by saturday i will be with you as soon as you complete the BTA tomorrow.

I dont have much to say but i want to say that i love you deeply.

I will chat with you on my phone now.
Letter 5
Mr Jinxiu
Customer Service Department
Small World Travels Services Pte Ltd IATA.
428 Building, 1st floor,Kangle Mansion,
Hua Qiang Bei Road,
Shenzhen City, China.518000
Company Website:
Dear Mr Nick here is the flight plan Traveling to Dallas
flight train bus Thu 10-Dec-09
Guangzhou (CAN)
Depart 10:20 am
to Tokyo (NRT)
Arrive 2:55 pm
Terminal 2
1,822 mi
(2,932 km)
Duration: 3hr 35mn
CZ China Southern Airlines
Flight: 385
3Economy/Coach Class, 772 - BOEING 777/200
Tokyo (NRT)
Depart 7:00 pm
Terminal 2
to Dallas (DFW)
Arrive 3:25 pm
Terminal D
6,437 mi
(10,359 km)
Duration: 11hr 25mn
AA American Airlines
Flight: 60
3Economy/Coach Class, Boeing 777
Total distance: 8,259 mi (13,292 km)
Total duration: 15hr 0mn (19hr 5mn with connections)
Traveling to Guangzhou
flight train bus Wed 10-Feb-10
Dallas (DFW)
Depart 8:15 am
to Seattle (SEA)
Arrive 10:50 am
1,663 mi
(2,676 km)
Duration: 4hr 35mn
AA American Airlines
Flight: 529
3Economy/Coach Class, S80
Seattle (SEA)
Depart 1:20 pm
to Beijing (PEK)
Arrive 4:35 pm +1 day
Terminal 2
5,393 mi
(8,679 km)
Duration: 11hr 15mn
HU Hainan Air
Flight: 496
3Economy/Coach Class, Lunch, Airbus A330
flight train bus Thu 11-Feb-10
Beijing (PEK)
Depart 7:20 pm
Terminal 1
to Guangzhou (CAN)
Arrive 10:30 pm
1,185 mi
(1,907 km)
Duration: 3hr 10mn
HU Hainan Air
Flight: 7803
Letter 6
You are the biggest fool i have ever met as a woman i thought you can think well but i dont know u are a goat, after all i passed through just for you all you could tell the doctor was that you have been scammed. I hate you.
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