Scam letter(s) from Elena Kulakova to Anthony (Greece)

Letter 1
Greetings the stranger!!!!
I saw your structure on a dating site
I very much liked it, and I would like more acquaintance and dialogue you.
My dear I the girl and I 28 years, I would like to get acquainted with you if you not against we can keep in touch with you.
You can write to me on my e-mail:
Also I apply on a deposit the letter my photo, I hope it to you to love.
I will hope, that you write to me and also will send me the photo.
Sincerely yours Elena!
Letter 2
I am happy to read your mail, how are you doing? Thanks for your answer, I am really glad to acquaintance to you! At me is not present any MSN or other similar program, it is additional service for which it is necessary that To pay, and I do not have phone for trunk calls, but I try to solve this problem in the near future...
OK, I will tell to you more about me, As you knowledge, my name - Elena. I am the Russian lady, me - 28 years, my birthday On August, 1st. I am the only thing and never married, I do not have children, but I wish to have them in the future.
My growth makes 174 sm, my weight makes 56 kg. I - the cheerful, clever and kind lady, which Considers a life fine and surprise, and dreams to find the good friend with common sense of humour, I hope, what it - you? :) My family is not big, I have mum, the daddy and sister. I was born, And I live in the city of Kronstadt it near to St.-Petersburg. Work as the bookkeeper over our local firm On repair and furniture manufacturing. I do not have any computer of the house, but I have a computer on work, And I can write you letters from here. Unfortunately I cannot devote it a lot of time as this equipment of service.
If the head sees, that I use the computer to suit the own ends, I can have problems, I :) hope for you not a problem, what I live in Russia? I think, that the distance does not have problem, if people to love each other, You agree with it? It is good, what All of you still wish to know about me? My interests, I like to go in for sports, read interesting books, To have walks with friends, to look cinema. What is your interests?My last relations of love with the person made almost 3 years, but at it is betraid me with other woman, And I leave from it, and one year, I live that. My friends advised to me to search for the friend on the Internet, and I have written to you.I always liked your country, and I have heard, that in it there there live very good, kind and interesting people. During long time I wished to have the correspondence to the person from other country and have met you, I want it, we became friends. Certainly, we should study each other, and it seems to me what very pleasantly and interestingly to have time with you! I hope, what you understand my English language? I not on 100 well know English, but well I speak on it. Tell to me more about you, about your family, about your city and the country, well? I wish to study you more with each letter.We possibly will meet in the future. You have once planned to go to Russia? I hope you not what collects naked photos? I have warned about such madwomen... I hope, what you do not belong to this type of the anxious people? Well, I think, that will stop now and if after that letters at you it will be valid interest, Interested for me then in the following letter I will write more about me. I would like to begin our friendship and I hope,That so very much for your answer. I send you some photos, I think, that you will like to see me.
Kiss ;).....
All good,
Your Elena:)
Letter 3
Excellent day, Anthony!
Many thanks for the new letter!
Many thanks to you for a photo it very much were pleasant to me, you the interesting man :)!
You have written to me much from interesting about you directly, and I think, that we are in many respects similar. I never thought what to write messages the friend the friend such charming employment. Should recognise what to have the correspondence to you improbable pleasure, and I have huge desire to continue dialogue!
Last time I have a little told about me directly, therefore I will try to make it now :)
Yes, I really Russian woman and live in Russia. I very much love my country, and I consider me as the patriot. I have heard, that many foreign people when speak Russia, represent the Russian vodka, a bear and a cold! Should tell, that it not absolutely is the truth :), But it is impossible it is belief to take absolute. Yes, in Russia really like to drink vodka :). In the winter in the European part Russia happens a little coldly :)
My parents lived the life most part in the city of Kronstadt, and August, 1st 1981 they have been born the unique girl, Which named Elena. Yes, it - I :)
Parents have presented me the big attention, care and love, therefore I grew up a kind, the lifted, kind and clever child. Having left school, I operated in college where have received many useful knowledge. After that, I moved to the city of St.-Petersburg, To work. Five years I worked as the bookkeeper of metallo-assembly factory and lives were glad. But time goes, also very much changes. At factory has exchanged the owner, and me have rejected, because of reduction of quantity of workers. It was necessary for me, will come back, And now I live again in the city of Kronstadt, and I work as the bookkeeper. I very much love my work, because I always liked to prepare and make it with pleasure.
It is sad, but pleasures of time!!! Now I live directly, separately from parents in my small apartment!!! At a leisure from work I am occupied in affairs of the house, type: to feed small fishes in an aquarium:) Also many other things. When all affairs are made, I try to devote time to myself. I conduct a healthy way of life. For me it is much better to visit a room of realisation or fitness centre. I very sociable woman, therefore in me many good friends.
My girlfriends often visit me, and we vigorously waste time together. We often go to cinema, or we visit exhibitions, theatres, And we go together. My girlfriends speak it I very cheerful person. I like to listen music and to look cinema. My favourite - Michael Jackson, it was the great person, I admire with its creativity, and it is sincerely a pity to me that he has died: (
I very much love films about love, it so is fine to look as people love each other:) I wish to thank you once again for the interesting message, And I hope, that we can study more about each other:) Please tell about itself more, it is very interesting to me. I have placed my pictures for you, and I hope, that they will bring to you great pleasure!
Letter 4

Hello Hello Hello! How you my friend, Anthony? Today I have woken up early, and I have excellent mood all day!
I never thought about going to another country.
But if I meet the love that I think that will follow this man wherever he has to say.
I would like to look at other countries, because I never was, and I will be very interesting travel and may even live in another country, if the beloved man will be next.
Many thanks to you for a photo it very much were pleasant to me, you the interesting man :)!
Weather behind a window it is very bad, the autumn comes nearer, rains, a cold, slush have begun and there is no holiday, but I feel very well! Probably, your new message does my mood:) I think, what exactly so it and is, with each your message I feel we better also we learn about the friend the friend even more, I never thought, that it can be so fascinatingly!!! What all of you this time?
I thought much, how there passes your day, how are you doing, but the best way to learn - to ask you:) The day before after work we with girlfriends went on a flower-show. With my work about 5 day schedule it is found out to have a rest only in the days off :(!!
But sometimes, also as well as yesterday I to assume to go to myself to cinema or on an exhibition, after work if it not so has got tired :)!!! I very much love flowers, but I do not think, that them happens so many kinds. I very much like roses, I even Have one which grows in a small kettle in the neighbourhood with violets and cactuses:)
Then we have gone to cafe there is a fruit ice-cream, and remained are very happy with time will result together. Thus, I still enough time for itself and for mine friends. Unfortunately I to have a rest only on days off. But sometimes, as on This time I can go with girlfriends to cinema or in cafe! I very active and cheerful person, therefore first half of day in time all all or nearly so:) Much to our regret in my life really is only there is no almost a loyal friend, the person. I friends often ask me why I one more, but I not always will find the answer to this question. In my life there were relations, but I have understood, that it not mine.
There were disappointments, but now it in the past, and I any more do not wish to recollect it. Any woman dreams about attention, care, caress, respect and love.
It seems to me, that the main thing for the woman in its relations to be assured of the person. But to be assured, it is necessary be able trust. Any woman wishes to be unique for the men, favourite, to wish the best. I want, that about itself the person who will be my best friend and can even more. Relations between the man and the woman he not only tenderness and passion. The man and the woman first of all should be the best friends.
I hope, what you agree with me? Attention, honesty, respect, fidelity, attention, mutual understanding, support and care about each other - a basis of the strong and long relation!
It is a huge theme for reflexion and a reasoning:) I hope, that have told to you, that I wait from relations. To very interestingly me, what you in search of the relation too? Do not forget, that I always very much wait for your messages!
There is a good day! Your friend Elena!
Letter 5
Hi Anthony!!!! How are you doing!? What new in your life?
Thank you very much, to you for your letter!!! I waited for it and was very happy to receive it.
Today on work I could not read in the afternoon your letter as at us have disconnected the Internet. And only the master in the evening has come and has told that everything is all right.
I was late a little to do work to see your letter and was very happy to receive it.
When I receive your letter, for me it as a holiday. I always look forward each your mail!
After all for me our correspondence has very much great value.
I think ours relations begin develops into friendly character.
And me from this it becomes very joyful on heart. I try transfer all emotions in the letters as I can.
And I very much would like, that you felt it in each my letter.
On heart so it becomes pleasant, when you know that in your life there can be a person to whom "you" are expensive and is not indifferent.
I the lonely woman and me would be desirable find the person with which I can to divide the life in love and pleasure, in a grief and grief.
But round myself I and could not find the man which smog to understand me how you understand me Anthony.
And the more I to read your letters, the I understand more that you that which long-awaited man I searched.
It can only my imagination but so I would like to see it. But you to me seem very sincere person!!
In this world each person searches to itself for half with which it will live long and in love, I think it dream almost each person. How you think of it?
But in our life sometimes it is necessary to search for such person all the conscious life.
And not when you do not know where you will find, this person absolutely nearby can and can on other end of our earth...
I already adult woman and me would be desirable to have the family and the man near to which I will always feel the woman.
I also very strongly would like, to give all heat, tenderness, care,
Love, kindness and caress to the man whom I will grow fond. During such moment, it seems to me unrealizable dream.
But I trust in it, and is assured, that such day will soon come.
Otherwise all our life without love does not make sense... You agree!?
I think that the love happens different: it can be to children and parents, but love between the man and the woman this that to what aspire all.
I would like not only to read letters, but also to see each other more likely.
But I understand, that it is not possible yet, because we - very much far apart.
You very much interest me, I like to correspond with you, and I hope that our mutual relations
Can be much deeper. I do not know how to explain it - words.
I simply feel it. Your letters do me by the happy woman, and at me is for a long time cheered up...
Ok, I wish to set to you some questions. Please write to me about your holidays!?
What holiday is the best in your country? What nature is pleasant to you more, it is wood or seacoast?
Anthony you have close friends? Please, write to me more about this, about your mutual relations?
Please write to me more about your life, it will be always interesting to me.
You could tell to me about your best dream, you dream!? What women most of all like you!? Excuse that I set many questions.
I very much would like find out about you more!! Anthony I wish you to ask to send to me more than the new photos.
You will send me them!? Now I scan some of my photos, also send them to you.
I hope they to you will like!!! Good-bye Anthony. Sincerely Elena
Letter 6
Greetings my sweet and favourite Anthony
How your day? My love at me very difficult day today has turned out.
I only could return today to work office in the evening!!!
Since the morning I have gone to St.-Petersburg, I was sent by the chief behind the report which I to carry in the auditor company.
I to arrive to St.-Petersburg and to make all affairs within 2 hours. Then I to go to station for a trip home!
And on a way has decided to come into Travel agency what to learn all about a trip to you. The manager of this firm has told,
That it will not have what problems. Also that they do to me the passport and the visa to a trip to you to that I was very glad.
I was ready to shout from my pleasure. My love it was such minute of happiness, that my and your dream can meet to be
It is real!!! Still the manager has asked I left the country, I to answer that was not present then he has told that it very well and that for the first trip
For me there will be a discount in their agency. I was inexpressibly glad to everything, that have knowingly come into this agency.
Then the manager has suggested to conclude to me the contract on grantings to me of services in registration travel papers.
But when I to look this contract that to drop it on a floor.... Services in manufacturing my documents to cost 520 US dollars.
My sweet I so have broken that did not know that to me to do. I did not think that it will cost such money,
I have money but this not that sum on which I hope.
But the matter is that the contract is already signed also they my documents the passport and the visa have started to be engaged preparation.
I to pay 100 dollars which to be at me. But I do not know where to take other sum. I in very tears to go home to Kronstadt
And before to go on work I to call in to my mum. What to ask from it that to me to do. Mum at first long to calm me.
As I to cry and could not stop myself. Love Anthony why so to be, that when you to love the best man,
To which you to give the heart and love. Such problem to see it and to hear it, to give it a kiss and to wake up in the morning in
Its embraces!!! I long to sit and think where to me to take this money but so could nothing. And then mum to tell to me,
That I should ask the help from you as we love each other also you almost my future husband.
Mum has told that you very good person and will help me...
My sweet for me it is a shame, but I so wish to be to you to love you.
I ask you to help me with lacking the sum. These are 420 dollars and then I can take away the visa and the passport,
They will be already ready next week!! My favourite I very much trust that you can help me with it and our meeting
It becomes real. To do Travel agency to me the visa for 90 days and after our meeting I can prolong it if it is required.
My sweet I to learn as you can send me money. The chief on work when to hear conversation on this all.
Tell that you you can to help me Through system the Western union. My favourite for this purpose my information is required to you,
That you could send this money here she:
Name: Elena
Lastname: Kulakova
The country: Russia
City: St.-Petersburg
My love still I should know your full name and transfer number if you can help me with the visa and the passport. I very much very much to trust in it!!!!
I have nobody to ask about it more!!!
I trust that at us with you all to turn out and very soon I can touch you and kiss you.
To me to make all documents and I will fly to you on wings love..... Forgive that my letter very sad,
Easier still to go tears on my person. Your letter is a little to calm of me, thanks you for that that are for me.
My sweet I have very big dream, it when I will see for the first time you at the airport, I will throw all things,
I will reach you and there will be the longest kiss in the world, I during long time will not release you from embraces,
It will be the beginning of a modern love story, we will be so happy.
My love now which I will look forward your letters and to ask concerning our meetings,
I very much, hope for you, that you will help me and will not leave me in trouble. I will wait very much your answer!!
It is a lot of kiss to you my sweet Anthony!!
Always yours Elena
Letter 7
Hello my love Anthony!!
I now to be on work and I was happy to read from you the letter.Dear Anthony I have attentively read your letter, all
I understand mine dear Anthony. Certainly we will wait, both it is normal! And it cannot change those feelings between us in any way!
I very much love you and if not our love I do not know as though I could live further one!!!!
I love you mine Anthony and for the sake of this, for the sake of our love and the further meeting, I am ready to wait time!
But after all we will be together and this main thing! I am happy from these thoughts!! My hope only on that that you will help me.
My love I and could not find money for payment, and all papers are already signed and now I cannot refuse it.
On it I will not have time to earn this money and to me there will be a penalty through court. And if I give the salary, even it will not suffice for payment
And now I do not know that to me to do. Road you to ask me a phone number, but at me it is not present in Russia to have phone very expensively therefore I cannot call you my love. I very much to wait your answer my dear Anthony!!!!
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