Letter(s) from Anzhelika Sik to Glenn (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Good evening Glenn! Has received from you the letter.
All of you continue to write to me. Means your intentions are serious.
It to me is pleasant, you it is probable not such bad man.
I will hope very much for that that we will correspond Constantly, to see from each other letters. Today I feel Remarkably, weather at us good, even like tries to look out The sun, but nevertheless temperature all the same very low.
Glenn I wish to tell to you about myself. After all you yet do not know about me that.
As you already know my name is Anzhela. This Russian name, me of 29 years.
The adult and lonely girl. For you not a problem at my age?
After all for love there are no borders aged! I was born in Russia, in a city Kazan in May, 1980 7th. Now I as live in city Elabuga, I have a one-room apartment in city centre, to me has presented Its my daddy for 27 years. And so about my parents, at me now There was only my mum and the grandmother. They do not live with me, two of them Live in the country house in settlement Samosyrovo. Big settlement, They have a economy, a cow, hens, sheep. In the summer I like to spend Time at mum, it more pulls together us. But as every Sunday I I leave to them and if we continue correspondence I cannot To write you letters, on it do not lose me. When there was my vacation in Last years, I left to it for long time. And my daddy Was lost on work, it was the electrician, and during check electric Boards, it has touched a wire and he was killed by a high voltage. We with mum Very strongly cried. We could not believe that my daddy has left us.
I often recollect it, it was the magnificent man. Now I visit Sometimes its tomb, I bring there flowers and I recollect it. But it is fine about a family.
With me as there lives a cat, Her name is Muska, in this letter I will send you a photo of mum and me. I as have received also your photo, and Has learnt you there, you very beautiful man. I hope that it is pleasant to you My small family. Glenn you as wish to know probably about my work, I work as the bookkeeper in the small company. I earn on that that To live, I do not dare to have a good time. Even at all for a long time I could To save up money and to buy the computer, I write you letters from the house.
I studied as the bookkeeper at the Kazan institute and when has finished it, I worked only as the assistant to the bookkeeper, at me was much Experts, and now I have arrived on a permanent job. I work 5-6 Days in a week, sometimes happens so I come home and simply I fall down From feet also I go to bed. My working day big, I rise in 7.00 mornings and by 8.00 run for work. Then I come home on a lunch break.
And at 18.00 my working day comes to an end. I come home and I check Mail, whether I look there is from you a letter. I there is nobody I do not correspond Except you. I the true girl. As it is interesting to you why I have addressed In the Internet for acquaintance why I at such age am still lonely?
You probably heard about Russia much. And I to you will tell about men, Local men care of the a half simply a little, Not such attentive, and good men have for a long time already a family, children.
To me here pay attention a little, and those who turns, See in me as a toy, think that it is possible to take advantage of me.
But I do not want simple relations, I want the serious man with serious intentions.
I wish to construct a good family. I think that you perfectly understand me.
Glenn now I finish this letter, I will have supper, I will take a shower and I will go to sleep.
I hope that you liked my letter.
I will wait the answer from you with the big impatience.