Scam letter(s) from Alla Godun to Ster (USA)

Letter 1
My sweetheart Bonehead! Thank you for your letter again! thanks for letting mew know some facts of your present life...It really allows me to feel closer to you and sometimes it seems to me that it's real magic. It's magic of two loving hearts which in spite of all the problems and difficulties are still together! Yes, we've never seen each other in person, but our relations are still amazing. I can imagine how wonderful they will be when we are together in reality! I will be able to give you my passion, my warmth, my caresses...You know, i see you in dreams very often. Sometimes i even don't see your face, but i feel your warmth and my heart is beating very fast, and i understand that i feel your hand and your hot breathing and IT"S REALLY YOU! i believe that our dreams are a little bit material and i know that i see you in my dreams because our feelings are mutual and you dream about me at night too...Do you see me in your dreams, darling?....
Thank you very much for your love and your care, darling! By the way, my friend told me you called, but she was busy and didn't hear your calling...Unfortunately...You know, it's better to call around 12 o'clock my time...As for travel arrangements...I will appreciate very much if you help me with that, darling. Just the agency i told you about doesn't take credits, i told you...So, i hope you will be able to find another know, there are not much agencies in my area and all of them work with a cash, so i don't know...But anyway, i love you, you love me and this is the main and it means that we will solve everything!:)
Thank you for coming to my life! you are my everything!!!!
Forever your loving Alla
Letter 2
Hi, my beloved sweet angel Bonehead!
i missed you so much, honey!!! sorry that i didn't write you for so long time! I think about you all the time too! hope you will call me tomorrow. Today we have very busy day at work. Monday is always blue, are you agree?:)
As for my weekend, it was quite fine. On Saturday i met my old friends. It's better to say my former class mates. There were 5 of us: two girls with their boyfriends and me. We spend very good time. I missed them so much and it was very interesting to speak about our lives all evening long, but frankly speaking i felt myself as not in mine plate...You know, they are so happy, they were kissing and hugging all the time, and i felt myself so lonely...You can't even imagine how much i wanted you to be with me that evening...Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to take your hand, to sit next to you, to spend time in a nice company with jokes and laughing...
I miss you so much!
Forever your loving Alla
Letter 3
Hi, my one and only Bonehead! Thanks for the letter, but i don't know what to say...What do you mean, how can you lose me if you send funds for the documents???
I want us to be there together, to watch the beauty of a nature, to walk hand in hand, to be calm and sure at last! i know that it's so hard to trust a person you know only through the internet! Believe me, I understand your feelings as i have the same! But i used to listen to my heart! and do you know what my heart say? It remain me about you all the time! I hear a beautiful song and my heart starts beating faster as i remember about you! I watch romantic movie and my heart beating so fast as i see us in main heroes! You are everywhere with me!!! When something interesting going on in my life, in my thoughts I speak with you. I imagine that you are with me and i can share everything with you, i can ask your advise, I can just hold your hand and see your eyes and understand everything without words. You know, yesterday me and my friend were in a big supermarket of a building materials and everything for the house. My friend bought plants here. So, well, we were walking around, watching all different beauty things for the house! So many interesting things! Beautiful kitchen, bathrooms and so on! honey, you can't even imagine what I felt then! I imagined that we together walking through such shop, looking for something for OUR house! sweetie, I dream so much about our cosy house, full of love, care, understanding! I want to make it the sweetest place for you, for us, for our children! I want this bright dream to come true at last!!!!
Honey, and now, when i see your letters again, when I read them again and again i understand that you are the one and only man I want to dedicate my life! If you still have some doubts about me-come to Kiev to meet me! If no, let's start the arrangements for our meeting! i know that may be it's not an easy decision for you...for me may be too...But i want to be happy so much! I want to be happy with you! no matter when and where, but i think we deserve this happiness!!!!
Thousand of sweetest kisses for you only!
Your Alla
Letter 4

Hi, my love Sterling! Thanks for so many nice letters from you and for all the beautiful kind words of love! My angel, as for my town, it's very small and google can simply not be able to show it! i was trying to find it, but i can't understand how to use it. The same with flowers. Are you sure they can find me? frankly speaking, my mother has an allergy on flowers and it's not so good idea to send them to my house...But thank you very much for your desire! i like flowers and i expect to get lots of them from you when i am with you already, in reality! ok? promise?:)
Speaking about marriage agency, i am telling you one more time that it's a real stupidness to sue it for organizing my trip! They will take too much, even if you find a good one, and i am sure that it will be not in my town, but in a biggest one where i will have to travel...I am sure that it's much safety to use that agency where i was as at least it's in my town and in any case i can go there, and what is more important- i was there and i know they work very well. How do you think funds can be stolen???? I've never heard that it was possible to steal something from Western Union as they have a good safeguard. My parents sure that this is the best way too and idea with a marriage agency seems to me strange and not reliable at all! besides, i anyway need a passport which i can make only by myself and no marriage agency can't do this for sure!
Oh, and what are those tickets you send me? I mean ,the price is really great! is this new years discount? i wish we could use it...
Everything is so beautiful around!!! i mean Christmas coming and my soul is singing because of the expectation of happiness and love!
Send you thousand of sweetest kisses, honey!
Forever your loving Alla
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