Scam letter(s) from Kristina Borisova to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, I hope that you still interests my profile, it is very pleasant for me that you have paid the attention to me from many girls. It is good, where I start? My name - Kristina. I have been given birth on February, 7 1984. I have blue eyes and long hair of the blonde. My height - 167 sm and weight of 55 kg. I live in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. It - remarkable city in Russia which is located in the center of our country. Most the closest big city - Moscow, this city is on distance approximately in 400 km. I lived here substantially all my life. It - good silent and very picturesque place. It has the population more than 1000000 person. There are enough many others Crimean beautiful places within hours, conducting distance. It - the perfect place to live and lift family. I mainly similarly to this here because all people in my city are so friendly. As to where I work. I work in as the children's psychologist, my work consists in that that I work with children which have parents of alcoholics. In the summer I work in sanatorium and establishment of a resort. I only love my work very much as I like to be in closer to children. And still I like to be engaged in gymnastics, And I am pleased, when I can give this pleasure of to be in the good form to my clients. As to my life of family. I have no any own children, but I would like to have someone day. I only have not met the correct person nevertheless. Who knows, it is possible, that it - you the right. I believe in destiny. You? I also believe, that all happens owing to.
Precisely just as I finding you on the Internet. I have completely overlooked to tell to you that I the only child in family, it is possible for this reason my parents of me very strongly like. As to my hobbies. I have no plenty a free time after I am made work because I am very much involved in my work. In the winter I like to skate substantially 3 or 4 times a week so it lifts the majority of mine a free time. I also like to be sent in a campaign in the summer and a material is similar to this. I like to go, run, and substantially something else which holds me movement. From time to time I really sit and relax. I like to observe a few TV or to read the book, but I have such busy schedule, that I do not do it very much.
From films most of all I prefer to look romantic films, with the happy end. As also books. And still I like to listen to different music.
What you prefer? As I to you want to tell, that I shall be sometimes used the program of the translator to read your letters. I hope that you will not be against it, but I nevertheless can understand your letters without problems. I think, that it - almost time, I turn this letter. I have applied some pictures with this letter. I hope, that you enjoy them. If you have any pictures of you and your family or regardless of the fact that I would like to see them. Do not hesitate to send them. Well I should go while. I hope, that you enjoy this letter, and I hope to hear back from you soon. With hope this first of many letters between us. Bye while. Sincerely,
Letter 2
My love Paul I have very big problems. I now sit, both I pay, and I Write to you this letter, my love to you I Shall try to explain
Correctly to all from you, I now - here at the airport, and me have no
The transferred onboard plane, I now to you shall try to explain it. Mine
Love, only if you will not understand, you could ask again me, well? I
Have now only a few minutes. Policemen have allowed me to take
Advantage of a computer. My love I and my parents arrived to the airport and
Started to fill in the declaration, on all which I carry with me
Directly, when I have been filled in it, I have left the passport, and
The control of the visa, I started to check just as all people which
Have left onboard the plane through the control. You imagine in mine
The luggage, has learned the image of the god (Icon), that to me about
Directly I has taken
For you with me it is direct in road and to you I Paul in a gift remembers me
To you spoke, which have prepared you for a gift? That this image of the god
Always to us the brought Success, and well-being in our relations. I have made
Do not know, that I should Enter it in the declaration. It was
The ancient image of the god, icon which my mum that we with you always were a success in our relations, and in our future has presented me, she very valuable and I thought of our country it
To you that will receive it in a gift for our country it pleasantly
Very valuable Always moved, and me his distance.
Policemen have Idea,
That I want to bring this image of an icon illegally. They at all have not made
The beginning to listen to it, that I spoke them, that I did not know about
It, that I should enter it in the declaration, they, I have told to this
Should know about it and for all corrected. In it and all problem, Now
Me accuse of smuggling, now I am in branch of police, and to me Has
Taking into account the penalty, it - 5000 $, my love - a full nightmare, I really Do
Do not know, that to me now to do, I in influence, I now start to
Understand, that it - full nonsense, but to me has given the penalty
Which I should Pay, and then to me return all my documents, and I can
Be completely free, but my love, my parents have told that will
understand now with all it, and I shall receive soon documents, and tickets.
These people at the airport at all do not understand
Me because I believe in the god, but they speak me, that I
The smuggler, they at all do not do, understand, to which I believe in the god,
And I look to a favorite the person from whom I shall be always
Happy!!! I have explained them all this, But it - them, does not do
Increase. My love which I should be now at the airport, I with impatience, will be
Wait to receive news from you, my love, I feel helpless, I Write to me, the answer soon.
I do not understand why we with you have constant problems as though someone does not give us to be together, Paul, I really did not know, that it
Any silly problem, will prevent us, love between which I was confident, it
All from us will be good, it - very much the Regret to me which I have given
To you so it is a lot of problems. I all in tears, to This letter was very much
Difficult to write me to you, but I should explain you a problem,
My unique person.
My love it probably problems in that that now problems with smuggling, and they have decided that I as is involved in them. My love I do not know that to me now to do I hope that you could answer me very soon!!!
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Your Kristina
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