Scam letter(s) from Justina Walter to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Honey i am glad and happy for the truthfull,love,care and honest you give to me and i will very happy if you can make that with me real..anyway the hotel bill am owing is the sum of $570 and Honey i promise you as soon as i get the bill paid i will come to meet you in person and promise you never to let you down and let you regret of helping me out of here..Honey that is the more pics of me and hear is the information you will use to send the money as soon as you able to help me out of here and i will so much glad and happy if you can help me with you before chrismas bcos i wish to celebrate chrismas with you there and i really want to me you face to face ..*** hear is the information you will use to send the money down here through western union money transfer store close to you there...
Receivers Name....Bayo Smith
Zip Code.................23401
Text Question.........Colour
Text Answer............White
That its the information you will use to send the money and i want you to email me the information on the receipt you use to send the money MTCN 10 DIGIT NUMBER ,YOUR FULL NAME YOU USE TO SEND THE MONEY AND TEXT ANSWER...*** i will want you to give me the name of your Nearest airport close to you,your Home Address and your Phone number so that when i land than to your airport i can able to call you and you can come and pick me at the airport...i will looking forward to hear goodnews from you soon..
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