Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Nattoka to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my foreign friend! How is your day? I think that every day is special as it will never repeat again. Happiness is a very personal word as every person apprehends it in his own way. It is generous for children but greedy for adults. I try my best to change it. Will you join me? I'm very glad that this day has brought me an acquaintance with you! Well, my name is Natasha. I'm 27 years old lady, living in Ukraine. Perhaps you wonder what I'm doing here. I'm new in this kind of dating. I have a good friend who met a good man with the help of Internet and she suggested that I should try as well. I'm not a naive girl and I feel concern about my future. I'm tired of the relations leading to nothing. I don't want to play games. I want to find a man with serious intentions. I have so much love, care, tenderness and passion to share in my heart! I like to watch snow falling down until it seems that sky is falling, the way it smells after rain, to watch the dance of the fire, to look at stars, to read an interesting book until late at night, chocolate, movies that just cannot leave you indifferent, green tea, cats, theatre.... There are so many things that I like in life! I have only one fear - cruel people. I don't like liars and betrayers. Sorry, if I was not good at telling about myself but I did my best, really! :-) You are welcome to ask me any questions you want. I'll be happy to tell you more about myself. Here is my e-mail address I hope you will find some free time to write me a reply!! :-) Warmly yours, Nata :-)
Letter 2
Hello you, my darling! I'm happy to hear from you again! I was afraid that you would run away from me after getting to know about my sad situation. I'm happy that you are still with me and sympathize with that awful event. I was waiting for your reply with impatience! I didn't know what your answer would be but I hoped for the best. I believed that you're are man who would understand and support me. I won't be able to pay for the further translations as I lost much money. I'm so sorry as I don't want to lose a contact with you! I hope that you are the person who wants to be my protector, who wants to love me, and who just wants to be happy with me! Dear, I'm happy that you understand the necessity of our communication thorough the e-mails before our meeting. Of course it will happen one day! I think if life gives a chance to be happy we should use it! I knew that it could be the beginning of something strong and I was not wrong! My heart was not wrong! I always listen to my intuition when I need to make important decision. My dear, I am so excited right now, I can't find correct words to express all what I am feeling right now. Well, I use the service of the translation company called "Fortune". They help you and me to communicate and translate our letters. Honey, I pay 5 USD for the translation of my letter to you and the same 5 USD for the translation of your letter to me. Also if I want to scan my photo to send it to you I pay 3 USD and I also pay the same 3 USD if I want to get your photo printed. They also propose unlimited correspondence including unlimited number of sent and received photos and 8 free, 10-minutes each phone call per month! Isn't it great? If we applied for this service we could write each other every day! One month of the unlimited correspondence costs 230 USD and two-months unlimited service cost 380 USD. So I guess this is something to think about. My dear I was told that you can send your help via Western Union, Anelik or MoneyGram. Also dear you can send your help directly to the bank account of the manager of the company. So here is my personal information which you will need to send help for our correspondence.
When you send me your help, please send me details: your full name, the sum of payment, your country, Money Transfer Control Number (I was told that it is something you would get after making the transfer). Well, my dear, I am keeping hope that we will continue developing our relationships. I hope the result of this connection will be our meeting because I know that one meeting is much better than hundreds letters. Please, understand that I have already made choice I want to be with you! I believe that it's not my last letter, I don't want it to be the end. I blow you my kisses! Cordially yours, Nata :-*
Letter 3
Dear Sir, Please excuse us for disturbing you. We are translation company "Fortune" which helped you and our client Ms. Natasha Nattoka to communicate with each other. Your Lady visited our office this morning and asked us to contact you in order to find out if there was any news from you. Miss Natasha worries about your silence. She wants to know if you are still interested in the continuation of the correspondence with her. As for Miss Natasha she is very much interested in you. Please, let us know about your decision. We will appreciate your soonest reply. Thank you for your time! We wish you a nice day, we remain Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Irina Petrenko - manager of "Fortune"
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