Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Raoul (France)

Letter 1
Hello Raoul! It was pleasant to see your answer! And you happy to see my letter ;). I hope what YES!
Because it would be desirable to trust, what in the further we can become good friends, not badly truth to have the friend on correspondence from other country ;) You not against if we while shall correspond only???? My cellular telephone is on repair. As I already wrote to you, my name Ekaterina, I from Russia, I am 27 years old, I live in city Moskow.
I write to you in hope, that you that person who can open completely and which can become me the best friend! You are surprised this))). I count, that a life consist of set of obstacles which are easier for overcoming with the favourite person. To me of 27 years I still have no favourite person. I have aimed. To find the man which can be grown fond and trusted him all heart!
I search for the sincere friend as a hobby and hearts which will not betray me not when.
In the answer I promise the fidelity, care and mutual understanding up to the end of the days!
I madly would like to devote all myself to the favourite person, to be dissolved in him, to be for him a guardian angel!
I am always ready to come to the aid of the friend to the difficult moment his lives...
The life is fine and surprising, and consequently I do not spend the vital energy simply...
I the Christian, trust in the God. Belief helps in my life. I could not live not trusting in the God! In fact love to the God transmits my mood on people with which I communicate in current of all day. It is interesting to me to know, how you concern to religion????
For me the external given men are not so important, and also to me is not important his age....
I have a gold rule: the Truth and only the truth!
I think, that true the beauty of the person is incorporated deeply in soul!
If I shall find such person, this person will receive my love on 100 %! I understand that by means of correspondence by mail, complex will find nominal such the man. I would like all the same taste. Because thus new and it is very interesting to me to me. And you tried to communicate on the Internet? Whether there Are at you friends on the Internet??? I am confident, that which person I shall grow fond not when will not be disappointed in me!!!
I wish to find the person who could become for me the teacher in a life, and I in turn could be his the obedient schoolgirl! The man capable on the present love and to respect with the woman, has chance " to win my heart "...
I very open person (I as the interesting book which it is necessary to read on page every day).
Sincerely I trust, that true love, does not know borders....
I hope you will not be frightens distance between us????
I hope to you my English will be clear!?
I talk much better, than I write!
I think, it will be interesting to you to know, why the foreigner????
On how many I know, the mentality of your men very much differs from mentality of Russian men.
The majority of Russian men are not capable to love on the present. In their vital priorities on the first place always FRIENDS, then *****!!!!!!!!!! How can to the woman such it is pleasant????????? I hope you will interest my letter and you will answer me! But if you have not found similarity with me in the letter written by me hardly we can, continue relations.
At me the request to you: If your intentions are not serious, please do not write to me, do not spend and my time simply.
With impatience I wait your answer if you are really serious! Good-bye Raoul.
Letter 2
Hello Raoul, thanks for a prompt reply!
I hope, that we choose a correct direction in development of our further relations))))
Our desires are always executed, if we sincerely trust in it! I SINCERELY TRUST In the WAY WHICH HAVE chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I as wish to trust in you, to that you sincere, strong and capable love the man with which easily and pleasantly always is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust, that such ideal of the man exists also to me it would be desirable, that you were this ideal))))))))))))))) In this letter I shall write to you more about myself that you knew me better!
I live with parents, in three room apartment.
Married was not, children I have no, but very much it would be desirable!
In family I the unique child.
I have beautiful appearance, my growth of 169 centimeters.
My favourite color blue and green.
My favourite holiday "Christmas".
I have a hobby, to collect "Herbarium" from various plants!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot precisely count, quantity copies, but approximately 1 500 pieces.
I like to dance, walk on fresh air, to leave on picnic.
I do not take alcohol, a cigarette I do not smoke.
In the childhood visited art gymnastics and consequently I have a beautiful body. Answer me, whether so it)))))))))))))))))
I adore animals, I have at myself a cat and a dog! To a cat 3 years to a dog of 5 years!
I like to look films, to listen to good, qualitative music.
Sometimes I like to long, sitting at home on an armchair and listening to noise of a rain...
Sincerely I trust, that the friendship ---is a basis of mutual relations!
I very good housewife.
I love is tasty to prepare meal, it as is distribution of my hobby, I very clean...
I am confident, that my future husband will be very happy with me!
I can be the good and true wife! So not each woman can speak about itself, and I can))))))). Because, I very much for a long time wait the man which will love me. I could not betray feeling of the person.
I can not suffer treachery....
I respect with cheerful and fair people!
I can not suffer when me offend, offend, humiliate without the reason, I try to not communicate with such people.....
Also I try to keep from such people as it is possible further...
I try to communicate with people from which positive energy proceeds, From dialogue with such people cheers up!
I think, that the good and fair person does not require advertising itself!
Good people, always and everywhere are invaluable!
I think, the soul of the person should be transparent as water. Ideas and reason should be in harmony with world around. Probably it is most complex philosophy to which I aspire in the life))))))))) In we wash understanding, the happy person that person who has pure reason and a kind soul! My time comes to an end also forced to stop I to write to you... I write to you from library and consequently often to write to you at me it will not turn out...... Write to me and I with pleasure shall continue our dialogue... With impatience I wait your answer. Good-bye Raoul....
Letter 3
Hi Raoul.
What do you mean? To me your answer is not clear enough!
Also what it for a joke about a banana?! Why I owe to you that that to prove?????????? We had not time to get acquainted and you already demand from me that that you want, thus anything about yourself do not speak! You as the invisible being! As to me to continue dialogue with the person which it does not want! If do not want, and tell, instead of confuse brains and do not spend a?tiy the girl!
Letter 4

And thank goodness for that Raoul!
Also it was not a shame to you to scoff at the girl!)))
I already have almost refused idea to continue dialogue and in general thought, that it is bad idea to arrange the life through the Internet! (((
And you it appears with humour! ha! ha! ha!
Now I would like find out. You are going to continue ours relations?! It is meaningful to develop our dialogue?!
If you remember, I here to arrange the life to find serious relations! What will you tell on it???
Letter 5
Hello Raoul!
I am very very glad, that you have decided to continue dialogue with me! But me it is not clear, that you speak, that your girlfriend does not want, that you leaved! You have a woman????
But it will be always pleasant to me to receive from you letters even if they will be very short!
I agree with you, that the Internet is very dangerous, but I have decided to go on risk for the sake of the light future! Why? If it is interesting to you, I shall try to explain to you! But it borrow is a lot of time! The beginning of my searches is connected directly with my present life! My day passed as it is usual, anything new.........
Early in the morning I ran in school stadium that is near to my house a little...
After jog I have taken a bath.
Then I have made a breakfast for me and my parents.
Having had breakfast we sat down in the car of the father and have gone for work.
The working day was difficult as I had to fill many reports, for tax police. I work as the chief accountant in firm of the parents.
We supply the military units, the necessary goods (footwear, mattresses, pillows, and many other things). I like my work, the truth is not pleasant that I always under supervision of the parents.
They try to supervise, each my step and consequently, limit to me feeling of freedom.
Without them I am conducted cannot to make a superfluous step, probably they act correctly, but not so it is pleasant to me...
They demand from me, that I agreeed with them each action.
They do not wish to listen to me, including what I am silly and I can not do without their supervision, the control. At my age the person should live independently, but my parents do not wish to understand me :( All my conscious life they specify to me, that to me do and as me to act. I feel as a bird in cage. Neither what freedom, nor what choice....
Please understand correctly my frankness, and do not think of me badly. I understand, that each parent wishes the child only good, but I also understand, what not each parent wishes to understand the child, forbidding him to think independently...
At my age people make of the decision independently and it is the fact! You think it correctly when parents deprive with the child freely to think????
I think it not correctly! You could limit to the children access to freedom of the CHOICE???? I think, that in you was not present it as such can happen only with me.
All my friends know it and cannot believe in it!!!!!! You represent!!!!!!! And I live with it and already was almost measured. It is very heavy to me to have constant attention and to not have freedom and the right to private life. I even envy sometimes to Muslim girls because at them it is TRADITION, to be true and obedient, and for me this EDUCATION At ADULT age, therefore it is necessary me twice hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though in the life I always proved to be only with good party. I was the obedient and diligent schoolgirl at school, I always performed work necessary to carry out to the girl in the house (that cleaning of an apartment, washing of things to iron things, preparation meal)..., my father has nothing me to reproach!
Even when I studied at university my father specially came for me, that who did not see off me home... That in my country and my city I cannot fall in love and be independent?! You understand!!!!!!!!!! Yes I understand that the father after death of mum, preserves me. I very much want, that it is less touched than my personal freedom. Each time trying to talk to the father on this theme, I always receive shout and scandal. I understand, that I require personal space but that I can not do :((((! I hope you correctly you will understand expression of my emotions in this letter?!..... All my friends Know about relation parents to me and consequently with me try to not communicate.... My girlfriends joke over me, knowing as my parents address with me. Probably it not girlfriends?! I feel always myself uncertain within the precincts of own house. The father understands it and all the same continues the education, which I do not suffer! I tried to be arranged for other work to start to live independently, but all my attempts suffered failure. As each time being arranged for new work, the security service heard about me the bad recommendation, having called on former my work. You represent, how all is thought over in advance by my father??? It frightened them and they refused to me in a workplace. My father has thought over even this course. he names itself the chess player, the person which thinks over all courses in advance.... he in every possible way blocks to me oxygen that I could not even rent an apartment, and live private life.... I would like you about it to tell, as I need understanding and support!!!!!!!! I cannot find a way out of the developed situation. But I want very much it!!!! Now they demand from me new whim, but about it I shall tell to you in the following letter as my time is ended.... Once again big to you thanks, that you at last have begun the dialogue with me! Good-bye Raoul...
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