Scam letter(s) from Maria Konfettka to Uilke (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Uilke! I am very glad, that you have answered me. As you remember,
I have written to you on a site of acquaintances. I saw your profile and have turned
Attention to you. My name is Mariya. I wish to tell at once to you, that
I search for the man for the serious relation. I have found you and I wish to begin
With you friendship and if between us there will be a good relation,
That even to construct a happy family. I want that you did not play game,
Did not correspond with other girls. Certainly I cannot forbid
To you to do it, but I think that if you want with me serious
The relation you will not do it. I do not want in any way games,
Because recently it is often noticed it on the Internet,
I do not wish to waste time for nothing. Uilke, I think, that you understand
About what I write to you. My interests - only the serious relation,
I wish to correspond with you for studying each other and in the future to meet,
To have a happy life. I do not wish to be one all life, I do not want
This lonely life which I have now. I not the little girl
And already I think of creation of the family. But one prevents to make it
To me - I have no good man: (Uilke, I live in Russia,
In other country, but I hope that it not a problem for the relation,
I hope that the distance between us will not frighten you.
From the first letter between us there should be a truth and sincerity.
Only so we can construct the strong, strong relation.
As speak, distinction in culture, at age, language,
And the distance cannot be a problem for love. And I support this expression.
If you wish to learn me better, write to me and I will answer
To you next time with fuller information on me.
In each letter you can see my photos. I hope that it will be it is pleasant to you.
Because on a photo you can see my appearance, my eyes.
And eyes is a mirror of soul. If you wish to be assured in me,
In my reality you can hear my voice.
Be not afraid to write to me your phone number, I can call to you.
I think to you it will be pleasant to hear my voice. I well speak on
English language. In this letter I also send you my photo.
Now I finish my letter to you. I with hope will wait your letter.
Care of itself. Yours faithfully Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello Uilke.
You have answered me and it for me is very pleasant. I have chosen
You and you have chosen me and I am glad. I think, that you wish to learn
About me it is more, as I promised to you to tell about me.
Now I will do it and I will begin my story about myself. As you already
Know, my name is Mariya, me of 28 years. I was born on April, 25th
1981 in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. Now I also
I live in the city of Kazan, in capital to Republic Tatarstan.
You know this city? I will not describe in details my appearance,
You can see it on my photo. My growth of 169 sm, weight - 56 kg.
I live now and always a vein in Russia and never was abroad.
I have no children, there were no married, and you? I live one.
Now I wish to tell about my parents a little. To my mum 55 years,
Her name is Zinaida. To my father of 57 years, his name is Fedor. My parents
Live on suburb, near to Kazan, they do not work and have the
Housekeeping - hens, a dog, sheep. My parents
Already on pension. I have no brothers and sisters, though to me very much
It would be desirable them to have. Uilke. I like children and I want
To have children in the future. If you do not want children it will not be
Problem for me. It is interesting to probably you, why I was
It is registered on dating site? I have understood, that it is impossible
To live one all life, I wished to find the man for a happy life.
I could not find the good man who would like the same
Most as I therefore I have addressed in foreign dating site.
I search for second half, soul mate. You probably have the such
Question, but why I? Why I have chosen you? I have paid attention
On you because you are similar to the good man I and I will be convinced
In it in the course of our correspondence and studying each other.
I think that good people are available in any country. You agree with me?
Tell to me please why you have answered my message and why you
Also on dating site? It is all that, I wished to tell to you today.
If you have any questions to me, I will be with pleasure
To answer them. Please send to me also more than your photos.
Take care. Mariya
Letter 3
Hello again my friend Uilke!
It is pleasant to really me to see your letter. I already wait,
When you will write to me! How there has passed your day? How are you?
Tell fairly, you thought of me? You waited mine for the letter?
I think that if we are interested in the friend the friend, at us
There should be a desire, aspiration to learn every day the new.
I learn about you new, and you about me, it are good, I am right?
Thus, at us the friendship becomes stronger, we start to learn
All our lacks and advantages. I at all do not know about
Than you to tell today my friend Uilke.
I think that it will be pleasant to you to learn about my childhood.
I was born in village near to Kazan where now there live my parents.
I went to school well, studied at local suburban school, then
Has entered the institute the cities of Kazan, I studied by a trade the agriculturist, but
I did not manage to receive the given trade and after that I have gone
Studies as three monthly courses manicure. And so my friend now I
Already 5 years by the given trade work. Now I live in Kazan,
Already I have the apartment and I live one. But it is not enough for me
One - man's heat, caress, care and attention.
It is the reason of because of what I correspond with you.
My friend Uilke that you can tell about the
Course of life? As you have spent the childhood, what interesting
You have memoirs? Also it will be interesting to me to learn
It from you. Still I wish to tell about my hobbies, a hobby.
I like to listen to music, to watch TV. Undoubtedly,
I like dances, but besides I love the roller fads.
At me still is much about what to tell to you, but in one
The letter it cannot be made. We will do it everyone
Day, ok? Please set to me questions, if you
Something interests. So I will know about what to write in
The following letter. I hope that if we have begun friendship,
That will not be such, that you will throw me or will cease
To write to me. Know that every day, I check mine e-mail
Also I hope to see there the letter from you. Thanks also for friendship,
Which you have with me. With best regards Mariya!
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Uilke.
Again I open your letter and I am happy. You know, I cannot any more
Without your letters, they for me as a magnet. Every day I would like
More and more to learn about you. The more I learn you, the more interestingly you
For me you become and the more close. My friend Uilke that you think about
To me? What girl you see in me? I like you? You to me very much
You like, and I think that have made a correct choice that have chosen you.
Probably it is destiny, what we should be together? I think time will show,
I am right? Uilke, I think of what to you to write today, that you not
Has lost interest to me and that it was always pleasant and interesting to you
To read my letters. I already spoke to you about myself, about my work, about mine
Hobby, some words have told about parents. My darling, I think that in
The person private world, character is important. Certainly it is difficult for understanding and distinguishing
In letters, but I will try to open to you my internal
The world. What can I tell about my character, about my private world?
First I polite, never speak badly about people, even if they
The bad. I try to be always positive, to be cheerful and not to lose
Hope even in a difficult situation and at a problem. I cheerful,
Sincere, loyal. I speak always the truth. The bitter truth is better than
Beautiful lie and I completely support this expression. I do not love
Deceit, treachery, hatred, envy, egoism. I am ready to help
To other people in a trouble, I like to be good. I the kind, gentle woman.
As many beautiful words I have told about myself, you have probably noticed it, so
My darling Uilke? I think each person cannot judge myself,
I think my character is visible better from other people. She is mine
The point of view. Please now you also tell about the character.
I wish to tell still that I like to happen on the nature, I like to go on
Picnic. You like so to spend days off?
Sometimes, when to me it is lonely, when I think, why I live? To whom do I am necessary?
Nobody loves me also nobody wishes to be with me then I try
To be one, simply I sit at any restaurant or in a bar and
I calm myself. I do not know, there can be that man, which I
I will strongly grow fond and with it I will be happy. I continue to trust in it, I
I want that this man has appeared as soon as possible, because to me
Alone one. My loyal friend Uilke excuse me but I finish the
The letter, feeling of melancholy has seized my heart. I hope that you will not throw
Me also you will write me. With kisses Mariya
p.s I hope that at us probably to turn out the joint future!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Uilke!
How are you? I'm fine, because again I see your letter and it pleases me.
You are glad to our dialogue, correspondence? It is first time for me when I write to the man from other country
And it is very interesting to me to correspond with you. In the last letter I have told to you, about my character.
About what to tell to you today? I at all do not know....
Well, I will speak today more about a city in which I live. As you know, I live in Kazan.
It is the big and old city, 3 capital in Russia after Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Kazan is in
800 km to the East from Moscow. Kazan is one of the cultural centres of Russia. In Kazan it is a lot of churches,
It is a lot of museums. Near to Kazan the big river of Europe - Volga flows. The population is more than 1 million
People. I love the city though here not all is very good, but the native city is always closer.
What can you tell about the city? It beautiful? I never was abroad and if at me was
Possibility, I would visit your city.
I would like to tell also to you more about my tastes and preferences. In food I love a pizza, a Russian borsch,
Macaroni, salads. If we are together, I will prepare for you ours national Russian dishes. I think to you
It is pleasant. As to my entertainments in music it is pleasant to me to group "Kraski" song. A film,
Which I like to look - "Titanik", "Shrek". I like to read books about love, novels. What books, music,
You prefer films? My dear Uilke I think these all things also are important for our relation.
We should know all about each other. If you have any questions set to me them, do not hesitate.
Still I have last question for you. Uilke, you have dream? If yes, tell to me, what dream
Is for you the most important, what you most of all would wish?
My darling so I finish the letter today. With sweet kisses
p.s Yes I think of you every day! Whether you ask is at us in
City such cars as at you. I do not know it! But at me in a city
There go many different beautiful cars!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Uilke! I am very glad to write to you today.
Now I feel happiness and heat, after all I always very much
It is glad to your letters. Your letters bring to me good mood
And confidence that nevertheless you think of me.
For me it is very important and it is necessary most of all.
Today at me completely free day and I gather
To devote this time to you. I very much appreciate your attention,
Which you give me when write letters for me.
I feel, that we become is more close to each other
And already we start to understand each other is better.
I think, that it is very good, after all learning you I learn
Life on the new. I like to read your letters on some
Time and to think over each your word. You understand my letters?
I very much hope for it, after all I write you letters itself and not
I use the translator as I want free dialogue with you.
Mine darling Uilke tell to me as there has passed your today's
Day. I wish to ask you as you have usually a rest, than are engaged in
Free time. I wish to know about you as much as possible.
Tell to me that you do when to you sadly that pleases you in
Lives most of all.
When to me sadly I like to look at stars, they is unusual
Beautiful, their shine forces me to forget about all
Troubles, it is wonderful balm for my soul, I am simple I can not
To transfer words all these feelings. You understand me Uilke?
I hope you understand my thoughts and feelings at present.
Now I will finish the letter and I wish to devote myself this day - to house affairs.
I look forward from you the following letter and I hope for a fast reply.
Your Mariya.
p.s You would like to meet me for Christmas?
Letter 7
Hi my darling Uilke.
And again your letter gives to me huge pleasure. It is remarkable when there is a person
For which you dearest. For me it is very interesting to learn about you more, to know your tastes, yours
Habits, the nobility that - that for you is important in this life.
Today wonderful day, and me would be desirable to rejoice lives.
My dear as yours today mood? At me today all is simple as in a fairy tale.
After all I was written by such remarkable person. We with mum went today to shop
Behind products. And I have not regretted that have gone with mum to walk on
Street. We had today simply excellent weather. My dear to me very much
It is pleasant to sit and observe of the nature. After all knowingly speak that all
Abilities in the person are given by our remarkable nature. I am a pity that
Not the artist also I can not draw the nature. After all it so it is strong to me
It is pleasant. My dear I wish you to ask: And you like the nature?
As I very much like to sunbathe in the summer on the sun. But unfortunately now
Not summer. And I cannot sunbathe on the sun. But to me as to like and winter.
I wish to ask you Uilke
What day in your life was remembered to you most of all, I think
That you have such unforgettable day.
My most unforgettable day in my life is a day when we had a final ball at school.
I remember till now that day when I have said goodbye to the teachers, with the schoolmates.
It was for a long time, but this day for ever remains in my life.
I hope soon to see your letter in the mail box.
Your fine girlfriend Mariya!!!
p.s If you have precisely solved that we can meet you for Christmas.
That is necessary for me the name of your airport. For this purpose that I could
To learn all that it is necessary, I have some documents and I think that
To me on will make much faster my arrival to you. I as
It completely agree with your letter. Whether you have still asked I heard about
Name Uilke! There is no I did not hear about such name. But to me very much to like
This name. I think if you give the positive answer that can already in
Monday I can be at you.
Letter 8
Greetings my lovely and beloved on light!!!! As I you
I adore my tender!!! I cannot without you my gentle, you for me so
Roads, that I cannot live without you my dear!!! About would wash the darling I
Very strongly wished to arrive to you, though when only to be
Near to you my gentle!!!! I as well as you my dear cannot
To fall asleep at night, I all time think of you my sweet!!!! You to me already
You start to dream at night. I when did not think that so to a smog
To fall in love with loving man. My dear I certainly would arrive to
To you, but understand that for a trip money, and at me them to the huge is necessary
The regret has not enough. My darling about new year remains very little
Time, my parents had few money, but they have given me what that
Savings, they very much want my happiness. They want that these
I have spent holidays with you my darling. With which person I love,
That we were together, I and you! My darling I have money only on
Official registration of papers but at me is not present money for tickets. My darling to me not
Suffices on tickets only 500euro. When I went to the tourist
Agency I concluded the contract. My documents will be any day
Are ready. If I terminate the contract to me can give the penalty. This penalty
Can prevent all our happiness. And it will exceed the sum that
It was necessary on flight. I very much hope that you understand me, as I
I think that you understand I have made all that could. I ask the help from you
Only to help me money for tickets. You understand me? My darling
Now all depends on you if you can help me money on
Tickets then on these holidays we will be together my love. I will be most
The happy woman on a planet. That you can tell to me on it
To occasion? My darling I ask you as my favourite, expensive, lovely
Uilke. Now all depends only on you. All my dreams are connected
Only with you and my future I represent only with you mine
The darling!!!! Strongly you I love and I wait for your answer!!!! Whole Mariya!!
p.s I will call to you on Monday
p.s In Russia Christmas on December, 31st and your cat beautiful.
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